RV Camping Near Silver Springs State Park


What comes to mind when you think of a Florida camping adventure? Perhaps you envision a getaway to the coastlines of Clearwater Beach, or maybe even a unique aquatic adventure to one of the state’s most beloved springs. If the latter sounds appealing, then you’re in for a treat! 

Located in North Central Florida, Silver Springs State Park is a 4,000-acre wonderland beaming with crystal clear water, primitive forests, and diverse underwater habitats. Why not experience this destination firsthand with a Silver Springs State Park RV camping trip? Continue reading this informative guide to learn all you need to know for your first visit.

Silver Springs State Park Facts

Before thinking about campgrounds for your RV rental Silver Springs State Park needs, learn more about this park with these interesting Silver Springs State Park facts.

  • Silver Springs became a state park in 1987.
  • The very first glass-bottom boat was created back in 1878 by Hullam Jones.
  • Silver Springs State Park is home to over 300 rhesus macaques, a monkey breed native to south Asia.
  • At least 20 movies have been filmed in this park since the 1930s. Notable examples include classics such as Rebel Without a Cause.
  • The state of Florida took ownership of the surrounding property in 2013.
  • Mammoth Spring is the largest spring in the state park. 

Now that you’ve gained some valuable knowledge from these Silver Springs State Park facts, it’s time to select your temporary home base.

Best Silver Springs State Park RV Parks and Campgrounds

To get the most out of your Silver Springs State Park RV camping experience, it’s vital to select the right campsite that will provide you with the best experience on your trip. Here are some of the best RV parks near Silver Springs State Park.

Silver Springs RV Park

Why choose Silver Springs RV Park instead of other Silver Springs State Park RV campgrounds? It’s quiet, convenient, and provides a beautiful landscape composed of tropical palm trees. Visitors get access to amenities that ease the camping experience. These include a heated pool, a laundry facility, a game room, and free Wi-Fi. Please note that this park is reserved for visitors ages 55 and older. 

Capacity: 196 sites 

More Information: Silver Springs State Park

Wilderness RV Resort

Wilderness RV Resort provides a “mid-century Americana traveling” experience. Because of this, the resort is one of the best RV parks near Silver Springs State Park. Step into a wooded environment ideal for road warriors. You won’t have to worry about boredom since visitors have access to a social hall, a fitness center, an outdoor game area, and even a private fishing pond. 

Capacity: 278 sites

More Information: Wilderness RV Resort

Wild Frontier RV Resort LLC

Experience all that the city of Ocala has to offer by staying at the Wild Frontier RV Resort LLC. Unlike other Silver Springs State Park RV sites, Wild Frontier prioritizes joy and entertainment through seasonal activities designed for visitors. Feel like taking a stroll? Then head to downtown Ocala and explore the city’s attractions. Amenities include a heated pool, a bathhouse, a clubhouse, and a large kitchen. What more can you ask for your first Silver State Park RV camping trip? 

Capacity: 330 sites

More Information: Wild Frontier RV Resort LLC

The Springs RV Resort

Considered one of the best Silver Springs State Park RV sites for seasonal RV veterans, the Springs RV Resort truly captures the beauty of the “sunshine state.” Explore your surroundings by visiting nearby attractions such as shopping centers, fine dining restaurants, museums, and historical sites. For those 55 and older, visit The Villages — a designed area bursting with entertainment-type activities.

Capacity: 618 sites 

More Information: The Springs RV Resort

Silver Springs State Park Campground

What better way to fully embrace your Silver Springs State Park RV camping trip than with a stay at the park itself? Step into one of the most beloved springs in Florida and experience all the outdoor recreational activities the park has to offer. Each RV and tent site offers water, electric hookups, a fire ring, and a picnic table. Visitors can make reservations up to 11 months in advance.

Capacity: 59 sites

More Information: Silver Springs State Park Campground

Best Time to Visit Silver Springs State Park for RV Camping

The weather in Silver Springs varies throughout the year. Read on to discover what each season brings to Silver Springs so you can decide on the best time to visit Silver Springs State Park.


If you're looking for mild cool weather coupled with low precipitation, consider visiting Silver Springs during the winter. Average high temperatures range between 68 and 74 degrees Fahrenheit. On top of that, tourism drops significantly during this period, so you’ll get the satisfaction of avoiding large crowds during your first Silver Springs State Park RV camping trip. Consider exploring the park’s hiking trails during this season. 


Just like winter, spring is relatively a slow period for tourism at Silver Springs. That said, if small crowds and low humidity sound appealing to you, then early spring would be the best time to visit Silver Springs State Park. Best of all, precipitation is generally low during this season, which gives you plenty of days to experience the sunshine state to the fullest extent. Top of your visit by kayaking or paddling on the Silver River. 


Unsurprisingly, summertime brings big crowds and high temperatures to Silver Springs. The period between June and August is considered the busiest time of the year. Keep in mind that humidity levels rise significantly in August, so watch out for those mosquitoes! It’s also important to remember that swimming is not allowed anywhere in the park. That said, you can still enjoy the waterways on a boat tour.


The autumn season is considered the second busiest season at Silver Springs. Regarding weather, daily highs range between 73 and 89 degrees Fahrenheit. Precipitation rates begin to drop around late autumn, making it an ideal time to visit the park. For those in the mood for some holiday festivities, Silver Springs puts on a Trunk or Treat Halloween event.


Things To Do in Silver Springs State Park

Silver Springs’ aquatic environment and surrounding wilderness make it a perfect destination for visitors who desire a scenic outdoor experience. Here are some of the most popular things to do in Silver Springs State Park.

  • Check out the glass-bottom boats. Get an in-depth look at an underwater ecosystem thriving with multiple species of animals. You can scope out different types of fish, manatees, turtles, and alligators just to name a few. You can select a 30-minute tour or an extended tour, which runs for 90 minutes.
  • Go hiking. Explore up to 15 miles of the park’s wetlands and pine forests by hiking along the trails. For an easy experience, try the Creek Trail. For something more challenging, yet rewarding, try the Spring Connector Trail, which is a 4.6-mile loop.
  • Visit the Silver River Museum. Learn about the cultural and natural history surrounding Silver Springs by visiting the Silver River Museum. Since the museum only serves school groups on the weekdays, visitors are encouraged to stop by on the weekends between 10 am and 4 pm.
  • Try out paddling and kayaking. For a memorable aquatic adventure, paddle or kayak along the Silver River, where you’ll witness abundant wildlife — both on land and underwater. Best of all, the park provides transport back upstream. Please note that rentals are on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Consider dining In. Satisfy your taste buds by visiting one of Silver Springs’ restaurants. In the mood for a full meal? Then head over to the Springside Restaurant, where you can select from a variety of options, including sandwiches, burgers, chicken strips, and salads.

With so many things to do in Silver Springs State Park, it’s crucial that you prioritize your safety and well-being by learning some handy tips before your first visit.

Tips for Visiting Silver Springs State Park

Here are some helpful tips to consider as you begin planning your first RV rental Silver Springs State Park trip.

  • While dogs are welcomed on hiking trails, they are not allowed in any of the park’s buildings or facilities.
  • Remember, swimming is not permitted anywhere in the park.
  • Please note that you may experience some motion sickness during a glass-bottom boat tour.
  • Remain alert for dangerous wildlife you might encounter, such as alligators and Florida black bears.
  • Hunting is prohibited at Silver Springs. 

You’ve reached the end of this personalized Silver Springs State Park RV camping guide. Now, it’s time to select the right vehicle for your destination.  

RV Rental for Silver Springs State Park

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