RV Camping Near Rocky Neck State Park

Along the northern coast of the Long Island Sound lies an unassuming destination in the midst of charming and historic Connecticut towns. Rocky Neck State Park hides a small, quiet beach with a surprisingly beautiful coastline that draws quite the crowd.

The best way to experience it for yourself? With an RV rental, of course! 

In this guide, we’ll cover RV parks near Rocky Neck State Park, when to visit, and things to do in this northeastern gem. But, first, let’s check out a few Rocky Neck State Park facts!

Rocky Neck State Park Facts 

Get to know this lovely locale to appreciate it even more. Prepare for your visit with our list of Rocky Neck State Park facts. 
  • Rocky Neck State Park is a 710-acre park located on the Connecticut side of the Long Island Sound.
  • The park’s varied terrain gives it distinct areas and features for a trip that’s never dull!
  • Points of interest include a salt marsh, Baker’s Cave, wooded campsites, a shipyard, and a saltwater bathing area.
  • The park is a great place for birdwatching species like osprey, kingfisher, goldfinches, and egret.
  • Anglers should check out the beach or jetty, open to fishing all year long. You can enjoy a chance at catching mackerel, blackfish, striped bass, and flounder. 

Best Rocky Neck State Park RV Parks and Campgrounds 

RV-Camping-Near-Rocky-Neck-State-Park-1.jpgSpend less time planning and more time enjoying the great outdoors! We’ve curated a list of the best Rocky Neck State Park RV parks and campgrounds to help you find your home away from home. 

Rocky Neck State Park Campground

Amenities: The RV sites in Rocky Neck State Park Campground are the best option if you’re looking to be in the center of it all. You’ll be able to easily walk to any of the trails and points of interest in the park from your RV. And staying at the shaded, bare sites is an amazing way to disconnect and attune with nature. The park has a dumping station, restrooms, and showers with little else to distract from the park around you.

Capacity: 160 RV sites

More information: Rocky Neck State Park Campground 

Aces High RV Park

Amenities: This mid-size RV campground near Rocky Neck State Park is the closest option outside of the park’s own RV sites. Aces High has a nice assortment of amenities and anything you might need for a comfy stay. The amenities include, full hookups, parkwide Wi-Fi, showers and restrooms, a camp shop, and a laundry room. You can also enjoy a good deal of privacy, thanks to the spacious sites. Activities like fishing, boating, horseshoes, and swimming in a pool are all on-site too.

Capacity: 90 RV sites

More information: Aces High RV Park

Witch Meadow Lake Family Campground

Amenities: Witch Meadow Lake is a lakeside RV campground near Rocky Neck State Park situated in the midst of beautiful surroundings. The grounds are 140 acres spread around the lovely Witch Meadow Lake. The camp is packed full of activities to keep you and the little ones busy. You and your family can enjoy fishing, paddle boating, and canoeing across the lake. Evening-lit sports areas, a rec hall with arcade games, and a lending library room with Wi-Fi are available too. Water and electric hookups are available at all sites.

Capacity: 280 RV sites

More information: Witch Meadow Lake Family Campground 

Salem Farms Campground

Amenities: Salem Farms Campgrounds is one more great option for RV sites near Rocky Neck State Park. The sites vary from shady to open to grassy, and everything in-between. Be sure to mention your preference when you make a reservation. Electric and water hookups are available at every site, and there’s an on-site greywater receptacle. There are plenty of things to do for kids and adults, including arts and crafts events, bingo nights, and eating at the snack bar.

Capacity: 190 RV sites

More information: Salem Farms Campground 

Grand View Camp Resort & Cottages

Amenities: This small RV campground near Rocky Neck State Park has a quaint charm and tranquil scenery all around you. The list of amenities is excellent compared to the size and affordable price of the resort. You’ll find full hookups at all sites, restrooms with showers, a playground, pool, and rec room. If you don’t mind a short drive to Rocky Neck, check out the beautiful, well-maintained grounds of the appropriately-named Great View Camp.

Capacity: 70 RV sites

More information: Payne Lake Recreation Area 

Best Time to Visit Rocky Neck State Park 

RV-Camping-Near-Rocky-Neck-State-Park-2.jpgThe Northeastern Seaboard is home to four distinct seasons, including the area of the park. Though the climate is fairly stable, you’ll still get a different experience, depending on when you go. Plan the best time to visit Rocky Neck State Park with our handy guide to the seasons.


RV camping in Rocky Neck State Park is a perfect place to try cold weather camping, thanks to the fairly mild winters for the northeast. You’ll find that temperatures only dip below freezing at night and stay around 36 degrees Fahrenheit in the day. If you’re willing to brave the cold, you’ll be rewarded with a secluded, peaceful feeling against a wintry backdrop.


Spring RV camping in Rocky Neck State Park brings with it pleasantly cool temperatures for a great time to visit. Expect the temperature to hover around 55 to 65 degrees through the season. You also won’t need to worry much about spring rains since there’s only about a week of precipitation per month.


If you can’t stand the heat, summer RV camping in Rocky Neck State Park is still a great choice. You won’t find the temperature rising above 75 degrees, even on the hottest days. This is the busy season, so expect a bit more crowd density than normal. You’ll want to make plans and book earlier than normal.


Fall is the most scenic season for RV camping in Rocky Neck State Park. Plan for a mid-October to early-November visit to enjoy a collage of transforming fall foliage coloring the park. Fall is a great time to explore the towns around the park for fun autumn events too. Remember that temperatures dip to around the 50s at night, so bring some layers just in case.

Things to Do in Rocky Neck State Park 

RV-Camping-Near-Rocky-Neck-State-Park-3.jpgBefore you jump into all the park has to offer, check our list of things to do in Rocky Neck State Park. You’ll be better prepared with a good variety of activities for a memorable experience.
  • Go hiking. Check out either of the two Rocky Neck State Park hiking trails for a nice way to take in the scenery and tour the park. They’re both of moderate difficulty and tend to be heavily travelled. Plan your hikes early to avoid big crowds. Try the two-hour extended loop to see more and have a quieter path.
  • Try saltwater fishing. You can fish from the jetty all year long with a marine waters fishing license. Just look to the right of the beach. The beach itself is also open for anglers in the off-season. You’ll have a chance to catch winter flounder, blackfish, bluefish, and striped bass. Check the park map for crabbing spots too.
  • Stop at the beach. The park’s beach is known for its gorgeous scenery and is the biggest draw to Rocky Neck. Enjoy the scenic pathways surrounding the beach or the view from the shore for some amazing photo-ops. This small, popular beach can get crowded. So, plan your visit in the early morning or during the off-season if you’d like a more secluded experience.
  • Spot wildlife. The park is known for its abundance of fish and wildlife. Pack some binoculars to spot birds like egrets, cranes, and swans both in the skies and around the grounds. Venture through the salt marsh to spot wild turtles, crabs, and other interesting aquatic life.
  • Have a picnic. Rocky Neck is an ideal place for a picnic thanks to its peaceful open fields and designated sites available for rent. You can reserve a large, private picnic area for hosting larger events or parties in the open air. Bring a grill and your own supplies since there’s no electricity available. 

Tips on Visiting Rocky Neck State Park 

RV-Camping-Near-Rocky-Neck-State-Park-4.jpgThese final tips on visiting Rocky Neck State Park will make sure you have a smooth trip!
  • Bring some insect repellent for summer visits. You will run into deer flies in the park, especially along the trails.
  • The beach can be busy during the high-season. Try stopping by early in the morning to avoid heavy crowds.
  • Go lightly and practice eco-friendly camping. That means leaving each place you visit as you found it, without a trace of your presence.
  • Respect the local wildlife, and keep your distance. Avoid feeding any animals to preserve the park’s ecosystem and discourage dependence on human visitors.
  • Make sure to pack enough snacks and water if you’d like to avoid a trip into town. There are no convenient spots for restocking on the grounds.

RV Rental for Rocky Neck State Park  

That wraps up our ultimate guide to RV camping in the park. If you’d like to experience this lovely spot for yourself, a Cruise America Rocky Neck State Park RV rental will get you there.

Their line of RVs comes decked out with everything you’ll need to create some lasting memories in style. Enjoy a working kitchen, built-in bathroom and shower, bedding, and seating space to travel in comfort no matter where you go.

Make the journey as joyous as the destination. Reserve an RV rental for Rocky Neck State Park now!