RV Camping Near Letchworth State Park

Thick, verdant green forests line the broad flow of the Genesee River. The blue-green water rushes over dynamic gorges that reach powerfully upwards. The calming hiss of the falls formed there seem to sing, echoing through the forest for human and beast alike. 

Scenes like these and the adventure of getting there await you at one of the most renowned parks in the northeastern US. Read on to find out why you need to visit Letchworth State Park!

Letchworth State Park Facts 

Learning about your destination’s history turns a fun trip into a meaningful one. Make a deeper connection to nature with these Letchworth State Park facts!
  • The park was originally home to the Seneca people, who were once allied to the British during the American Revolutionary War. This alliance eventually pushed them out of the region after Britain’s defeat.
  • The land was then called “Seghahunda,” a name meaning land of the three falls.
  • The park’s name comes from its founder, William Pryor Letchworth. He purchased the land that became the park in 1859. 
  • Letchworth protected the park from being turned into a hydroelectric dam and other commercial interests in the land. 
  • The Genesee Arch Bridge was once known as the Portage Bridge. It was the largest in the world at one point and constructed entirely of wood. After a huge fire in 1875, the entire structure was destroyed before being rebuilt today.

Best Letchworth State Park RV Parks and Campgrounds 

Now that we’ve learned a bit more about the park, let’s find you a place to settle in and call home. This handy guide to the top Letchworth State Park campgrounds is sure to have just the perfect spot!

Letchworth Campground

Amenities: One of the RV campgrounds in Letchworth Campground is the park’s very own Letchworth Campground. The campsite is located across from Schenck Road — six miles south of Mt. Morris. The grounds are arranged around several trail loops, each with its own particular attractions.

Check out a map before you reserve and ask about your lot’s grounds. Some lots can be uneven or small for large RVs. The campgrounds here are spartan but feature 30 and 50 amp hookups, a dumping station, shared washrooms, a firepit, and a table. But thanks to this ability to unplug and connect to nature, Letchworth Campground is your best bet for a unique family vacation

Capacity: 270 RV sites

More information: Letchworth Campground

Houghton/Letchworth KOA

Amenities: Houghton/Letchworth KOA is one of the simple, family-friendly Letchworth State Park RV parks with all the basics plus a few extra amenities to make your stay a pleasant one.

Enjoy some sports in your downtime with basketball, volleyball, or horseshoes. Take a dip into an indoor heated pool or their outdoor saltwater pool to feel refreshed after a long day exploring. Finally, bring a kayak or canoe to launch into the Genesee river right from the grounds. Lots accommodate up to 50 amp hookups for RVs up to 45 feet long. WiFi is available in the office only.

Capacity: 94 RV sites

More information: Houghton/Letchworth KOA

The Ridge Campground

Amenities: The Ridge Campground is one of the best RV campgrounds near Letchworth State Park. This campground is quaint and spacious, making this a great choice for a relaxing stay.

It’s packed full of activities for the whole family like sports, catch and release fishing, a swimming pool, and a game room. Check out their disc golf court for a lawn game you may have never tried before. Full hookups available in 30 or 50 amp lots, perfect for any size of RV.

Capacity: 21 RV sites

More information: The Ridge Campground

Woodstream Campsite

Amenities: When it comes to cozy RV parks near Letchworth State Park, look no further than Woodstream Campsite. It’s located between the two and just a short drive from both. Woodstream’s commitment to customer service and appreciation of its guests landed this RV campground on our list. Woodstream can accommodate RVs up to 40 feet long, and all sites have full hookups in 30 or 50 amps. The site has plenty to do for your family, and be sure to check out the onsite creek that runs through the grounds!

Capacity: 260 sites

More information: Woodstream Campsite

Conesus Lake Campground

Amenities: The best onsite scenery among RV parks near Letchworth State Park has to be Conesus Lake Campground. This 140 campground wrapped around Conesus Lake is a dream for lovers of water sports. Have a peaceful drift into Conesus via pontoon, rowboat, or kayak.

If getting your feet wet isn’t your thing, the stunning view at dawn or dusk is worth a visit. Seventy of the 140 sites have full hookups. The grounds feature a shared shower room, an indoor pool, sports areas, and a fun launchpad for a big flop into the lake.

Capacity: 140 RV sites

More information: Conesus Lake Campground

Best Time to Visit Letchworth State Park for RV Camping 

Now that we’ve got your home base covered, time to think about when the best time to visit Letchworth State Park is. Use this handy seasonal guide to pick what’s best for you.


RV camping in winter in Letchworth State Park is absolutely worth considering despite the cold New York State weather. The average temperature from December through February is about 35 degrees Fahrenheit, with snowfall averaging about seven days each month. But don’t let that discourage you! You’ll get to enjoy the smallest crowd size of the year, and all major viewpoints in the park are drivable. Make sure to enter via the Castile entrance since others may be closed. 


Spring can be a wonderful season for Letchworth State Park RV camping. Expect temperatures slowly building from around 50 degrees in March. The weather will slowly continue to warm into the eventual summer months. Pack rain gear since there can be the occasional storm in spring. The best part of this season is the chance to spot wildflowers growing along the trails. Their bloom can be temperamental, but aiming for at least mid-May should give you a chance at plenty.


Summer is the most popular month for Letchworth State Park RV camping and will bring dense crowds. The temperature is balmy and pleasant even at the peak of summer. Expect the heat to top out at just above 80 degrees Fahrenheit for an extremely pleasant stay in the park. Swimming in the Genesee River is forbidden, but most of the RV campgrounds on our list above feature some ways to take a nice, cool dip.


Fall is perhaps the best time of year for Letchworth State Park RV camping. There’s a perfect balance between crowd size, temperature, and park features to make fall our recommendation for a visit. Plan your visit for around mid-October to November to take in some beautiful fall foliage in a hike or drive around the park. The average temperature is 60 degrees, but it can drop over 20 degrees lower than that at night, so pack some warm clothes!

Things to Do in Letchworth State Park

We’ve got the where, we’ve got the when, now it’s time to discover what to do! Use this list for some ideas for all the wonderful things to do in Letchwork State Park!
  • Do a driving tour of the park. Letchworth State Park road is a sight to see all on its own, even driving in an RV. The winding roads are lined with tree canopies with several scenic overlooks along the way.
  • See the waterfalls. The main event in Letchworth is the gorge, which the Genesee River runs through. Genesee features three waterfall points. The verdant green forest surrounding the towering walls of the gorge makes for an impressive view from the top or bottom of each. 
  • Hike the Gorge Trail. This lengthy trail runs along the gorge and will take you to nearly all of the points of interest mentioned above, including the waterfalls.
  • Visit the Genesee Arch Bridge. This is the former site of the historic Portage Bridge. A massive fire burnt down what was once the largest wooden bridge in the United States. The bridge still serves as an excellent photo op today. 

Tips on Visiting Letchworth State Park 

Before you set off on your adventure, make sure you’re all set with these tips on visiting Letchworth State Park!
  • Fit in time to see the waterfalls — this is the biggest attraction of the park!
  • If you’re planning to camp in the park, remember that amenities are limited. Plan accordingly!
  • The crowds in summer cannot be overstated. Make sure to make reservations well in advance.
  • Pack a map, GPS, or satellite phone. Cell service is spotty throughout the park.

RV Rental for Letchworth State Park

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Well, friend, that wraps up our rundown of the park. You’ve now got everything you need to make memories that will last a lifetime in one of the finest parks in the northeastern US. 

And if you still need some wheels, Cruise America’s fleet is ready to equip you with a proper Letchworth State Park RV rental. Make the road your home with our reliable and cozy RVs perfect for any budget.

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