RV Camping in Pinnacles National Park


Take a journey through California’s history by visiting Pinnacles National Park! 

Test your hiking skills or spend time relaxing with your family—either way, visiting Pinnacles National Park is sure to be your next big adventure! 

Plan the perfect getaway to California’s wilderness with this ultimate guide to RV camping in Pinnacles National Park. 

Pinnacles National Park Facts

Pinnacles National Park has a little something for everyone, from spectacular scenery to fascinating cultural landmarks. Take a moment to learn why this park is so enchanting with these Pinnacles National Park facts! 

  • The park takes its name from the unique pinnacle rock formations found throughout Pinnacles National Park. 

  • The dramatic natural scenery at Pinnacles results from millions of years of erosion, plate tectonics and volcanic eruptions.

  • In 1908, President Theodore Roosevelt established Pinnacles as a national monument. Pinnacles became the 59th national park in 2013 when President Barack Obama passed a bill redesignating Pinnacles into a park. 

  • Archeological evidence shows that Native Americans lived around Pinnacles for thousands of years, using the land’s resources. 

  • Pinnacles National Park is home to thousands of diverse animal species. The park is also one of the only homes to several sensitive species, like the big-eared kangaroo rat. 

  • The plant life at Pinnacles can be grouped into five major plant communities: chaparral, woodlands, riparian, grasslands and rock and scree.

Best Pinnacles National Park RV Parks and Campgrounds

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There are tons of amazing RV parks near Pinnacles National Park to choose from! Enjoy a luxury camping experience by staying at one of these campgrounds in your Pinnacles National Park RV rental.

Pinnacles Campground 

Amenities: When it comes to RV camping in Pinnacles National Park, the Pinnacles Campground is an amazing place to stay. This campground offers tent and group camping along with spacious RV sites. Amenities include water and electrical hook-ups at most RV sites, picnic tables, fire rings and pet-friendly camping. 

Capacity: 32 RV sites

More information: Pinnacles Campground

Yanks RV Resort 

Amenities: Yanks RV Resort is one of the best Pinnacles National Park RV campgrounds. Located in the Monterey Area, this park offers some of the largest pull-through RV sites around! At the resort, guests can take advantage of the park’s heated swimming pool, spa, fitness center and more! Other amenities at Yanks RV Resort include paved roads, patios at each site, picnic tables and full hook-ups. 

Capacity: 91 sites

More information: Yanks RV Resort

Carmel By The River

Amenities: Carmel By The River is a family-owned RV park that has served visitors for over 40 years. The campground is nestled in the Carmel Valley, where guests can relax in the lush scenery. Guests can spend quality time in the park’s recreation room or visit the general store for a quick snack. Amenities of Carmel By The River include full hook-up sites, picnic tables and charcoal grills. 

Capacity: 35 sites

More information: Carmel By The River

Morgan Hill RV Resort

Amenities: Morgan Hill RV Resort is one of the Thousand Trails RV parks near Pinnacles National Park. All 66 acres of land at this campground have a fantastic view of the nearby Santa Cruz Mountains. Additionally, the Uvas Creek flows through Morgan Hill. Amenities at the campground include various sports courts, a dog park, picnic & BBQ areas and a playground. 

Capacity: 320 sites

More information: Morgan Hill RV Resort

San Benito RV and Camping Resort 

Amenities: The natural beauty at San Benito RV & Camping Resort makes it one of the best RV parks near Pinnacles National Park. Explore San Benito by embarking on the park’s biking and hiking trails. After an energizing hike, unwind in the park’s pool. Other amenities at San Benito include on-site laundry facilities, pet-friendly camping, a game room and more. 

Capacity: 627 sites

More information: San Benito RV and Camping Resort

Best Time to Visit Pinnacles National Park for RV Camping


Pinnacles National Park is open every day, year-round! Each season at the park brings a new experience. So, finding the best time to visit Pinnacles National Park is a must. Learn more about each season at Pinnacles to pick the perfect time for RV camping in Pinnacles National Park. 


Winters in Pinnacles tend to be cool and wet thanks to California’s Mediterranean climate. On average, the park sees around 16 inches of rain each year, with the winter season receiving most of the rain. 

Cooler seasons like winter and fall see a rise in visitors at Pinnacles. Park guests can enjoy the mild daytime climate while hiking their way through Pinnacles National Park. However, winter temperatures can drop to below 30 degrees during the winter, so make sure you pack warm layers! 


Spring is one of the most popular seasons at Pinnacles National Park. Visitors can avoid the heat of summer in California by visiting Pinnacles during the spring season. Plus, springtime at Pinnacles is the peak blooming time for many of the park’s gorgeous wildflowers

Visitors can enjoy the spring season in Pinnacles by bird watching. Bird watching is an exciting spring activity because many of the park’s bird species migrate during this season! 


Temperatures continue to rise in Pinnacles National Park once summer rolls around. The hottest times at Pinnacles tend to land between July and September. On average, temperatures in Pinnacles’ Californian summer have highs in the 90s. 

During the summer, there are numerous ranger programs for visitors to explore. These programs are a great way to learn more about the park’s landscape, wildlife and more! 

If you’re no stranger to heat, summertime is still a wonderful time to visit the park. Make sure you pack plenty of water, though! 


The fall season in Pinnacles offers visitors a reprieve from the hotter summer months. While the park is 40 miles away from the ocean, the Santa Lucia Mountains change how the ocean impacts park weather. This impact can be seen in the difference between autumn coastal temperatures and temperatures in the park. While the coast remains moderate during the fall, Pinnacles gets much colder, sometimes falling below 30 degrees. This colder weather is a bonus if you’re looking for a snow-filled adventure at the higher elevations throughout Pinnacles! 

Things to Do in Pinnacles National Park


Having an awesome activity list for your national park experience is important! Check out this list of interesting things to do in Pinnacles National Park to make your trip more enjoyable.

  • Explore the two main cave systems—Bear Gulch Caves, near park headquarters, and Balconies Caves in the West District—at Pinnacles National Park!

  • In addition to the cave systems, there are two talus caves at the park. These caves are home to the park’s many species of bats! 

  • Take a hike on one of the 30 hiking trails available at Pinnacles National Park. Trails range from easy nature walks to challenging day-long expeditions. 

  • Enhance your knowledge of the park through one of the free ranger-led programs.

  • Catch a glimpse of famous bird species at Pinnacles National Park by birdwatching! View species, such as the California Condor or the Acorn Woodpecker, from the park’s many birdwatching spots

Tips on Visiting Pinnacles National Park


Before you depart for RV camping in Pinnacles National Park, check out this list of tips to make the most of your trip.

  • Pinnacles National Park has two entrances—the East and the West entrance. Keep in mind that no road connects these two entrances! 

  • It is recommended that you bring plenty of water to drink throughout the day at Pinnacles. Even if you aren’t visiting during the hotter summer months, you should always stay hydrated.

  • Drinking water is only available in the developed areas of the park. Bring drinking water with you on hiking trails and remote excursions, as water isn’t available on any trails.

  • When hiking in hot weather at Pinnacles, don’t forget important things like sunscreen and hats. 

  • Poison oak is a common plant to find throughout Pinnacles National Park. To avoid running into poison oak, learn to recognize the plant. Poison oak leaves are found in groups of three, so always remember: leaves of three, let it be! 

  • Another thing to look out for at the park is rattlesnakes. It is best to avoid all rattlesnakes you come across as their bite is poisonous. Thankfully, rattlesnake bites are very uncommon at Pinnacles. 

  • For the latest park information, give the Pinnacles National Park visitor centers a visit while you’re there! You can learn more about upcoming events and other exciting things to do on your vacation. 

RV Rental for Pinnacles National Park

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The best part about planning Pinnacles National Park RV camping trip is picking out the best RV rental! 

By visiting Cruise America, you can find a luxurious RV rental for Pinnacles National Park. All RV rentals from Cruise America are affordable and offer amazing amenities, including gas cooktops, air conditioning, and much more. 

After exploring what Pinnacles National Park offers, you can enjoy the best sleep ever in your Cruise America RV. Plus, Cruise America RVs are perfect for families of all shapes and sizes. 

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