RV Camping Near Galveston Island State Park


Along the southwestern edge of the United States lies a paradise of Texan coastline. Temperate weather all year, dozens of beaches—each with its own atmosphere, and a historic, lively downtown area—are just some of the draws to Galveston Island State Park. 

This ultimate guide is packed full of everything you’ll need to know to enjoy all this popular destination has to offer!

Galveston Island State Park Facts 

Before your trip, learn a little bit about this park’s interesting 1,500 years of human history. Appreciate your destination even more with these Galveston Island State Park facts!

  • Don’t let the relaxing atmosphere fool you! This barrier island was once locked in a constant struggle to maintain and settle on because of extreme weather patterns and limited natural resources.
  • The island’s first inhabitants were the Akokisa Tribe. These Native Americans survived for generations but left behind few remains of their existence. Instead, historians rely on European accounts of the Akokisa.
  • By the 1830s, European explorers pushed the Akokisa off the island for land development and economic opportunities. 
  • Rumor has it that the island was used as an in-between for pirates and smugglers moving stolen goods and slaves around the early 17th century.
  • A massive storm in 1900 caused so much destruction that the residents built a 10-mile long seawall for protection which still stands today.

Best Galveston Island State Park RV Parks and Campgrounds

Now that our little history lesson is finished, it’s time to set up camp! This list of the five best Galveston Island State Park RV parks and campgrounds will have just the spot you’re looking for.

Galveston Island Campground

Amenities: The RV campgrounds in Galveston Island State Park are simple and spartan. Electric hookups, restrooms, and showers are all you can expect in the way of amenities. But, if the park’s trails, canoeing, and a quiet spot away from the bustle of the town proper are what you need, look no further.

Capacity: 66 sites

More information: Galveston Island Campground

Jamaica Beach RV Resort

Amenities: Looking for something a bit more luxurious? Jamaica Beach is your best bet among Galveston Island State Park RV campgrounds. Immaculately maintained grounds, multiple swimming pools, on-site activities everywhere, and all the amenities you’ll need for a stay like home are waiting.

Capacity: 112 sites

More information: Jamaica Beach RV Resort

Galveston Island KOA

Amenities: Galveston Island KOA is a family-friendly, conveniently located RV campground near Galveston Island State Park. The location is perfect for hitting the beach, just a short walk away from the grounds. If you want to check out downtown Galveston, it’s just a 30-minute drive away. Expect plenty to do like a lazy river, a private pond for catch and release fishing, a hot tub, and more!

Capacity: 90 sites

More information: Galveston Island KOA

Stella Mare RV Resort

Amenities: The colorful and well-maintained grounds of Stella Mare are a great option for a campground that truly feels like a getaway. This bright green, palm-tree-lined campground near Galveston Island State Park has some of the best views, courtesy of its clear views of the gulf and bay. It’s even got its own observation deck to get a 360-degree view of the area.

Capacity: 195 sites

More information: Stella Mare RV Resort

Galveston RV Resort and Marina

Amenities: This RV campground right on the water is a budget-friendly option for thrifty travelers. It’s got all the amenities and hookups you’ll need, plus a pool and free WiFi for guests. It can get a bit cluttered because of its smaller size compared to others on this list.

Capacity: 81 sites

More information: Galveston RV Resort and Marina

Best Time to Visit Galveston Island State Park 

With mild temperatures all year long, choosing your dates to visit can be tricky. We’ve got you covered with this useful guide on the best time to visit Galveston Island State Park!


Even in winter, RV camping in Galveston Island State Park is a great choice. The temperatures hover around the 40s to 60s, which means it’s never too cold to enjoy a day outdoors. Since it’s low season, you’ll also get lower rates, lower crowd sizes, and no waiting for the town’s host of restaurants and attractions.


March 13th marks the beginning of beach season if sandy shores as soon as possible are your goal for a Galveston Island State Park RV camping trip. The warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico are perfect for a dip in spring too. Spring is a great way to enjoy summer vibes without the summer crowds of the most popular season. Just avoid spring break if you can.


Summer is the most popular time for RV camping in Galveston Island State Park. You’ve got 32 miles of shoreline to enjoy, but the summer crowds can be massive. For some perspective, Galveston saw over 250,000 visitors on its shores in the summer of 2020. If you don’t mind the buzz of activity and energy that comes along with the season, the mild heat and variety of things to do are a great way to spend your days.


If you’re considering a low season for RV camping in Galveston Island State Park, fall is another excellent option. It’s still possible to enjoy the ocean thanks to warm gulf waters through mid-October. Autumn is also a great excuse to check out some of the historical sites, museums, and attractions that the town of Galveston has to offer. 

Things to Do in Galveston Island State Park 

With miles of beaches, Pleasure Pier, and a historic downtown area, there’s no shortage of things to do in Galveston Island State Park! This handy list will get your trip started right.

  • Roll up on West Beach. West Beach is one of the lesser populated beaches in Galveston. Thanks to the hard-packed sand, cars are able to drive right up the shoreline. If you don’t mind vehicles dotting the landscape here and there, West Beach offers a bit more solitude.
  • Live it up on East Beach. East Beach is the most lively of the Galveston beaches. If you’re looking for a more social experience with plenty to do, head east! Concessions are all along the beach, and alcohol is permitted.
  • Keep it wholesome on Stewart Beach. Stewart Beach is the most family-friendly beach in Galveston. Expect playgrounds and volleyball courts to enjoy with the kids and an alcohol-free environment.
  • Walk along Pleasure Pier. This long boardwalk is home to all the midway games and rides you might expect at a traditional carnival for a classic way to spend time with your loved ones.
  • Ride a canoe through the park. The park has canoe and paddleboat trails where you can spot local avian life and enjoy the scenery slowly passing by. Remember to bring your own boat as rentals aren’t provided in the park itself.

Tips on Visiting Galveston Island State Park 

Before you head out, take note of these tips on visiting Galveston Island State Park to make the most of the trip.

  • You’ll need a license for any fishing or hunting plans in Texas. Consider downloading their app for an easy way to buy and manage what you need.
  • Check the forecast for your trip carefully. Galveston is a relatively flat island, meaning some campgrounds and trails can flood and get muddy easily. 
  • The beachside of the park occasionally closes in cases of severe weather. Don’t book too far in advance and (again) keep an eye on the weather.
  • Pack water-resistant shoes or boots if you’re planning on hiking. Large puddles are common along the trails.

RV Rental for Galveston Island State Park 

Well, that covers all you’ll need to know for a fantastic trip at one of the best beach-side Texas parks around. Want to see Galveston for yourself but need an RV? Cruise America’s got you covered with a whole fleet of decked-out RVs ready to roll. Their Galveston Island State Park RV rentals are loaded with all the comforts of home to make the journey just as sweet as the destination.

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