Best 10 Nudist RV Parks in America to Unveil


The goal for any vacation is to let loose and relax—what better way to relax than by visiting a nudist RV park and connecting with nature. 

The nudist movement can be traced back to 19th century Germany. Going nude meant you were embracing a more “simplistic, nature-based lifestyle.” 

Fast-forward to today, and the nudist community is still going strong across the globe! You’ve probably heard of nudist beaches and resorts. A nudist resort is a vacation spot that offers unique, clothing-optional amenities to interested guests. 

The way a resort approaches nudism varies from one location to the next. Some resorts might offer clothing-optional recreation while others are built around nudist culture and community! 

Maybe you want to step outside your comfort zone or look for a new community to adopt! Regardless, there’s tons of fun in the sun to be had by visiting a nudist RV resort. After renting your RV, you’ll need to find your dream destination. 

Keep reading to discover the best nudist RV parks and resorts across the country and make your vacation unforgettable. 

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Best Nudist Campgrounds in the US for RV Travelers

Looking for an unforgettable RV camping experience? Look no further than these top nudist campgrounds.

  • Shangri La Ranch - New River, AZ
  • Hidden River Resort - Macclenny, FL
  • Wildwood Naturist’s Resort - Decatur, TX
  • Cypress Cove Nudist Resort - Kissimmee, FL
  • Olive Dell Ranch - Colton, CA
  • Blue Lake Resort - Erie, IL
  • Valley View Hot Springs - Moffat, CO
  • Sandy Terraces Associates - Marstons Mills, MA
  • DeAnza Springs Resort - Jacumba, CA
  • Willamettans Family Nudist Resort - Marcola, OR

Shangri La Ranch

Location: New River, Arizona 

RV Rates: 

  • RV/Trailer Site—Full Hookup: $15/night 
  • Dry Camping—No Hookup: $10 /night
  • RV Site Monthly Fee: $350-$500

The first site on our list is the Shangri La Ranch, located in the magnificent state of Arizona. The owners of this resort are all about freedom of choice when it comes to vacationing. 

That freedom can be found in the variety of amenities that visitors can take advantage of. You can relax in the resort’s sauna and pool or get active with swimming, volleyball, and more! 

The resort also offers special events, such as its National Skinny Dip Day, and its unique nude 5K run! 

Hidden River Resort

Location: Macclenny, Florida

RV Rates: $25/night, plus grounds fees 

Ever wanted to take a soothing stroll through a forest path? At Hidden River Resort in Florida, you can explore the St. Marys River banks in a clothes-free environment.  

At the resort, visitors can partake in a full bathhouse that offers hot showers inside and outside. Make a delicious meal in the Hidden River Resort outdoor kitchen to enjoy under a covered pavilion. 

For RV campers, the Hidden River resort has full 30 and 50 amp sites, large hookup spaces, and an on-site dump station! 

Wildwood Naturist’s Resort

Location: Decatur, Texas 

RV Rates: $35/night, plus ground fees

Located in Northern Texas, Wildwood Naturist’s Resort is a family club that welcomes all visitors. As a nudist facility, the resort asks visitors to only wear clothing in adverse weather or for health reasons when applicable. 

This resort is perfect for quiet vacationers or those looking to socialize with others in the community! Wildwood offers a spacious sun deck where you can soak in the sun and meet some new friends.  

Other activities at the resort include horseshoe pits, a P├ętanque court, a stocked game room, and more. Enjoy an amazing potluck meal and take in the beautiful night sky in the park’s open spaces.

Cypress Cove Nudist Resort

Location: Kissimmee, Florida

RV Rates: $28/night for full hookup

When visiting Cypress Cove, you can receive a relaxing massage after tanning in the resort’s pool complex. 

You can take your significant other for a luxurious paddleboat ride around the lake. You might even spot local wildlife, like turtles, ducks, and even alligators! 

Cypress Cove offers a state-of-the-art gym facility for anyone looking to stay fit while on vacation. You can also stay active by playing on the resort’s tennis and basketball courts or go for a round of golf.

Olive Dell Ranch

Location: Colton, California

RV Rates: $45/daily, $225 weekly

Take in the beauty of SoCal at one of the state’s best nudist RV parks—the Olive Dell Ranch.

Located near San Bernardino and Riverside, visitors are welcome to stay while exploring popular California spots! 

Whether you’re staying the night or just one day, you can enjoy the nudist lifestyle at Olive Dell Ranch. The resort has a tennis court, jacuzzi, sauna, and more! 

Blue Lake Resort

Location: Erie, Illinois 

RV Rates: $50/day

Illinois is home to the family-oriented nudist campground Blue Lake Resort. Unlike other resorts, Blue Lake Resort is not clothing optional. In other words, visitors are expected to be nude at all times. 

Nestled in 98 acres of farmland, visitors can get comfortable and enjoy the landscape around them. 

As a family-oriented location, there are plenty of activities that anyone can enjoy! From volleyball to shuffleboard and picnicking to swimming, there are lots to explore at Blue Lake. 

Valley View Hot Springs

Location: Moffat, Colorado 

RV Rates: $15/night for vehicle camping

Part of the Orient Land Trust, whose goal is to preserve Valley View Hot Springs, the resort offers unique history along in a relaxing setting. 

The Valley View Hot Springs is a clothing-optional space that allows visitors to enjoy their freedom.  

The resort offers visitors a peaceful escape through camping, hiking, and soaking in natural hot springs. 

Sandy Terraces Associates 

Location: Marstons Mills, Massachusetts

RV Rates: $85/night

Established in the 1940s, Sandy Terraces Associates wanted to create a peaceful environment for all to practice nudism. 

Today, that goal still holds! STA is a wonderful resort for visitors to enjoy nature’s beauty and comfort with their bodies. 

Visitors can take a stroll through STA’s terraced trails or participate in a group activity at the site’s pavilion. 

DeAnza Springs Resort

Location: Jacumba, California

RV Rates: $17/day

DeAnza Springs is one of the newest and largest nudist RV resorts in North America. With over 500 acres of land in California, this resort is perfect for vacations throughout the year.

Visitors can bring their pets to the resort’s enclosed pet park or use one of the many sports courts that the facility offers. 

Willamettans Family Nudist Resort 

Location: Marcola, Oregon

RV Rates: $12/night

Willamettans is an Oregan-based family nudist resort. Within the comfort of the resort’s naturally secluded surroundings, visitors can enjoy a liberating nudist lifestyle. 

Enjoy a hike through the beauty of Oregon. Then, take part in one of the resort’s theme parties, and get to know your resort neighbors! 

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