Top New England Road Trip Ideas & Itinerary

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A region steeped in American history and cultural prominence, New England practically begs for RV stays longer than a week. Still, trying to do everything and see everywhere all at once could be a bit overwhelming for even the most intrepid of RV travelers.

That's why a 7-day New England road trip is a great way to introduce yourself to the area; you can always come back for more!

But where to go? Here's a primer on the best places to add to your 7-day New England road trip itinerary.

Where To Go on a New England Road Trip

Some places in New England are must-visit destinations; for instance, if Boston isn't on your itinerary, are you even actually traveling to New England? Plymouth Rock is a requirement if exploring our nation's history is on the travel agenda, along with a bewitching visit to Salem if Halloween is one of your favorite holidays.

But, while the Greater Boston area, and indeed much of Massachusetts, represents the cultural hub of New that all there is?

Of course not! If you're in Boston, you owe it to yourself for a drive to nearby Rhode Island. For a true New England experience, consider a visit to Vermont to pick up some maple syrup. Also, if you can't tell your Portland, Oregon from your Portland, Maine, it's time to visit the latter for a lighthouse tour!

A Fantastic 7-Day New England Road Trip Itinerary

If you only have seven days to explore, you probably need help figuring out your 7-day New England road trip itinerary. Lucky for you, you've come to the right place! Let's get to it.

Days 1 & 2 - Boston, Massachusetts

A New England road trip without visiting Boston? Well, that's like seeing Fenway Park without the Red Sox; it's pretty, but you just know something's missing!

Plan to spend a lot of time on foot in Boston: An hour to stroll around Beantown's picturesque Beacon Hill neighborhood; another couple of hours walking the 2.5-mile long Freedom Trail — along which are 16 sites significant to American history; then there are the immensely walkable Public Gardens, and the waterfront.

Bottom line, make sure you bring along good walking shoes!

Having seafood at least once in Boston is non-negotiable, by the way.

Day 3 - Newport, Rhode Island

A hop, skip, and a jump from Boston (an easy morning drive), Newport is sleepy in comparison to the Bean. The atmosphere is perfect for checking out the town's Gilded Age mansions, particularly The Breakers, Rosecliff, Marble House, and The Elms. Don't miss all the yachts docked in Newport, which has often played host to the famous America's Cup sailing race (the world's oldest international sports competition).

With Newport done, it's time to hit the road and head up a few hours north to the Green Mountain State. Vermont, here you come!

Day 4 - Woodstock, Vermont

Famous for its scenery and historic covered bridges (specifically, Middle, Taftsville, and Lincoln — Middle is easily found!), Woodstock, Vermont is a quaint bit of paradise to enjoy on your New England road trip. Bibliophiles should be sure to check out the Norman Williams Public Library, housed in an 1883 building located on the town green.

Before dinner at a local restaurant, enjoy a short or long hike on some of the miles of the Appalachian Trail!

Day 5 - Littleton, New Hampshire

After Woodstock, VT, it's time to head back further east on your way to Acadia National Park in Maine. You're not heading straight through to the Pine Tree State, though, not just yet. You're actually going to make a pit stop for the day/night in Littleton, New Hampshire, nestled in the White Mountains — and you're not going to regret it, either!

If you can, schedule a visit in autumn for a chance to see the spectacular changing colors of the leaves.

Day 6 & 7 - Acadia National Park, Maine

This is it, the culmination of your 7-day New England road trip itinerary. Acadia National Park is not a locale you're going to want to rush; in fact, it may be a place you wish you could stay and enjoy endlessly!

The activities available at Acadia National Park, including horseback riding, rock climbing, and hiking (150 miles of hiking trails, in fact!), are sure to keep you out of your RV experiencing the beauty of Vacationland's great outdoors.

Book Your New England Road Trip RV with Cruise

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