Inexpensive Family Trips

Family Friendly


The kids can have a say in the travel plans, which you can change on the fly. Plus, you can skip checking and checking out - and no more waiting for bags to roll off the luggage carousel.

RVing also makes sense from a dollars-and-cents standpoint. You won't have to wrestle the three-headed monster of airfare, hotel and car rental rates - after all, lodging is included! And by cooking your own meals, you'll save even more.

Here are five fabulous finds for inexpensive family trips in an RV:

  • For well-planned getaways: Research key points of interest ahead of time and know the distances between them. Plan your trip, however loosely, accordingly. An atlas is a good idea, too - you'll save on gas by not getting lost.
  • Plan inexpensive family trips with an educational twist: Some museums have free admission days. Again, a bit of planning can help you save on fun things to do.
  • For cheap trips through America's national parks: Try an "America the Beautiful" annual pass from the National Parks Service. If you plan to visit several parks, you'll recoup your investment quickly.
  • For inexpensive family trips with no frills: There's always Wal-Mart. The big-box retailer offers free overnight RV parking.


Down the road, you may be RVing more frequently. Therefore, it might make financial sense to buy. You'll naturally save more when you buy a late-model motorhome.

When it's time to buy, talk to a Cruise America sales pro at one of our discount RV sales centers located across the U.S. You'll find a wide variety of refurbished RVs from our rental fleet. For today's hot deals, check out our discount RV sales listings today - and make inexpensive family trips easy and fun!