RV Camping Near Hugo Lake State Park

There’s a time and a place for everything, and if that time is now, then the place has got to be southeastern Oklahoma’s Hugo Lake State Park. Located on the Kiamichi River in Choctaw County, Hugo Lake’s 110 miles of shoreline presents ample opportunities for a host of outdoorsy activities throughout the year, particularly those of the water sports variety. 

Sure, they have cabins available, but there is no better way than to go RV camping in Hugo Lake State Park to take full advantage of all that the area offers. RVs offer mobility, variety, and comfort, combining the amenities of home inside with the wonders of nature right outside.

Are you ready to have more than just an OK time in OK? Read on to discover more about what Hugo Lake State Park RV camping holds in store for you!


Hugo Lake State Park Facts

What began as a project of the US Army Corps of Engineers in the 1970s has become a must-see vacation destination today, and these Hugo Lake State Park facts show why!
  • Work on Hugo Dam started in 1967 and finished in 1974, with Kiamichi Park established on the shore of the newly-created Hugo Lake in that same year.
  • Anglers can try their hand at catching a wide variety of fish in the lake, including Sunfish, White Crappie, Blue Catfish, and Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass.
  • Hugo Lake Marina is open all year round, with a store, picnic tables, pavilions, and 56 slips. For those without a boat, the marina also rents out 24-foot pontoons.
  • Eager for a traditional land-based hunting experience? Hugo Lake is surrounded by 4,000 acres of prime public hunting land.
  • Interested in a hike or a bike ride? Hugo Lake State Park’s hiking and biking trails await!

Best Hugo Lake State Park RV Parks and Campgrounds

If you’re in search of awesome Hugo Lake State Park RV campgrounds, you’re in luck. Visitors have many options to choose from. No matter the size of your party or vehicle, you can use this handy guide to find the best Hugo Lake State Park RV parks for you!

Kiamichi Park Campground

Amenities: Kiamichi Park Campground, one of the biggest in the area, has a beach, playground, and picnic tables, making it an ideal recreational site for families. Run by the US Army Corps of Engineers, all but two of the RV campsites here are electric-capable, and the comforts of home—like flushable toilets and showers—are available. 

Capacity: 86 RV campsites 

More Information: Kiamichi Park Campground

Sawyer RV Campground

Amenities: Located near Virgil Point, Sawyer RV Campground is an ideal RV campground with electric hookups for active-duty military or those who are retired from the service. Availability can vary, so call ahead to check and see how many sites are open before trying to book. 

Capacity: 8 RV campsites 

More Information: Sawyer RV Campground

Shady Oaks RV Park

Amenities: With free WiFi, a laundromat, drink and vending machines, walking trails, fishing ponds, a general store and mailboxes, RV camping near Hugo Lake State Park at Shady Oaks RV Park is more like staying in a small town than at an average campground. All of the RV sites have electric hookups, but 12 of them are premium RV campgrounds with a bit more to offer.

Capacity: 50 RV campsites

More Information: Shady Oaks RV Park

Virgil Point Campground

Amenities: Virgil Point is another of the Hugo Lake State Park RV sites operated by the US Army Corps of Engineers. With full electric and water hookups for each of its campsites, along with drinking water stations, Virgil Point is a comfortable home away from home for travelers on the east side of Hugo Lake. Plus, if you’re looking for RV campgrounds in Hugo Lake State Park with a swimming beach and boat ramps, look no further than Virgil Point!

Capacity: 52 RV campsites

More Information: Virgil Point Campground

Grant RV Park

Amenities: One of the newer RV parks near Hugo Lake State Park, Grant RV Park is a small but growing gem offering full hookups for visitors. While they don’t yet have bathrooms or showers, these are under construction and set to be ready for the summer 2021 season. 

Capacity: 11 RV campsites

More Information: Grant RV Park

Best Time to Visit Hugo Lake State Park for RV Camping

shutterstock_1224083128-2.jpgNow that you have an idea where to go RV camping near Hugo Lake State Park, you need to decide when you’re going to visit. Every season has its own Oklahoman charm and appeal, but the best time to visit Hugo Lake State Park largely depends on your own needs and preferences.  


Oklahoma often enjoys milder winters than the other states, but it can still get pretty chilly at Hugo Lake State Park this time of year. The average temperatures typically hover in the 50s from December to February. While water sports may be off the agenda, those wanting to take advantage of off-season prices won’t be the least bit disappointed with a visit. Winter is a great time to hit the trails around Hugo Lake.


Spring is a season full of things to do in Hugo Lake State Park. However, along with the opportunity to gaze upon springtime flowers is the increased chance of encountering springtime showers. If you don’t mind a little precipitation (close to 7 days on average, monthly), and if you can bear temperatures in the high 60s in March, high 70s in April, and low 80s in May (and who can’t?), then you might consider spring to be the best time to visit Hugo Lake State Park. Be forewarned, however, that other folks think the same way!


If your heart’s desire is to avoid the rain as much as possible—preferring to let a lake get you wet instead—then the later summer months at Hugo Lake State Park are your best bet. June at Hugo Lake sees temperatures in the high 80s and an average of seven days of rainfall. Meanwhile, July and August only average about four days of rain each, with temperatures in the mid-90s or higher.

As you can imagine, with so little rainfall and so much sunshine and heat, summer is Hugo Lake State Park’s busiest season. After all, this is the prime time for water sports! If you don’t mind the crowds, don’t hesitate to book any of the Hugo Lake State Park RV camping sites you fancy as early as possible—preferably before summer starts, to ensure you can grab your desired spot. 


With fall comes milder weather, but this also means that folks who aren’t so keen on tans (or sunburns) would choose this time of year for a visit. If you’re set up for an RV rental, Hugo Lake State Park is wonderful to visit as the weather cools off. The temperature drops by an average of ten degrees each month, from the mid-80s in September to the mid-60s in November. For hikers and cyclists, this is a great season to take advantage of the trails.

Things to Do in Hugo Lake State Park

shutterstock_565979086-2.jpgWhether you’re planning your first visit or are a veteran of many trips to the area, you’ll find that there are so many things to do in Hugo Lake State Park.

  • Take the straight and arrow path. If you’ve ever fantasized about becoming just like Robin Hood, then Hugo Lake State Park aims to please. Grab your bow, quiver, and arrows—or just borrow the ones provided at the archery practice range at Kiamichi Park —and let loose! (Note: Bullseyes not guaranteed.)
  • Throw a house party. If you’re planning on visiting Hugo Lake State Park for a special occasion, consider booking time at the Hospitality House. With four bedrooms, three full bathrooms, and more, there is ample space to host and relax with fantastic views of Hugo Lake.
  • Water ski to your heart’s content. With 8,000 acres of water available for you to glide upon, Hugo Lake is a water skier’s paradise in the spring and summer. 
  • Hit the trails. Fancy a stroll? Tie up your boots and get going, as there are several trails winding in and around Hugo Lake State Park to discover. Don’t forget to bring your camera, though. You may want to snap some shots of Hugo Lake or memorialize the wildlife you encounter!
  • Bask in the sun. Why not wake up early in the morning and catch one of Hugo Lake State Park’s golden sunrises? If mornings aren’t your thing, then at the very least, time your activities so you don’t miss a beautiful lakeside sunset. 

Tips on Visiting Hugo Lake State Park

shutterstock_1347386117-2.jpgSo, your bags are packed, and you’re ready to go—but are you really? Once you’ve gotten on your RV rental, Hugo Lake State Park visitors should be aware of a few more things. 

  • If you intend to use one of the marina’s 56 slips, you’ll want to know how much you may have to pay. (Prices are on a monthly, 3-month, 6-month, and yearly basis.)
  • Are you bringing a furry friend? Remember to keep them leashed, as most campgrounds require it.
  • Respect the environment, and always throw away trash and recyclables into their proper receptacles. 


RV Rental for Hugo Lake State Park

Now that you’ve got a handle on all the Hugo Lake State Park facts you need to plan your trip, you know what to do next—get in touch with Cruise America! 

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