6 Pacific Northwest Camping Spots You'll Never Want to Leave


The Pacific Northwest is known for its weather, its greenery, and its often quirky population. It's where the modern coffee shop revival began, the birthplace of grunge, and where literal jet-setting companies were founded. There's just something about the PNW that people gravitate toward, whether for a weekend or a lifetime. And, befitting its place in the cultural landscape, many visitors opt for a Pacific Northwest camping adventure.

Yes, there is perhaps no better place in the country to get away from it all, whether "it all" is work, the summer heat, or the hustle and bustle of modern life. However you choose to define what you're escaping from, a PNW camping excursion is just what you need to rest and recharge. But where to go to have the best possible time? Your choices are many.

The Best Pacific Northwest Camping Spots

The Pacific Northwest is treasured for the multitude of camping opportunities dotting the region's coastline and forests. Whether you're looking for the best campgrounds in Washington or the best campgrounds in Oregon, it's almost too hard to choose one over another… but here's a list to help you get started.

1. Olympic National Park - Washington

Located 60 miles from Seattle, Olympic National Park (located on the Olympic Peninsula) is an RV camper's dream. At over 922,000 acres, Olympic National Park has all you could want in one place: beaches, forests, lakes, wildlife, and more. Of course, there is the rain to contend with; Olympic National Park gets a whole lot of it — sometimes averaging hundreds of inches of rainfall per year. But the weather just adds to the accumulation of memories you can make in this PNW camping hotspot.

2. Fort Stevens State Park - Oregon

What to see in Fort Stevens State Park, nestled at the northwestern tip of Oregon, at the mouth of the Columbia River? Well, for starters, how about a sunset photo with one of the most publicly-accessible shipwrecks in the world? Or, maybe you just want to go whale-watching instead? There's also hiking to do and, of course, RV camping to enjoy within Fort Stevens State Park's 4,300 acres.

3. Cape Disappointment State Park - Washington

Named for an ill-fated voyage of exploration in the late 1700s, Cape Disappointment State Park, in southern Washington is a lot of things but one thing it certainly is not is a disappointment. With beautiful windswept cliffs, photogenic lighthouses, and crashing waves, you'll leave a weekend of RV camping at Cape Disappointment wanting to go back. While there, take the time to learn about how the Lewis & Clark expedition opened up the country, but also affected local Native American peoples.

4. Harris Beach State Park - Oregon

Located along the southern Oregon coast, Harris Beach State Park offers year-round camping at many campgrounds and loops (some are closed for the winter). You can reserve a spot up to six months in advance, meaning you can be sure you'll have a spot for your RV rental. Then, you'll be able to have your own beachside picnic, see the biggest island on the Oregon coast, and catch sight of varied wildlife (such as sea lions, gray whales, and more!).

5. North Cascades National Park - Washington

The North Cascades region is one of the snowiest places on Earth. And, lucky you, you can see and experience it for yourself! There are over 300 glaciers in North Cascades National Park and hundreds of miles of trails to set out on. In addition, there is no shortage of mountains to see; the natural beauty is truly breathtaking and inspired some of Jack Kerouac's writing, along with some of the poetry and thoughts of Philip Whalen.

6. Crater Lake National Park - Oregon

If the chance to visit a true natural wonder piques your interest, then Crater Lake National Park in southern Oregon deserves your presence. Formed almost 8,000 years ago after the collapse of a volcano, Crater Lake National Park hosts Crater Lake, the deepest lake in America (with a depth of 1,943 feet). The lake owes its striking blue hue to its high rainwater content. There's hiking to do, sunsets to watch, and history to learn!

6 Pacific Northwest Camping Spots You'll Never Want to Leave

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