RV Camping Near Golden Gate Canyon State Park

Golden Gate Canyon State Park has captured the hearts and minds of outdoor adventurers who desire a primitive experience in one of Colorado's most paradisiacal destinations.

Located on the front range of the Rocky Mountains, this park consists of 12,000 acres of public land. The public land provides just about everything outdoor recreationists need for a memorable trip.

This park provides hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, and even snowshoeing opportunities. If this sounds like the adventure of a lifetime, then why not embark on your first Golden Gate Canyon State Park RV camping adventure? Continue reading this guide to learn about Golden Gate Canyon State Park facts and all the information you’ll need to conquer your next outdoor adventure.

Golden Gate Canyon State Park Facts

Facilitate your adventure by becoming familiar with these fascinating Golden Gate Canyon State Park facts.
  • Back in the mid-1800s, entrepreneurs arrived and searched the park’s area for gold.
  • In 2008, Golden Gate Canyon became Colorado’s first park to begin renting out guest houses.
  • The most common raptors (birds of prey) include the Turkey Vulture, Red-tailed Hawk, and the American Kestrel.
  • There are twelve trails in the park. Each one is named after an animal and is marked with its footprint.
  • You can see up to 100 miles of the Continental Divide at the Panorama Point Scenic Overlook.
Now it’s time to shift your attention towards selecting the best RV campgrounds in Golden Gate Canyon State Park.

Golden Gate Canyon State Park RV Parks and Campgrounds

Deciding where your home base will be is an essential part of planning your RV camping trip. To make your search easier, we’ve listed some of the best RV parks near Golden Gate Canyon State Park below.

Reverend’s Ridge

Amenities: In the mood for a cozy setting with cabins, yurts, and just about every essential item you need for an amazing Golden Gate Canyon State Park RV camping experience? Then Reverend’s Ridge is your best bet. There’s no need to worry about your privacy because the campground is located in a remote area. Amenities include potable water, showers, picnic tables, and flushing toilets. 

Capacity: 59 sites

More Information: Reverend’s Ridge

Clear Creek RV Park Splash

Amenities: Operating as a “country-like” setting with a casual atmosphere, Clear Creek RV Park Splash is one of the most unique RV parks near Golden Gate Canyon State Park. You get access to cultural activities, fine dining, and multiple outdoor activities. Amenities include clean restrooms, showers, laundry facilities, and a dump station.

Capacity: 33 sites

More Information: Clear Creek RV Park Splash

Dakota Ridge RV Park

Amenities: To say that Dakota Ridge RV Park is one of the best RV parks near Golden Gate Canyon State Park would be an understatement. Located between the mountains of Summit County, this campground combines outdoor recreation, entertainment activities, and cultural engagement into one experience. Not to mention you get access to a clubhouse and free Wi-Fi! Talk about an experience for the ages!

Capacity: 141 sites 

More Information: Dakota Ridge RV Park

Golden Terrace South RV Resort

Amenities: If you’re looking for a campground with close access to the Rocky Mountains, Golden Terrace South RV Resort has you covered. What makes Golden Terrace so unique compared to other RV parks is its mobile home community setting. Spend time by the sparkling pool or explore both the game room and the basketball court in the neighboring parks.

Capacity: 84 sites

More Information: Golden Terrace South RV Resort

Denver West/Central City KOA Holiday

Amenities: Treat yourself to a “star-filled” camping experience high up in the Rocky Mountains at Denver West/Central City KOA Holiday. Considered to be one of the finest campgrounds in Colorado, Denver West/Central City offers hiking, biking, nature photography, access to amusement parks, and even a night at an Opera House! You also get full hookup sites along with cable TV and free Wi-Fi. It’s safe to say that you’ll make plenty of memories here.

Capacity: 71 sites

More Information: Denver West/Central City KOA Holiday 

Best Time To Visit Golden Gate Canyon State Park for RV Camping

To ensure that you fully enjoy your first RV rental Golden Gate Canyon State Park trip, read this seasonal guide and decide on the best time to visit Golden Gate Canyon State Park.


While cold fronts spike and sunlight dwindles around November, there are several winter recreational activities to take advantage of. These include cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, ice fishing, and winter camping. Plus, the park’s hiking trails remain open throughout the year. Just remember to prepare for a Colorado winter. Be advised that in the winter there is no water for RVs at the Reverend’s Ridge Campground.


Golden Gate Canyon’s daily average temperature rises to a maximum between 47 and 79 degrees Fahrenheit in the spring. The humidity and high winds in April make springtime moderately cold for visitors. On top of that, May is the busiest month of the year, so expect large crowds. That said, you can still enjoy the park’s natural scenery and blooming wildflowers in spring. Consider going for a hike on the Horseshoe Trail during this season.


Summertime is when the park receives the most visitors. Crowds will be larger than usual between June and August, so lodging and hotel expenses may be higher during this period. Plus, RV parks near Golden Gate Canyon State Park might fill up quickly. With regards to weather, the hottest period is late June, when the temperature regularly reaches 90 degrees. Plan accordingly if you’re visiting during the summer.


Visitation rates drop during the autumn season, so if you’re looking for small crowds and moderately chilly temperatures, then fall is the best time to visit Golden Gate Canyon State Park. Daily highs range from 50 degrees to 85 degrees, but the wind makes it seem chillier than it actually is. Consider hiking the Raccoon Trail, which takes you through several groves of Aspen trees all changing colors in the autumn air.

Things To Do in Golden Canyon State Park

Colorado offers plenty of opportunities to start crossing off your bucket list on an RV Rental Golden Gate Canyon State Park trip. Below are some of the best things to do in Golden Gate Canyon State Park.
  • Hiking. With 12 trails that span 35 miles, it’s no wonder hiking is at the top of this list. For a simple yet satisfying experience, consider the Visitor Center Show Pond Trail, which spans just 0.25 miles. For something much more rewarding, try the Black Bear Trail — a 3.4-mile trail that requires some bouldering experience. 
  • Mountain biking. Mountain bikers are allowed on park trails that have been designated for multiple activities. Try the Mountain Lion Trail which takes you through open meadows and evergreen forests. Since many of the trails are used by both hikers and bikers, be courteous and respectful of others.
  • Fishing. At Golden Gate Canyon, you have access to 5 ponds: Kriley, Slough, Dude's Fishing Hole, Forgotten Valley, and Ranch Pond. If you do plan on fishing, remember that you need both a Colorado fishing license and a daily or annual vehicle pass.
  • Rock climbing. If you’re feeling adventurous and in the mood for an adrenaline rush, then consider rock climbing at the park’s backcountry trails. Please be advised that the park does not monitor for any safety concerns or the reliability of fixed anchors. Proceed with caution and remember to obtain a permit from the park manager.   
  • Cross-country skiing. In the mood for a winter adventure surrounded by beautiful white scenery? Then consider cross-country skiing. Stick to recommended park trails and keep in mind that you’ll likely encounter difficult conditions such as rocky terrain and windblown conditions. If you’re a beginner, try skiing at the Reverend’s Ridge Campground.

There are several things to do in Golden Gate Canyon State Park. A memorable outdoor adventure awaits you on a Golden Gate Canyon State Park RV camping trip.

Tips on Visiting Golden Gate Canyon State Park

Before heading out for your RV camping trip in Golden Gate Canyon State Park, take some time to go through these handy tips.
  • Have a plan for getting back home as neither Uber nor Lyft services will be available at the park.
  • Remember that hunting is limited to 35 hunters per day.
  • Dogs must be leashed at the campgrounds and trails.
  • If you’re planning a trip for the winter, be ready for snowstorms and icy conditions at the campgrounds.
  • There’s no internet or cell phone service at the park, so you won’t be able to use your devices. Plan accordingly in terms of navigation and potential emergencies.

By keeping these tips in mind, your first RV rental Golden Gate Canyon State Park trip will be one to reflect on for years to come.

RV Rental for Golden Gate Canyon State Park

Now that you have all the information you need for your first Golden Gate Canyon State Park RV camping trip, it’s time to select a rental vehicle.

With Cruise America, you can select from several RV rentals that come with all the camping necessities you need. Best of all, these rentals maximize comfort, convenience, and style, so you can explore nature’s wonderlands in peace.

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