Modes of Transportation

There are several modes of transportation available to travelers. Depending on where you're going and how long you will be gone, one can answer the question whether or not the RV rental rates are worth the money. Listed below are a few of today's modes of transportation, and what they are best used for.
  • Family Vehicle - This is great for running to the mall or picking up the kids from school. It is also a very effective tool for trips to the local grocery store. Many have used it to attend community functions such as plays, or even town hall meetings. As far as long range travels, there are too many disadvantages. You need to decide whether to take your children or your luggage ... there's not room for both. There are no restrooms, so any time any of your family members need a toilet, they are plumb out of luck unless you happen to be in a rural area with gas stations nearby. Oh, and thus far, there have been no family vehicles equipped with kitchens and beds, so restaurants and hotels must be utilized ... not very economical. Cruise America RV rental rates are much less expensive. Besides, with an RV rental, there is plenty of room for kids and luggage!
  • Airplanes - These can be of great value if you have to be somewhere in a great rush. Oh, and they are great for family vacations that take place overseas. They are also useful for those who want to get somewhere without stopping to smell the roses; those who don't give a care about scenery and tranquility. Also, for those who enjoy security lines, body searches, luggage inspections, undependable flight schedules, tiny little restrooms shared by 120 people, and cramped seats...airplanes are for you. As a point of interest, many airline tickets cost approximately what you would pay for an entire week of motorhome rental from Cruise America. Also, airplane pilots are very hesitant to drop you off at your attraction or location your family is planning on visiting. They tend to just land the plane at the airport and let you find your own way to your stationary sleeping quarters in a hotel in the middle of a metropolis somewhere. In order to get anywhere else you must rent a vehicle, take a city bus or cab, or walk. Now if you live in the western part of the country and want to explore the eastern part of the country, and you don't have unlimited time to do so, then it could be acceptable to take an airplane to the east and go to the nearest Cruise America location to rent an RV.
  • Trains - These iron machines have some practical purposes. They are great when it comes to hauling circus animals, new cars and cattle. As far as taking a train to where you want to vacation, it can be done, but don't plan on stopping along the way to take in the sights. Just like the airline pilots, train engineers are never willing to stray anywhere off the tracks in order to accommodate your creature comforts. The restrooms on trains are similar in size to those on planes. If you want to know how clean train restrooms are, just peek into one of the restrooms at the train station and you'll get an idea.
  • Renting an RV from any of Cruise America's over 130 rental locations provides travelers with the opportunity to go where they want to go, on their own schedule. Rental RV rates are amazingly low compared to the cost of traveling in a conventional fashion, paying airfare, hotel costs and car rental charges. And better than that, you travel in complete comfort, stopping wherever you like to stay the night, week, or month. And best of all, you are on nobody's timeline but your own.