Indescribable Beauty with Volcanic Roots


Located in beautiful southern Oregon, this park was established in 1902, and is the fifth oldest park in the U.S. It is comprised of over 170,000 acres of old growth forest. The park is situated amongst 294 square miles of protected wilderness ready and waiting for your family to explore it. During the summer months the weather is a little more in line with hiking and biking throughout the park. It’s easily accessible by motorhome. The 33-mile Rim Drive circles the lake’s perimeter, and it offers breathtaking scenery of the lake and the surrounding environs.

Wildlife abounds within the park territory. It’s not unlikely that a traveler would see bears, elk, birds of all kinds, and even a bald eagle. The trees are majestic, including ponderosa pine, lodgepole pine, mountain hemlock and whitebark pine. The warmer climate of springtime and summer makes for the perfect conditions for fishing, swimming, hiking and especially a Volcano Boat Tour through the lake. These tour boats are the only boats that are permitted to be on the lake, and park visitors can enjoy close-up views of Llao Rock, Phantom Ship and Wizard Island.

Crater Lake is a result of a destroyed volcano, and is the deepest lake in the nation, at 1,943 feet. There are no streams that flow into or out of the lake, making it one of the clearest lakes in the world. This clarity also causes the water to maintain a strikingly blue color.

Truth be known, Crater Lake isn’t really a lake at all; it’s a caldera—a huge volcanic crater that spans nearly six miles wide. And while there is a lot to look at, it’s not just for nature gazers; there are a whole lot of “hands on” things to participate in. You can explore the blue waters of the lake, or delve into the mysteries of Wizard Island up close and personal with a guided boat tour, or even by scuba diving.

During the snowy months you can explore on foot, by snowshoeing or with snowmobiles. Keep in mind that from October to June it’s not unusual to find the grounds of the park covered in 10-15 feet of snow. As a matter of fact, Crater Lake is one of the snowiest regions in the entire northwest, which is a virtual dream come true for winter sports enthusiasts.

Best of all, there are some remarkable RV parks in and around the Crater Lake area, so you can enjoy as much time there as you wish.