Beautiful Nova Scotia Waterfalls Worth the Hike


Nova Scotia in Canada is a stunning destination for coastline adventuring. With approximately 360 miles of coastlines containing picturesque fishing villages, rolling green hills, and beautiful provincial parks, it’s no wonder why this province is an iconic getaway for an RV adventure.

The waterfalls, especially, are quite the crowd drawers. If you’re hoping to get an up-close look at them, we have the perfect guide for you. Let’s take a look at some of the best Nova Scotia waterfalls so you can set yourself up for a Canadian RV road trip.

Best Waterfalls in Nova Scotia

Get a taste of an aquatic adventure by visiting these Nova Scotia waterfalls. We’re sure you’ll enjoy yourself!

North River Falls

With a height of approximately 105 feet, the North River is one of the best waterfalls in Nova Scotia. The surrounding area is composed of mature forest ecosystems with hemlock plants. Interestingly enough, the river flows from the Cape Breton Highlands into St. Ann’s Harbour. 

If you hope to get to the base of the falls, you’re in for a rigorous workout. The North River Falls Trailhead is around 11 miles (round-trip) with an average completion time of four and a half hours. 

Expect to find guardrails, wooden footbridges, and benches along the trail. Also, parts of the trail include steep rocky hills. 

Hellsgate (3 Pools) Falls

Hellsgate, also known as 3 Pools, Nova Scotia, is located in the Annapolis Valley region. The pools are surrounded by large boulders and drop down several plunges. However, unlike other nearby waterfalls, Hellgate is a tricky place to get to.

The main trail, along with falls, is located next to private property. Please follow the designated signs along the trail and avoid trespassing. The first thing you’ll notice when you approach the falls is the rope swing overhanging the lower pools. While it's tempting to jump over the 70-foot high cliff at the top of the falls, we discourage this.    

Mary Ann Falls

Named after Mary Ann Chipman, the spouse of settler John Chipman, Mary Ann Falls is a series of waterfalls on the Annapolis River. Surrounded by alluring forests and nearby mountains, these falls drop 33 feet with a range of approximately 200 feet. Visitors are welcome to fish and kayak in the area.

We recommend taking the Mary Ann Falls trail near Cape Breton Highlands National Park. It’s a mere 0.7-miles that can be completed in a few minutes.

Joseph Howe Falls

Located in Victoria Park, Joseph Howe Falls is a single waterfall with a height of 25 feet that falls at an 80-degree angle. Visitors are allowed to swim in these falls.

To access the falls, take the 0.7-mile trail from the Victoria Park parking area. The trail is relatively flat with minimal incline. Best of all, the park has signs to prevent visitors from getting lost.

Economy Falls

If you’re an aspiring geologist, you should know that some of the oldest rocks in Nova Scotia are located in Economy Falls. The falls tumble down the edge of the Cobequid Hills –– a plateau that contains ancient rocks. Luckily, it doesn’t take much effort to reach your destination. 

Once you’re inside the parking lot off of River Philip Road, follow the signs that lead to a staircase down the waterfall. You have to descend 186 steps to reach Economy Falls.

Wentworth Falls

Also known as Higgins and Sylvia Falls, Wentworth Falls represents a series of three waterfalls that flow from the Salmon River. Lush forests surround the area, providing a captivating view for first-time visitors. Some of the most common activities include swimming, fishing, and picnicking along the falls.

To reach your destination, take the old Hwy 4 from Truro and drive for 1.2 miles until you reach a dirt road with a steel gate post. From there, you’ll find a 0.4-mile (out-and-back) trail that leads directly to the falls. 

Crystal Falls

With a height of around 20 feet and a large pool suitable for an afternoon swim, Crystal Falls is a must-see waterfall in Nova Scotia. If you decide to swim, note that there are naturally-formed steps at the waterfall’s base. 

Follow the dirt road from Harmony Road until you reach the end. Afterward, make a left at the incline behind a gated entrance and follow the path. You should reach the falls after 20 minutes. If you choose not to drive through the dirt road, you can walk from the main road instead. However, this would take you around one hour to complete.

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