RV Camping Near Mohican State Park

Over a thousand acres of wildlife, greenery and interconnected trails make up the tapestry of a hiker’s paradise in central Ohio. The basin and walls of a deep gorge gently bend the landscape into a shape, not unlike cupped hands—an offering from mother nature herself to revel in this naturally formed wonder. Each season brings a fresh palette of color and a different experience to behold but remains a gift all the same. 

All this and more is waiting for you to discover at Mohican State Park! Read on for everything you’ll need to know to make some memories there that will last a lifetime.

Mohican State Park Facts 

Learning about a destination is the best way to appreciate all it has to offer. So before your trip, check out these Mohican State Park facts!
  • Memorable Hiking Trails: RV camping near Mohican State Park is heaven for hikers! The sprawling network of trails makes it easy to spend the whole day exploring new ground.
  • Gorges to Explore: Mohican State Park’s trademark gorges were the result of movements of massive glacial rock formations over 12,000 years ago.
  • The Famous Clearfork Gorge: The park’s most famous, Clearfork Gorge, spans over 1000 feet across the top and is 300 feet deep.
  • Unique Plant Life: The park hosts a wide variety of ferns. About 15 unique species create a lush and picturesque treeline.
  • Interesting History: John Chapman, more commonly known as Johnny Appleseed, also tended to apple orchards in the area around the 1800s.
  • Numerous Bird-Watching Sites: Mohican State Park is a fine site for bird-watching, with a large population of warblers. About 15 species of these birds nest in the park in warmer months.

Best Mohican State Park RV Parks and Campgrounds 

When taking your RV, the possibilities are endless to travel, and Mohican State Park is one of the more low-key sites despite all of the activities available to enjoy. Each of these RV parks has different amenities to suit your needs as you explore the beauty of Mohican State Park. To find the perfect home away from home, we’ve put together this list of the best Mohican State Park RV parks and campgrounds!

Wally World Riverside Resort

Amenities: Wally World is one more option for riverside access in your Mohican State Park RV campground. Besides the nice list of amenities and activity areas, the scenery on the grounds is fantastic in all sites, thanks to its location along the banks of the Mohican River. If you’re not interested in water activities, the camp is just a short drive from all the hiking trails of the park.

Capacity: 250 RV sites

More information: Wally World Riverside Resort

Mohican Adventures

Amenities: Mohican Adventures is the best Mohican State Park RV campground for group travelers. Their buddy sites accommodate bigger groups traveling in multiple vehicles. All sites have full hookups, a personal picnic table and a fire pit—a perfect spot to gather and share tall tales to end the night. 

Capacity: 180 RV sites

More information: Mohican Adventures

Butler KOA Campground

Amenities: If you’re looking for Mohican State Park RV sites with plenty of things to do, Butler KOA is the spot for you! Enjoy some downtime in their game room packed with games like table tennis, foosball, or darts. Outside, show off your sporty side on their basketball and volleyball courts. Full hookups and WiFi are available on all sites.

Capacity: 100 RV sites

More information: Butler KOA Campground

River Run Family Campground

Amenities: River Run is a great Mohican State Park RV campground for anyone planning to rent a kayak or canoe. Their livery is located right on the grounds and allows you to get your adventure started right on the banks of the water. Try one of their trips or set off on your own! Amenities include full hookups, coin showers, a community swimming pool and a concrete patio on each site.

Capacity: 127 RV sites

More information: River Run Family Campground

Smith’s Campground and Cabins

Amenities: Smith’s offers a grassy, tree-lined, affordable campground that’s conveniently located near Mohican State Park. They can accommodate any size vehicle, making them a great choice for big RVs. You’ll need a water splitter to get access to water hookups. Enjoy your own personal picnic table and fire ring with your site, too. 

Capacity: 137 RV sites

More information: Smith's Campground and Cabins

Best Time to Visit Mohican State Park

Now, you’ve got some great options for your home base; the next thing on your mind might be: when is the best time to visit Mohican State Park? Each season offers a drastically different experience, so check out our seasonal guide to find what’s best for you.


First things first, Ohio gets cold! The peak of winter will bring the temperature down to well below freezing at night (about 12 degrees Fahrenheit in January). So make sure you pack layers on layers if winter Mohican State Park RV camping is on your mind. If you can bear the cold, winter offers a contemplative and serene atmosphere that is hard to find at any other time. You and your party are extremely unlikely to run into many other people on the trails. And the monochromatic scenery about you has a stark, powerful beauty that’s hard to ignore.


RV camping in Mohican State Park in spring offers comfortable temperatures and more colorful scenery. March through May hovers around 50 to 70 degrees in the morning for brisk air that’s perfect for hiking. Nights dip about 20 to 30 degrees, so make sure to pack layers you can easily throw on. Besides the trees lighting up again, you can spot sparse collections of wildflowers along the trails from around mid-April.


Summer is the high season for RV camping near Mohican State Park. Expect higher crowd density, so plan early for any visits between July and August. In these two months, the weather is warm and temperate thanks to Ohio’s slightly cooler climate. Expect temperatures at a perfect 80 degrees throughout the day, dipping only slightly at night. Enjoy the full bounty of spring’s growth along with all the greenery and vegetation that comes with it, too. 


If stunning, colorful scenery is your goal, fall is the best time for Mohican State Park RV camping. The oak, hickory and cherry trees in the area color everything a gorgeous array of yellow, red and orange leaves that makes reaching high viewpoints that much more rewarding. If you’re sensitive to colder weather, try planning your visit for mid-October. You’ll be able to capture the beautiful fall foliage and avoid the first signs of winter.

Things to Do in Mohican State Park 

The web of scenic, connected trails is the biggest draw for most visitors. Our list of things to do in Mohican State Park will highlight all the trails you shouldn’t miss out on!

Lyons Falls Trail Loop. This roughly 10-mile long hike will take the better part of a day to complete. But you’ll be rewarded with the best of what Mohican State Park has to offer, including two waterfalls, the Fire Tower and Hemlock Gorge.

Climb the Fire Tower. This high rising tower offers a view over the treeline that is perfect for a photo-op to remember your trip. The treetops roll gently over the landscape in a scene that’s an absolute must-see.

Hemlock Gorge Loop. Here is another hike which is 10-mile that leads you through heavily wooded areas and along part of the Clear Fork River. There are a lot of inclines on this route that make the trail a bit of a challenge. You’ll be able to check out the park’s covered bridge for a nice photo-op too.

Mohican Hog Hollow Trail. Hog Hollow Trail is your best bet for spotting wildflowers in the spring and summer. It’s a shorter hike at just about five miles long. You’ll find a wide variety in the scenery as you pass over bridges, next to creeks and through some spots of dense tree populations.

Tips on Visiting Mohican State Park  

Before you head out, make sure you stay safe out there with these essential tips on visiting Mohican State Park!
  • Pack waterproof boots. Visitors report some muddy terrain due to mountain bikers, horses and precipitation on trails. You also might need to cross a shallow creek or two!
  • Don’t forget storm gear. Mohican State Park is a precipitous area with around 10 days of rain or snow per month, all year long. Storms aren’t known to be too fierce, but it’s better to stay dry than not!
  • Plan appropriately for winter visits. Your body burns more calories in cold weather so bring some high-calorie snacks to keep you fueled. Hydrate more often than usual since our body’s signal for thirst is significantly weakened in winter. If you feel thirsty, you may already be dehydrated.
  • Keep winter hikes shorter. Don’t hike very long to ward off frostbite and exhaustion. Know the signs of frostbite and warm up your extremities with hot packs if needed.

RV Rental for Mohican State Park 

Besides a pair of sturdy hiking boots, you’re now equipped with just about everything you need to know for one amazing trip. All that’s left to choose is the wheels to get you there. 

Cruise America’s RV rentals for Mohican State Park are a great way to have a family road trip, friend’s bonding experience, or even a solo mission. They’re loaded with everything you’ll need to make the road your home, like a gas stovetop, shower, seating area, fridge and more!

Book a Mohican State Park RV rental and hit the road running!