RV Camping Near Myakka River State Park


Along the Myakka River in southwestern Florida sits a state park packed with varied geographic features, unique wildlife, and plenty of adventure. In this RV rental Myakka River State Park guide, you’ll learn about the park, the best campsites to stay in, when to plan a visit, and some exciting things to do.

Read on for everything you’ll need for one RV rental Myakka River State Park experience!

Myakka River State Park Facts 

Get up to speed with everything you can discover at this Florida gem. Before your trip, check out these Myakka River State Park Facts. 

  • Named for the river that runs through it, Myakka River State Park lies along the Atlantic Coastal Plain in Sarasota County, Florida.
  • It covers a land area of 37,000 acres making it one of the state’s biggest parks.
  • You’ll find a diverse mix of terrains like prairies, marshes, and forested wetlands. The plants and wildlife differ in each to keep your visit interesting no matter where you go.
  • Enjoy spotting birds you can only see in Florida like the Roseate spoonbill, songbirds, migratory birds, and over a hundred more.
  • Many of the buildings built by the CCC in the 1930s are still in use there today such as the cabins and visitor center.

Best Myakka River State Park RV Parks and Campgrounds 

Next, let’s get you settled into the perfect spot to call home while you explore the park. Save some time planning with our curated list of the best Myakka River State Park RV parks and campgrounds!

Palmetto Ridge Campground

Amenities: Palmetto Ridge is one of the RV campgrounds in Myakka River State Park. It’s a nice choice if you want a convenient location with a respectable amenities list. Palmetto Ridge sits just off the main road at the southern end of the park. This gives you a good balance between a central location to park activities and an easy entrance and exit to the highway.

You’ll have access to water spouts, toilets, and showers just a short walk away, but no Wi-Fi is available. Make sure to take a walk around the grounds for some wide-open prairies and a fun canopy walk.

Capacity: 38 sites

More Information: Palmetto Ridge Campground

Old Prairie Campground

Amenities: If you want a more private, secluded feeling, check out this second RV campground in Myakka River State Park. The sites here are smaller and shrouded by the surrounding treeline. You’ll have a chance to spot a ton of wildlife like alligators and birds nearby too. After you get enough shade, take an easy stroll to an observation tower to overlook the quiet plains. The best part? You’ll get the same amenities as Palmetto Ridge plus 50 amp hookups at every site.

Capacity: 19 sites

More Information: Old Prairie Campground

Myakka River State Park Big Flats Campground

Amenities: Big Flats is the most popular of the RV campgrounds in Myakka River State Park. Here, you’ll get all the amenities of the other two in-park campgrounds plus Wi-Fi and 30/50 amp hookups at every site. 

The gravel sites here accommodate RVs up to 35 feet long. Keep in mind they can get a bit cramped. You might want to try one of the others if you prefer more space. If you don’t mind a crowd, you’ll be right next to Myakka Lake. Easy access to the water for boating and fishing is just a short walk away. 

Capacity: 20 sites

More Information: Myakka River State Park Big Flats Campground

Ramblers Rest RV Resort

Amenities: For an alternative RV park near Myakka River State Park, check out Ramblers Rest. The huge grounds can accommodate nearly 650 RVs, and the area is packed with plenty to see and do. It’s about a 30-minute drive away from the state park and sits next to the Myakka River. 

It’s got it all: sports areas, a boat ramp, a library, a playground, a fitness center, a pool, and more. If you’re feeling adventurous, check out the charming town of Venice and its beach, just 10 minutes away. Full hookups everywhere and a stacked list of amenities make this a great choice for a more cushy stay.

Capacity: 647 sites 

More Information: Ramblers Rest RV Resort

Royal Coachman RV Resort

Amenities: For one more comfortable option, there’s Royal Coachman RV Resort. This large RV campground is full of activities and amenities. Enjoy Wi-Fi and full hookups at all sites, a swimming pool, bocce, volleyball, and pickleball courts, a rec room, and more. The park also has a ton of planned events if you’re feeling social and want to try something new. Mingle with other campers while you attend a wood carving workshop, sing in a chorus, or stain glass.   

Capacity: 561 sites

More Information: Royal Coachman RV Resort

Best Time To Visit Myakka River State Park 

Now that you know where to stay, it’s time to figure out just when to go! Use our handy seasonal guide to find out the best time to visit Myakka River State Park.


Snowbirds will love winter RV camping in Myakka River State Park, our pick for the best time to visit. Daytime temperatures never dip below a pleasant 75 degrees Fahrenheit. And all park activities will be open to you through the winter. Avoiding the bitter cold while also getting the best weather Florida has to offer? Yes, please!


Spring is the wet season for camping in Myakka River State Park. Besides more rain, that means some areas including The Birdwalk will be completely flooded with water. You’ll miss out on spotting local vegetation and greenery in parts. March will be your best bet for a spring visit with daytime temperatures around the 80s and little flooding.


It’s hard to recommend summer RV camping in Myakka River State Park. Florida’s infamous humidity peaks in the summertime. You’ll also be bearing temperatures up to 95 degrees in the daytime. Combine that with an expected 13 to 15 days of rain per month in the middle of hurricane season, and you’ve got some good excuses to wait for better weather.


Fall can make a decent choice for RV camping in Myakka River State Park. Humidity fades a bit and temperatures drop to the mid 80s. You’ll also be out of the high season with fewer crowds. But, you’re also rolling the dice at the end of hurricane season. Just keep a close eye on the forecast and you should be good to go.


Things To Do in Myakka River State Park 

It can be tough to know where to start with so much to see and do. Get started with our favorite things to do in Myakka River State Park.


  • Hit the water. There are 12 whole miles of the Myakka River to traverse in the park. Head to the Myakka Outpost to rent a kayak or canoe if you don’t have your own. From there, grab some binoculars and enjoy the sights. Besides the relaxing float down the river, you’ll get clear views of Florida gators and birds. Both tend to gather around the waterways.
  • Go fishing. The river is a popular spot for anglers too. Try your hand at catching tilapia, catfish, Common snook, Largemouth bass, and Red drum. Remember that you’ll need a fishing license to cast a line anywhere in Florida.
  • Cross the Canopy Walkway. This towering walkway gives you a firsthand view of life in the park’s oaks and palms. You’ll have to walk up about 100 stairs to a walkway 25 feet above ground. It’s the perfect spot to view insect life among the trees. Climb the high tower for a panoramic view above the trees of the surrounding prairies.
  • Go bird-watching. Hang out near the Myakka River or cross The Birdwalk to spot over 100 unique species of birds. Herons, grets, ibises, vultures, wild turkeys, Roseate spoonbills, and even bald eagles might come into view. The waterways are their popular feeding spots. Snag one of the seats on the Birdwalk for the best bird-watching spot in the park.
  • Take a wildlife tour. The park offers guided tours of the best places to see all the species mentioned above. You can hop on a tram or board a riverboat for a 45 to 60-minute tour along the water. Keep your eyes to the skies to spot wild birds or look to the treeline to spot anoles, geckos, or skinks. 

Tips for Visiting Myakka River State Park 

Before you go, make sure you have a smooth trip with these final tips for visiting Myakka River State Park!

  • Florida nights can cause dramatic dips in the temperature depending on the season. Pack layers from late autumn through spring to stay comfortable.
  • Keep the parks beautiful. Practice eco-friendly camping by not leaving any trace of your presence. Don’t litter and clean up after yourself.
  • Gators can be extremely dangerous. If you spot one in the wild, don’t provoke them and keep a safe distance.
  • Camping in Florida state parks is a popular pastime that makes reservations tough to come by. Plan well in advance to make sure you can camp where you’d like.
  • The park sometimes schedules controlled burns to control the tree population. This is a safe practice. But, check this North Port schedule board online to avoid any surprises. 

Equipped with these tips and the extensive list of things to do, you’ll be a Myakka River State Park pro on your trip!

RV Rental for Myakka River State Park  

That just about does it for our travel guide. Have fun discovering everything this lovely destination has to offer! 

And if you’re looking for the best way to take it all in, try Myakka River State Park RV rentals. Even if you’re a total RV newbie, there’s no better way to go than with Cruise America.  

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