RV Camping Near DeSoto State Park

RVs are a wonderful way to see America. There’s no need to check bags, go through security, present boarding passes, or wait for luggage that may not have arrived with your flight. With RVs, it’s just you, your family, and the open road. The only thing you really have to decide on is where that open road will take you. So, why not let it take you RV camping in DeSoto State Park, Alabama?

If you’ve got an RV rental, DeSoto State Park has it all — expansive mountain views to gawk at, lush forest trails that beckon hikers, and waterfalls sure to awe the eyes and ears. Assuming you’re in the market for just such a getaway, have a look at this guide to DeSoto State Park RV camping and get planning! 

DeSoto State Park Facts

Alabamans are quite familiar with DeSoto State Park, but here are some DeSoto State Park facts that will help introduce this dynamic destination to you too!
  • DeSoto State Park is named after famed 16th-century Spanish conquistador Hernando de Soto.
  • Thanks to Depression-era work programs, the construction of DeSoto State Park’s roads, facilities, and trails took place throughout the 1930s.
  • The state park was dedicated in 1939.
  • There are 3,500 acres to enjoy and explore in the DeSoto State Park nature reserve, located on Lookout Mountain.
  • The forested mountain terrain is a remarkable sight to see. Wildflower meadows, rock formations, and mountain streams dot and crisscross the park.

Best DeSoto State Park RV Parks and Campgrounds

Having decided to visit DeSoto State Park, next up is looking through DeSoto State Park RV sites and booking one. There are numerous options, so have a look at the best RV parks near DeSoto State Park and find the right one for you!

DeSoto State Park Campground

Amenities: This full hookup RV park is many travelers’ default choice when booking RV campgrounds in DeSoto State Park since it is right there. Yes, everything that DeSoto State Park has to offer is just outside your door at this RV campground. When you’re done enjoying your surroundings for the day, make use of the two comfort stations with restrooms and showers, wash your clothes at the coin-operated laundry, or access the WiFi hotspots.

Capacity: 94 RV campsites

More information: DeSoto State Park Campground 

Wills Creek RV Park

Amenities: If you're going RV camping near DeSoto State Park and want a site that’s fit for the whole family and close to attractions, you're in luck with the family-owned Wills Creek RV Park. All RV campsites here are equipped with electricity, water, and sewer connections. There is also a community fire pit and game room with foosball, pool tables, and air hockey.

Capacity: 43 RV campsites

More information: Wills Creek RV Park

Little River RV Park and Campground

Amenities: If you’re searching for DeSoto State Park RV parks that offer a close brush with animal life, then Little River RV Park and Campground might be your best bet. White-tail deer, raccoons, rabbits, and even turkeys call this campground home. When not observing the wildlife, your kids can frolic on the playground while you visit the fishing pond or try your hand at horseshoes.

Capacity: 26 RV campsites

More information: Little River RV Park and Campground

Tranquility RV & Campgrounds

Amenities: Tranquility Campgrounds bill themselves as a place to “stop, rest, slow down, and reflect.” True to their name, there are quiet hours from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. This RV campground is a 10-minute drive from DeSoto State Park and provides travelers with water and power (20, 30, and 50 amps), a bathhouse, and a private lake for license-free fishing. However, keep in mind that this RV campground is only open from April 1 to November 30. 

Capacity: 40 RV campsites

More information: Tranquility RV & Campgrounds

1776 RV and Campground

Amenities: Once you’ve got your RV rental, DeSoto State Park awaits. If you’re a military veteran or first-responder, you might just want to park yourself at the veteran-owned 1776 RV & Campground. The campground has stone-fire rings, BBQ grills, and picnic tables. It is close to DeSoto State Park, DeSoto Falls, and several Civil War battle sites. 

Capacity: 14 RV campsites 

More information: 1776 RV & Campground

Best Time to Visit DeSoto State Park for RV Camping

Once you've decided on an RV campground, find out when you can go. The best time to visit DeSoto State Park depends on many factors — and seasonal considerations often take center stage. Have a gander at how different seasons affect DeSoto State Park and those traveling there. Make sure that your preferred RV campground near DeSoto State Park will be available then!


Winter is one of the least busy times to visit DeSoto State Park — and for a good reason. You're going to have more of the area to yourself if the old bait-and-catch routine is your thing, but as you might expect, fishing will be a bit of a challenge in wintertime. However, if you enjoy quiet hikes, then most definitely visit DeSoto State Park in the winter. One advantage of winter RV camping is that RV campsites won't be nearly as hard to book as they might be in spring.


Spring is everyone's favorite season for DeSoto State Park RV camping. It is the prime time for those who want to enjoy the region, most especially the Falls. Nature “springs” back to life around this time and brings with it all of the wonders of warmer weather — including more fish for any interested anglers. Right on the cusp of the busy season, there are still plenty of spaces to be found at campgrounds, though they’ll be noticeably busier.


The South is known for its summer humidity, and DeSoto State Park is no exception. The humidity may weigh you down, but the truth is that summertime is the perfect season for kayaking or picnicking at DeSoto State Park. However, as the water levels are usually lower, there’s a chance that DeSoto Falls won’t be as impressive as it is in the other seasons. If you’re a swimmer, this is when you can enjoy DeSoto State Park’s swimming pool!


Fall is an ideal time to visit DeSoto State Park if you want to take in the area’s changing foliage with a hike on the miles of available trails. It’s also a wonderful time to enjoy the nighttime atmosphere. Keep in mind that if you want to witness DeSoto Falls, the water level is much lower in autumn,.so the waters might not be as powerful. Fishing is still good at this time of the year, but you might not get as many bites as you would in springtime. 


Things to Do in DeSoto State Park

It’s great knowing when the best time to visit DeSoto State Park is, but discovering the things to do in DeSoto State Park and its surrounding areas is better. 

Take in the Falls. Considered by many Alabamans to be the highlight of any trip to the DeSoto State Park area, the 107-foot DeSoto Falls is truly a sight to behold. The Falls are located just off of the Lookout Mountain Parkway.

Hike (or Bike) the Trails. DeSoto State Park has over 30 miles of mostly interconnected hiking trails, and over 11 miles of them are also suitable for mountain biking.

Go Fish. Whether you want to fly fishing on Little River or venture out in a kayak and cast your rod into the still waters, largemouth bass and other fish await your bait! This area is created by the old hydro-electric dam near DeSoto Falls, 

Zip Over the Trees. If you like seeing things from 55 feet in the air, you’ll love DeSoto State Park’s zip-line experience. Choose between six zip-lines ranging from 100 feet to 350 feet in length, or traverse sky bridges up to 150 feet long!

Jump In the Pool. DeSoto State Park has an Olympic-sized pool open from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend. It is easily accessible from nearby picnic grounds and the Information Center. 

Zen Out on the Mountain. If getting in touch with nature and finding inner peace is your thing, check out DeSoto State Park’s “Yoga on the Mountain” programs. 

Tips on Visiting DeSoto State Park

While there are many things to do in DeSoto State Park, there are some tips you should know before heading there. Read on for a few more DeSoto State Park facts that’ll help ensure you have the best possible time.
  • While some RV parks near DeSoto State Park will have private lakes for license-free fishing, you’ll need to purchase a license if you’re planning on fishing in DeSoto State Park itself.
  • If you’re going hiking with your pet, make sure to keep Fido on a leash (it’s required!).
  • There are no gates or entry fees at DeSoto State Park, though if you want to visit the DeSoto Falls Picnic Area, there is a $4 fee per vehicle.
  • Most park facilities are accessible to disabled visitors with wheelchairs or scooters. 

RV Rental for DeSoto State Park

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