RV Camping Near Inks Lake State Park


The onslaught of responsibilities that demand our time and attention can feel so overwhelming sometimes. Everybody knows that time and space to refresh our soul is a necessity in trying times like these. An adventure to a beautiful place is one such refresher. 

But, in the middle of a hectic week, it can seem impossible to imagine squeezing in time to breathe, let alone plan a trip. There’s finding a place to go, planning the trip, booking accommodations. But what if there was a getaway that didn’t take more than an hour or so of your time to plan AND arrive at?

Inks Lake State Park, just one hour outside of Austin, TX, could be your next stop to a revitalizing trip just a short drive away. Read on for all you need to know to plan and make time to feel brand new again.

Inks Lake State Park Facts 

A look at its history and features will inspire your first step into this Texas wonder. Check out these Inks Lake State Park facts to see just what makes this park so special!

  • The ancient rocks that compose the park’s foundation are named Inks Lake Gneiss, a banded, sedimentary rock created over about 1.2 billion years.
  • Evidence in the surrounding area led archeologists to believe the area was a Native American hunting ground.
  • The park is right alongside the Colorado River, the largest running river in all of Texas.
  • Inks Lake State Park is one of the many created by the Civilian Conservation Corps (the CCC). This popular Depression-era program was responsible for a lot of the state parks we enjoy today. 
  • When funding for the CCC ran out, the park’s construction was left unfinished in 1942 to be completed by the state years later. But, bits of their initial work can still be seen throughout the park today.

Best Inks Lake State Park and Campgrounds 

There are a ton of choices to choose from around this popular destination. Our list below of the best Inks Lake State Park RV campgrounds will have just what you’re looking for in a home away from home.

Inks Lake Campground

Amenities: This is the best of the Inks Lake State Park RV sites for location. You’re in the middle of it all at the park’s own RV campgrounds. Easy leveling on the large parking pads, picnic table, fire ring, and electric and water hookups are available. Forty-nine of these sites are water only, so choose carefully when you book.
Capacity: 174 RV sites
More information: Inks Lake Campground

Rockaway RV Park

Amenities: This quaint and serene spot is one of the most peaceful among Inks Lake State Park RV campgrounds. Situated right next to the Colorado River, you’ll be treated to an amazing view right outside your door every morning. Enjoy lake access, WiFi, park bath and shower rooms and a rural setting for a relaxing getaway.
Capacity: 22 RV sites
More Information:  Rockaway RV Park

Shady Oaks Riverside RV Retreat

Amenities: If you’re looking for a spot with all the adventure you’ll need contained within it, Shady Oaks is a great choice for Inks Lake State Park RV campgrounds. Your RV will be safe and sound in a gated retreat full of wildlife, riverfront views, fishing opportunities and a location close to the state park. SO-amp hookups, bathrooms and laundry rooms available.
Capacity: 65 RV sites
More Information: Shady Oaks Riverside RV Retreat

Big Chief RV Resort

Amenities: Resting right next to Buchanan Dam, this family-friendly site is one of the busiest on our Inks Lake State Park RV campgrounds list. Their affordable price, scenic location and convenient amenities landed at our number four spot. All the essentials are covered, like WiFi, full hookups and shower rooms. No fire pits, but you may bring your own if it's raised off the ground.
Capacity: 70 RV sites
More Information: Big Chief RV Resort

Granite Rock RV Park

Amenities: The simple, spartan feel of the Granite Rock RV Park’s grounds conceals a nice amenities list in a convenient location, which puts this spot on our list. Full hookups at all sites, WiFi, big drive-thru spaces, showers and a location that puts you at the center of anything you’d like to do at Inks Lake make this a nice alternative to a stay in the park itself.
Capacity: 8 RV sites
More Information: Granite Rock RV Park

Best Time to Visit Inks Lake State Park for RV Camping 

When it comes down to the best time to visit Inks Lake State Park for RV camping, there’s no wrong answer! But this handy guide will help choose a date for your Inks Lake State Park RV camping trip.


Imagine being the only trailer for miles around. Not a soul around the snow-crusted junipers and oaks. Winter Inks Lake State Park RV camping is the ultimate in peace and solitude. Just make sure you can contend with the frigid temperatures. Days are just fine for hiking at a crisp 60 degrees. But you best head back to camp early. Bundle up and pack an electric blanket — nights in Inks Lake State Park are known to dip below freezing.


Spring is an excellent choice for Ink Lakes State Park RV camping. Wildflowers begin to bloom, and you can see them brightly scattered throughout the park. The temperatures are just right for nearly any activity, including a dip in the water. Expect balmy 80- to 90- degree days throughout the season. Rainfall is spread at 4 to 5 days per month, which isn’t much higher than other seasons in the park. Crowds start gathering around April, so book in advance!


Around June, things start heating up to 90 to 96 degrees of heat in the sun. Many of the shallow pools that accumulate in the wetter seasons will have dried up by July or August. If you’re looking to stay in the park proper, it tends to fill up in this high season. Do book well in advance. But, Inks Lake State Park RV camping is high season in the summer for a reason! It’s the best time for cooling off with some water sports.


If you prefer milder temperatures for your hikes, fall is a great time for RV camping in Inks Lake State Park. Hike the trails without breaking a sweat, thanks to cool autumn winds and 70 to 80 degree days. Pack layers you can easily add and shed since nights dip a bit. While most state parks see fewer visitors in the fall months, Inks Lake remains a popular option up until winter. 

Things to do in Inks Lake State Park

There’s so much to see and do! Check out this primer of fun things to do in Inks Lake State Park!

  • Enjoy Inks Lake. There’s no shortage of fun things to do on the lake itself. Rent a jet ski for an adventurous way to tour the park, or grab a canoe for a lazy float on the calm waters. You can always take a dip in the warmer months too.
  • Check out remnants of the park’s past. You can still spot signs of the CCC’s handiwork that made this park possible. Look around the dock, Park Road 4 and Longhorn Cavern.
  • Hike the Devil’s Waterhole. This not-so-hidden watering hole makes a nice way to cool off after enjoying a scenic hike through small canyons and across interesting rock formations. Try to get there early to avoid crowding.
  • Go fishing worry-free. Try your hand at catching the park’s sunfish, catfish and bass. There’s no fishing license needed. And you can take your pick among two fishing piers or renting a boat for the lake itself.

Tips on Visiting Inks Lake State Park 

You’re almost ready for your trip. But before you go, remember these tips on visiting Inks Lake State Park to make the most of your time.

  • Swim in designated areas. The park’s rivers and streams are naturally formed and have all the risks that come along with it. Park rangers have done all the hard work of finding the safest places to be. Stick to them!
  • Swim with unexpected currents. Undercurrents can surprise you, even in calm-looking water. If you get swept into one, don’t fight it. Swim or float with it until you can get to a shore or handhold.
  • Take a peek into shallow pools of water. Gathered rainwater in wet seasons forms small “vernal pools,” at times through the park. These basins allow aquatic plants to grow that you won’t see in any state other than Texas: rock quillwort and Edward’s plateau corn salad. 
  • Keep an eye out for snakes. Most snakes in the park are non-venomous but are also fairly aggressive if agitated. If you see a snake nearby, calmly move away. Do not try to prod them with a stick.

RV Rental for Inks Lake State Park 

@spicysaltysweethome.jpgPhoto Credit: Instagram User @spicysaltysweethome

That just about wraps up our guide for Inks Lake State Park. If you’re interested in a trip to this lovely Texas destination but lack the wheels, Cruise America’s loaded with options for the perfect Inks Lake State Park RV rental experience.

From a total RV newbie to a veteran road warrior, they’ve got the perfect choice for any party size or budget. Making time for a getaway doesn’t need to be just a dream for anyone.

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