How Much to Rent an RV for a Full Month

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There’s nothing quite like exploring nature’s glory in the comfort of an RV rental! Whether you’re an experienced RVer or you’re planning your first trip, the world is your oyster. With so much to explore, it only makes sense to try out a month-long RV trip to soak in the sights. 

First things first, you need to plan your RV trip before you can take it! An important question to consider when planning your trip is budget. How much does it cost to rent an RV for a month? Generally, several factors will affect the cost of your month-long RV rental. From RV model to rental fees and taxes, it’s important to know these factors so you can plan accordingly. 

To help you plan your RV adventure, we’ve broken down how to determine Cruise America’s RV rental costs. Keep reading to learn about factors that influence RV rental costs, including RV model, nightly rates and more.

How to Determine the Cost to Rent an RV For a Month

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Types of RV Rental Models 

The first thing to decide when figuring out the cost to rent an RV for a month is RV type. In other words, what RV model are you going to rent? 

Let’s say you decide to rent Cruise America’s standard motorhome model. Keep in mind that this model is 25 feet long because your RV’s size will determine where you can park. 

Understandably, you’ll need to park your RV somewhere each night. By knowing the size of your RV, you can better plan where you’re able to park. Plus, planning where you’ll park ahead of time also helps you estimate your trip’s total cost of parking. Don’t forget to check out free overnight parking options when looking for an affordable parking alternative! 

Other cost factors that your RV model will influence include your amenities. For example, some of Cruise America’s RV rentals come with a generator. When renting an RV with a generator for a month, you’ll need to include its cost into your budget.

Nightly RV Rental Rate

An aspect of determining the cost to rent an RV for a month is your nightly rate. Generally, this rate will differ for a few reasons. First, the type of RV you’re renting will change how much your rate is. 

Another factor that impacts your nightly rate is when you rent the RV. During peak travel seasons, the cost to rent an RV will typically rise. This doesn’t mean you can’t rent your RV during peak seasons! Nevertheless, it is an important budget factor to keep in mind when you plan your trip. 

Adding in Mileage and Gas Costs 

Overall, the total cost of your RV rental can be calculated with three factors: the nightly rate, the cost of mileage and the cost of gas. 

Start by taking the number of nights you plan to stay in your RV and multiply it by the nightly rate. Then, take that number and add it to your total cost of mileage. 

Your cost of mileage will be a certain amount times the number of miles you drive. At Cruise America, the cost per mile is 38 cents. So, if you plan on traveling 30,000 miles, you would multiply that by 39 cents to get the cost of mileage. 

Finally, you want to calculate the cost of gas for your trip. You calculate this by taking the estimated total miles you’ll travel and dividing it by your RV’s miles per gallon. On average, Cruise America’s RV rentals are 8 to 10 miles per gallon. After you divide total miles by miles per gallon, multiply that number by the cost of gas. This gives you an estimate on how much gas will cost you on your trip!

By adding these three numbers together, you can roughly estimate the total cost of renting your RV for your trip! 

Mandatory Rental Fees, Taxes & Insurance 


Other things that influence the cost to rent an RV for a month are rental fees and taxes. The types of taxes and fees you’ll encounter will depend on where you rent your RV. 

A majority of states require a sales tax on vehicle rentals, which includes motorhomes. Overall, these taxes are required to offset certain expenses, such as the proper disposal of RV waste. Some examples of taxes that a state can require include vehicle license taxes and environmental taxes. 

Along with these taxes, an RV retailer can require you to pay certain fees or deposits. One example of a fee that can affect your RV rental cost is rental insurance. Some RV retailers will offer rental insurance at an additional cost, which varies between companies. At Cruise America, each RV rental automatically comes with free Supplemental Liability Insurance or SLI.  

By and large, there’s no need to guess about the fees you may come across. Reach out to your RV retailer and ask about the possible fees that come with renting an RV. Then, planning the budget for your month-long RV getaway is a breeze, and you’re one step closer to adventure!
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