One-Way RV Moving Rentals


Whether you've hired professional cross-country movers to deliver your possessions or you plan to use a one-way rental, RV moving can help your relocation run smoothly.

Cruise America offers {% CruiseLocationCount %} nationwide locations, making it easy to find a rental facility near where you are - and where you're going. So once your move is complete, you can simply drop off your RV at the nearest Cruise America.

With plenty of space for all the members of your family, plus room for valuables and other possessions you'd like to keep close at hand, a Cruise America RV offers a comfortable and convenient way to make your long-distance move trouble-free. Simply send your things off with the movers or pack your one-way rental, and experience the ease of RV moving with Cruise America.

RV moving lets you save money on hotel rooms and dining out, and spend quality time with your family in your spacious RV. There are no cramped conditions in the family car, no sibling squabbles or constant pit stops. Instead, you'll spend your trip enjoying the open road and camping in pleasant places - allowing you to reach your new home feeling refreshed and ready to settle in.

If you've rented a moving truck or van, your spouse or driving mate can spend the evening in your Sleep America RV. After a comfortable night's sleep on one of our cozy beds, you'll both feel rested and ready to get behind the wheel the next day. With RV moving, you don't have to worry about booking rooms or finding affordable hotels. Everything you need is right there - including kitchens, baths and generators, making your family self-sufficient while on the road.

No matter where you're headed, Cruise America has an RV to meet your needs - and your budget. Make your long-distance move simple with RV moving from Cruise America. Call us toll-free at 800-671-8042 to find out more, or make your reservation now!