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With so many sights and sites being situated within its comparatively small (the 42nd biggest state in the country) 10,460 square miles, Maryland is rightfully known as “America in Miniature.” Yes, the Old Line State is something of a geological wonderland, with practically every type of terrain packed into its borders — aside from deserts, that is.

As there is so much variation to see in so small an area, RV travelers with an eye for geography and geology often flock to Maryland. And one of the most impressive places they report visiting is Rocks State Park. If you’ve never been or never heard of it, you’ve been missing out!

What is Rocks State Park?

Rocks State Park is a day-use Maryland state park located in Jarrettsville, Maryland, a little less than an hour’s drive north of Baltimore. Established in 1949, Rocks State Park features geological formations, hiking trails, and more. One major claim to fame of Rocks State Park is that the Kilgore Falls Area and King and Queen’s Seat rock formations were shown in the 2002 Disney fantasy film Tuck Everlasting.

What Is There To Do at Rocks State Park?

Deer Creek itself, within Rocks State Park, offers wonderful sights and sounds, and there are picnic areas at Rocks State Park at which you can enjoy a meal in bucolic natural surroundings. There are trails to traverse and (as you’ll see) climbing which can be done. But, truly, the highlights of any trip to Rocks State Park are the geological formations for which it is named!

King and Queen Seat

The King and Queen Seat rocks are a natural formation that rises 190 feet above Deer Creek, and you can get spectacular views from the top — views that will be all the more rewarding if you’re a skilled climber who was brave enough to ascend the formation the old fashioned way!

Non-climbers also have the option of reaching the King and Queen Seat via the Red Trail (from the Rock Ridge Picnic Area), the White Trail (from the Rocks State Park main office), or the Purple Trail (from the Rapids parking lot). 

Kilgore Falls/Falling Branch

The other primary attraction you don’t want to miss at Rocks State Park is Kilgore Falls, in the Falling Branch area of the park (located about five miles north of the main park). Kilgore Falls is the second-highest vertical drop waterfall in Maryland, and its beauty has earned it movie cameos. This area is non-developed, and there is a half-mile hiking trail along which you can calm your mind as you approach the falls. 

Don't Forget To Make a Reservation!

FYI, if you want to visit the Kilgore Falls and Falling Branch Area of Rocks State Park on weekends or holidays from Memorial Day through Labor Day, you will have to make a reservation. This is due to the need to minimize the environmental impact of visitors during the busy summer season and also prevent unsafe crowding conditions; there is a big danger of too many visitors trampling vegetation and hastening soil erosion. 

When Is the Best Time To Visit Rocks State Park?

Due to parking limitations, visiting during the busy summer season might be a bit of a hassle; in any case, getting a reservation for the Kilgore Falls/Falling Branch Area itself could be a bit of a chore during the busy season. You may want to visit in early spring or early to mid-fall to enjoy fewer crowds, more opportunities for reservations, and the best weather. This advice also applies if you’re looking for RV camping near Rocks State Park; the busier the season is, the harder it could be to find a space for RV camping. 

Can You Go RV Camping at Rocks State Park?

Unfortunately, as it is just a day-use park, there is no overnight camping of any kind in Rocks State Park. However, you have plenty of options for Rocks State Park camping if you wish to stay overnight in your RV nearby. For example, Bar Harbor RV Park and Marina is a popular option with 93 RV campsites, and it’s only a half-hour drive away from Rocks State Park. If you don’t mind driving to another Maryland state park, then Susquehanna State Park’s RV campground has 69 campsites that are also about 30 minutes away from Rocks State Park. 

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