RV Camping at Canada's Mount Revelstoke National Park


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Imagine this: bright, pristine snow falling across one of Canada’s most famous mountain ranges, home to a world-record-setting ski jump. Envision gliding down backcountry ski slopes, untouched powder as far as the eye can see. Picture feeling the wind whipping past, a constant reminder to savor the thrill of it all.

Now imagine that all this excitement is a lot easier to find than you think. Make your dreams of alpine adventure a reality with this ultimate RV camping in Revelstoke National Park guide!

Mount Revelstoke National Park Facts

There’s plenty to discover at one of Canada’s greatest national parks! Get up to speed with a few of these Mount Revelstoke National Park facts.

  • In spring and summer, the summit of Mount Revelstoke is teeming with lush wildflower fields. This is one of the most popular park features and partially responsible for drawing nearly 800,000 visitors in 2018/19.
  • Revelstoke gets an average of 150 inches of snow per year, making it a paradise for skiers and snowboarders the world over.  
  • The park was infamous for its exceptionally tall and high-speed ramps. These jumps were responsible for multiple world-record-setting runs. One such jump, Big Hill, was nicknamed “Suicide Hill,” a name indicative of how dangerous it was considered to be.
  • Some royal visitors have walked the park grounds. The Duke and Duchess of Connaught visited in 1916, the Prince of Wales in 1919, and Queen Elizabeth in 1959.

Best Mount Revelstoke National Park RV Parks and Campgrounds

Now that you know a little bit about the park let’s check out some choice RV parks near Mount Revelstoke National Park for your visit. You’re sure to find something just right for your next adventure in our handy list below!

Revelstoke Campground

Amenities: Located just three minutes away from the park gate, Revelstoke Campground is a great choice for access to the park, amenities and local attractions to explore. Each of the 177 pull-through RV sites features full hookups, WiFi included via a large gazebo station, kids’ playgrounds and a heated pool. Don’t forget to buy animal feed at their store to have some fun at their duck pond. Downtown Revelstoke also has plenty to see and do if you’d like to enjoy some restaurants or historic sites.

Capacity: 177 RV Sites

More Information: Revelstoke Campground

Lamplighter Campground

Amenities: For RV parks near Mount Revelstoke National Park with an unmatched hospitality a few minutes away from the heart of downtown Revelstoke, look no further than Lamplighter Campground. The campground is quaint but packed with charm thanks to founders Joy and James’ passion for delivering a pleasant camping experience. RV sites include 15/30 amp hookups, WiFi, a shared laundry room, playground, volleyball net and fire pits on most sites.   

Capacity: 50 pull-through RV sites

More Information: Lamplighter Campground

Williamson Lake Campground

Amenities: Williamson Lake Campground is one of the most family-friendly Mount Revelstoke National Park RV campgrounds. It’s located a short three miles (5 km) away from downtown Revelstoke. Each site comes with its own picnic table and firepit perfect for cooking a meal together. WiFi, 15/30 amp hookups, and bathing facilities are included (Do note that not all sites can be serviced. See the capacity below). Your little ones are sure to love a round of mini-golf or some fun in the playground. The campground features a swimmable lake and boat rentals worth checking out, too.

Capacity: 38 RV sites. 18 full hookup. 9 one service. 11 no services.

More Information: Williamson Lake Campground

Boulder Mountain Resort

Amenities: Situated right next to Boulder Mountain, where it gets its name, Boulder Mountain Resort is proof that you don’t need to skimp out on luxury in Mount Revelstoke National Park RV sites. Well stocked “Pantry,” snack shop? Check! Immaculate wash facilities and hot tub in walking distance of all sites? Check! Site-wide fiber-optic WiFi network to connect to your RV? Check! Beautiful scenery courtesy of a piney forest and the distant peaks of Boulder Mountain? Absolutely. Boulder Mountain Resort has everything you’ll need to rest in comfort when your adventuring is done for the day.

Capacity: 24 RV sites. 1 power only. 1 full service, nose in. 7 full service, pull through. 15 full service, back in.

More Information: Boulder Mountain Resort

Snowforest Campground

Amenities: Looking for RV campgrounds in Mount Revelstoke National Park? The newly opened Snowforest Campground is your best bet. The campground rests at the base of the Meadow in the Sky Parkway and is a three-mile (5 km) drive from downtown Revelstoke. It features generators for recharging RV batteries, flush toilets, food lockers, and allows campfires with a permit. Snowforest makes a great choice for finding quiet solitude thanks to its strictly observed quiet hours. With all of Revelstoke at your doorstep, connecting with nature couldn’t be any easier.

Capacity: 62 RV sites

More Information: Snowforest Campground

Best Time to Visit Mount Revelstoke National Park for RV Camping

You’re probably wondering when the wildflowers are in full bloom and which season is the best time to visit Mount Revelstoke National Park. The highly variable weather patterns mean it’s difficult to predict with complete accuracy. But, check out our handy guide below for some recommendations based on the averages. 


The Meadow in the Sky Parkway is the hub that links to most of the trails at Revelstoke. Starting at the end of October, this parkway is inaccessible thanks to the regions’ massive snowfalls. Snow starts accumulating in December with sub-freezing temperatures and can build up to 16 feet (5 meters) in depth. But, this makes the mountain a haven of fresh, untouched powder for skiing or snowboarding. If you can brave the harsh conditions, winter is the best time to visit Mount Revelstoke National Park for winter sports enthusiasts. 


A spring visit might be worth the gamble for milder temperatures on the slopes that still gives you a chance of fresh powder. In March to early April, there’s still a high average snowfall to get some nice runs in. Around mid-April, snow starts melting at the lower elevations of the mountain, and the ski hill is closed, so time your visit carefully. And if you miss your window, things to do at lower elevations and in downtown Revelstoke start looking a lot more appealing with the warmer weather.


Summer is the most popular time to go RV camping in Mount Revelstoke National Park, so expect larger crowd sizes to take advantage of the pleasant weather and journey to the mountain’s renowned wildflower meadows. For an early visit to avoid the peak crowd sizes try a trip near the end of July. You’ll still have a chance to spot pasque flowers, lilies, marigolds and buttercups. If bigger crowds aren’t an issue for you, aim for the second or third week of August. It’s the best time to witness the full breadth of lush flower fields in full bloom.


Snowsports are no longer an option after April and well into the fall season. But that doesn’t mean a visit in autumn isn’t worth considering. Besides the ski hill, everything RV camping in Revelstoke National Park offers is open and accessible. Temperatures are pleasant, and the brilliant fall foliage adds a sense of beautiful warmth to mountain views, hiking trails, and downtown Revelstoke. This is perhaps the quietest season making, booking, getting around and carving out your own private peace of mind a breeze. Don’t overlook this wonderful season!

Things to Do in Mount Revelstoke National Park

You’ve learned about the park’s history, chosen the perfect campground, and decided on the season that’s right for you. Now it’s time for the most fun part: our list of things to do in Mount Revelstoke National Park!

Drive to the summit along the Meadow in the Sky Parkway. Of course, removing the hike or famed 16 miles (26 km) bike ride to the peak takes away some of the adventure. But, with a scenic drive filled with tree and wildflower lined roads, photo ops, and the panoramic view of the wide-open Canadian backcountry waiting, there’s still plenty of adventure to be had while RV camping in Mount Revelstoke National Park. 

Join the Eva Lake Pilgrimage. Every year around mid-August, fellow visitors gather for a guided group pilgrimage to witness the vibrant wildflowers blooming along the mountainside. This is a great chance to learn more about not only the wildflower species you’ll be seeing but also the history of Mount Revelstoke itself.

Go skiing or snowboarding. If you’re planning a winter visit, you probably already know what to do. Hit some of the finest, pristine powder slopes that Canada has to offer! From the base of Mount Revelstoke, enjoy whatever flavor of winter sport suits your fancy. Snowmobiling, standard lifts and even helicopter rides to untouched backcountry snow are all on the menu for winter Mount Revelstoke National Park RV camping.

Visit Big Hill, the site of world-record-setting ski jumps. Whichever season you go, make sure to check out the top of Big Hill. This is the infamous spot of world-record-setting jumpers dating as far back as 1916. On a clear day, you can stand at the platform, look out at the distant horizon, downtown Revelstoke nestled below the mountains and river, and imagine flying into the sky, as daredevils past once did.

Enjoy a night of stargazing. The low light pollution of the surrounding area makes Revelstoke a great place to take star photos. Drive away from downtown Revelstoke or drive up the summit on a clear night for a brilliant sea of stars. With a little luck, you might even get to witness a meteor shower around August.

Tips on Visiting Mount Revelstoke National Park 

You’re just a few steps away from a breathtaking experience in Mount Revelstoke National Park! Before you hit the road, check out these tips on visiting Mount Revelstoke National Park.

  • Check the park’s suggested itineraries! This is a great place to look if you need activity inspiration. Whether your visit is a long or short one, there’s something for everyone. Plus, you can make your trip more festive by checking out the park’s themed itineraries! Trek through the park’s forests or soak in the mountainous region. 
  • Overnight use of Mount Revelstoke National Park is restricted during the winter. This is necessary to protect the mountain wildlife. Keep this in mind if you’re planning a winter vacation!
  • The Giant Cedars and Skunk Cabbage trails are not accessible during the winter months. These trails receive heavy snowpack and are not good for snowshoeing due to the topography of the trails. 

RV Rental for Mount Revelstoke National Park

Well, friend, you’ve been bestowed with all the wisdom we could muster to make your trip to Revelstoke an unforgettable one. No matter which season or campground you choose, there will be something wonderful to discover at Mount Revelstoke.

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