6 RV Camping Hacks to Simplify Your Life


Whether you’re new to the RV lifestyle, or you’ve been on the road for years, traveling comfortably is a must. 

The question is, what can you do to make your RV rental feel like your second home?

From storage ideas to RV lifestyle tips and tricks, these RV camping hacks are sure to make your next trip a great one!

RV Camping Hacks to Simplify Your Life

1. Reusable Plastic Food Containers

First on our list of RV camping hacks are food containers! While these may have originally contained a delicious snack, you may be surprised at what they can be used for when empty. 

A great example that you can see pretty commonly are smaller containers for things like mints or tic-tacs. Nonetheless, these are small containers and only help with a small part of your storage needs in your RV. 

So, what other containers can you use? Just about any plastic container that is easy to clean out and has a solid lid is great for storage. Some examples include old bottles of coffee creamer. You can store new snacks in this kind of container, too!

Plus, you don’t have to empty a bottle to get the container. Instead, you can use the original item until it is empty and then, you can re-use it as a container! 

This can help your storage needs as well as save on overall plastic waste, which is always a benefit.

2. Shower caddies

The great thing about shower caddies is that many are made with suction cups to attach to your bathroom wall. 

So, these are a great way to store your bathroom necessities without worrying they’ll move when the RV does. 

Plus, you can use these in other parts of the RV as well! Smaller shower caddies can make for great storage baskets that can go just about anywhere. 

Need a mini spice rack? Attach your small shower caddy to the wall with its suction cups, and you’re ready to go! 

3. Collapsable storage baskets

When you’re traveling in your RV, things should feel cozy, not cramped. The best solution to keeping your RV organized is making the most of your space with storage.

A collapsible storage basket has multiple benefits. First, it can make organizing your things in the RV a breeze! Second, you can fold the basket up and store it away without taking up too much space. 

4. Tension curtain rods

If you’ve ever worried about things falling out of cabinets when on the worry, get some tension curtain rods! 

You might be surprised at how well these work at keeping things in place. 

Whether it’s in your fridge or the pantry, these curtain rods are easy to place and remove—all without drilling holes. 

Just find the right size and put this curtain rod in front of your important pantry or refrigerator goods. Now, you won’t have to worry about things falling out anymore! 

Photo Credit: Instagram User @itsthomasreimer

5. Travel Lids for Cups

Enjoying a delicious drink with your outdoor meal is one of the great things about camping in your RV! However, there may come a time to hit the road again and drinks must be put away to avoid messy spills during the trip. 

Thankfully, there’s a way for you to turn just about any cup into a travel cup! If you have some cling film food wrap, you can make a lid in no time without any hassle. 

Simply get a piece of film that is the size of your cup’s top and ensure that it is firmly sealed all along the rim of the cup. 

Then, gently make a hole to insert your straw and voila! A refreshing beverage on the road without worrying about any messes. 

Just be careful with your lid, as moving around your straw might rip a bigger hole and leave you with the mess you were trying to avoid. 

6. Bed Guard

If you’ve ever worried about your children rolling out of bed, you aren’t the only one. It happens! So, when you’re planning an RV trip, finding an easy way to keep your kids snug in their bed is a necessity. 

One of the best RV camping hacks to help with this is a bed guard!

Essentially, a bed guard is a guard rail device that you slide under the RV’s bed cushions. The guard bed rail prevents heavy sleepers from rolling too close and over the edge. And, many bed guards are adjustable so that you can adjust to your child and pick them up without removing the guard.

Now, your little ones can sleep well without any worry of falling out of bed. 

Overall, a bed guard is an easy-to-use and easy-to-store device that should be an essential part of any RV trip with your family. 

Your Next RV Adventure is Just Around the Corner!

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All in all, feeling at home in your RV is priority number one. Thankfully, you can easily make your RV home away from home with these RV camping hacks! 

Feel the stress melt away as you travel to some of the best RV destinations across the country. 

Don’t forget the most important part though—getting the best RV rental for you and your family, of course!