RV Camping Near Lake Murray State Park

Imagine looking out at a placid blue lake from the top of a European-style castle tower. A pair of fishers in their boat float on the surface in the distance, content in a casual acceptance of whatever the water brings. Beyond that, tall oaks and cypress trees line the horizon like stout shrubbery from this height. This kind of peaceful scene and plenty more is waiting for you at Lake Murray State Park in southeastern Oklahoma.

In this article, we’ll guide you to a memorable camping experience with all the facts, accommodations, and best things to do. This is the ultimate guide to RV rentals for Lake Murray State Park! 

Lake Murray State Park Facts

This huge park has so much to discover! Understand the history around you with these Lake Murray State Park facts.
  • Lake Murray State Park is Oklahoma’s largest state park and measures up to an impressive 12,500 acres in area.
  • The park was part of an idea to spur the local depression-era economy by Oklahoma governor William Murray in 1931.
  • Tucker Tower is one of the park’s most notable landmarks and was based on a photo of European castles taken during WWI.
  • Tucker Tower was built as a part-time residence for the governor. But, construction was eventually abandoned because of unexpectedly high costs to finish.
  • Today, the structure is a museum and observation deck with an incredible view of the surroundings.
  • The most notable landmark goes to Lake Murray, the lake contained entirely inside the park.
  • This man-made reservoir was created specifically for recreation. 
  • Murray Lake’s surface spreads a massive 5,728 acres across and is a playground for fishers, boaters, and swimmers.
Explore the rich history of this Oklahoma gem with a fun-filled RV camping trip!

Best Lake Murray State Park RV Parks and Campgrounds 

Lake-Murray-1.jpgTo save time planning and enjoy more of the park, we’ve curated this list of the best Lake Murray State Park RV parks and campgrounds.

Shangri-La RV Resort

Amenities: For a true getaway feeling, you have to check out this RV campground near Lake Murray State Park. This secluded spot is far off enough from nearby towns and roads for a soundless sleep. Shangri-La isn’t much more than a huge open space with grassy sites, full hookups, a laundry room, showers, and restrooms. But in such a beautiful natural environment, what more do you need? Fall asleep under the stars to the sound of wild coyotes in the distance. 

Capacity: 47 sites

More Information: Shangri-La RV Resort

Red River Ranch RV Resort

Amenities: Looking for extremely affordable RV parks near Lake Murray State Park? Head to Red River Ranch RV Resort. This no-frills campground has all the basics covered like WiFi, full hookups, bathrooms, showers, and laundry. It even has a few extras like a small pool, and mini golf too. But, you’ll be sacrificing a bit of space and privacy. The grounds tend to be full of thorny sand burrs, so protect any furry friend’s feet!

Capacity: 267 sites

More Information: Red River Ranch RV Resort

By The Lake RV Resort

Amenities: By The Lake is one of the most highly reviewed RV campgrounds near Lake Murray State Park. With their convenient location just 1.5 miles away from Lake Murray, you’ll be a short drive away from all the adventure. The grounds also contain their own nature trails, fishing area, horseshoe court, playground, and plenty of activities for a family-friendly vacation. Expect all the amenities you’ll need and more. Full hookups, WiFi, cable TV, excellent facilities are all available.

Capacity: 128 sites

More Information: By The Lake Rv Park Resort

Cedars Edge RV Park & Campground

Amenities: This is another great RV campground near Lake Murray State Park to save some cash on the road. Cedars Edge RV Park’s affordable rates are a good value considering the amenities list and convenient location. You’ll get full hookups everywhere, on-site laundry machines, and bathrooms with showers. The grounds are three main sections separated by trees that don’t feel too crowded for a comfortable stay.

Capacity: 50 sites

More Information: Cedars Edge RV Park & Campground

Best Time to Visit Lake Murray State Park

Lake-Murray-(2).jpgOklahoma has varied weather depending on the season. On the one hand, you’ll get a unique experience in each season. On the other hand, you can hit some extreme weather patterns too. Check out our seasonal guide to find the best time to visit Lake Murray State Park.


Oklahoma winters are fairly mild compared to parts of the country. You’ll get mornings around 50 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. This is tolerable enough for a nice walk through the park. You’ll also get to feel like the park is all for you, thanks to very low crowd density. There is one downside to winter RV camping in Lake Murray State Park—you’ll be missing out on swimming to fully enjoy Lake Murray. 


Spring RV camping in Lake Murray State Park can be a great choice if you don’t mind a higher chance of rain than normal. Temperatures slowly rise from 65 to 80 degrees from March to May. This is a perfectly pleasant sweet spot. You might see a bit more rain than normal, with around seven days per month on average. Check the forecast carefully because tornado season stretches from March through June.


For the best time to enjoy the water, try summer RV camping in Lake Murray State Park. The lake is the perfect way to relieve some of the summer heat and makes a dip even more refreshing than normal. Temperatures top out at around 95 from mid-July to August if you’d like to avoid the worst of the heat. Aim for early June for the mildest summer weather.


Fall is our recommendation for RV camping in Lake Murray State Park. From September to early October, you can enjoy a summer feeling without the blazing heat. Expect a slow decline from around 87 to 76 degrees. You can still comfortably enjoy the water without needing it like the summertime. If you want to catch some stunning fall foliage, plan a late October to mid-November trip.

Things to Do in Lake Murray State Park

Lake-Murray-2.jpgTime to get into the fun! Try out all of our things to do in Lake Murray State Park to make some lasting memories.
  • Visit Tucker Tower. This iconic structure located along the southern shore of the lake is a must-see. It’s a historical spot housing an interesting museum. And if you’re not much of a history buff, it’s also one of the greatest vantage points in the park. 
  • Hit the beach. Sunset Beach is a nice option for a day of sand and sun. You’ll find about a quarter-mile of shoreline along the lake. Dive in with plenty of room to swim or kick up your feet with a good book.
  • Go golfing. The park’s private course has a full 18 holes and a driving range. Play a leisurely game among the towering oaks in good company. And don’t forget to take in the scenery! The course features a lovely, naturally formed waterfall.
  • Saddle up. Head to the Lake Murray Riding Stables for a great family activity or unique date idea. The stables offer one-hour guided rides through the park for all ages and twilight rides for bigger groups.
Lake Murray State Park offers plenty of activities for the whole family!

Tips on Visiting Lake Murray State Park

Lake-Murray-3.jpgDon’t go just yet! Get started on the right foot with these last tips on visiting Lake Murray State Park.
  • Always swim within your limits since there are no lifeguards on duty. Keep a close eye on young children in the lake.
  • Take care when swimming in the lake with a deep cut. While our skin protects from the everyday bacteria naturally found in lakes, deeper tissues have a hard time dealing with it. Avoid swimming if you have an unhealed wound or deep cut.
  • Practice eco-friendly camping. Leave each area you visited without a trace. That means picking up and throwing away any garbage you create during your stay.
  • If it’s your first time horseback riding, ride within your limits! Consider asking for a walking tour rather than a trot or gallop your first time.
Now you’re ready to hit the road, so let’s book that Lake Murray State Park RV site!

RV Rental for Lake Murray State Park  

That does it for this ultimate guide to this lovely destination. For the best way to experience Lake Murray State Park, try an RV rental from Cruise America. Our RVs are decked out with everything you need to have comfort and convenience wherever you roll. Enjoy a working kitchen, bathroom with shower, and living space with seating to make some memories on the road.

Make the journey as joyous as the destination. Reserve an RV rental for Lake Murray State Park now!