RV Camping Near Tenkiller State Park

Looking for a state park full of water-based adventures? How about famously crystal clear lake waters formed over the past 100 years, giving you a chance to explore a unique underwater world filled with relics of the past? 

Find all that and more in our guide to Tenkiller State Park! Whether you’re grabbing an RV rental or driving your own rig, you’re sure to find some helpful tips and information below.  

Tenkiller State Park Facts 

Tenkiller State Park is more than aquatic adventures, scenic views and nature walks. The area has plenty of historical value as early as the frontier days of old. Before you take in the scenery, boost your knowledge with these Tenkiller State Park facts!
  • Tenkiller is named for the sparkling blue Lake Tenkiller whose south shore the park rests on. 
  • The area holds a rich and tumultuous story for Cherokee people. During the Civil War, countless skirmishes were fought between the Cherokee and US forces over the land you’ll be exploring in Tenkiller State Park.
  • Ready for underwater exploration? Lake Tenkiller is a superb spot for scuba diving, thanks to its clarity from depths of eight to 28 feet. 
  • Wondering how the lake got its name? The moniker comes from the Tenkiller family, who owned a ferry that traveled on the body of water. 
  • Today, Tenkiller State Park is a popular outdoor getaway thanks to its diverse wildlife, clear waters and gorgeous natural scenery.

Best Tenkiller State Park RV Campgrounds 

Tenkiller State Park has three separate RV sites across its grounds. This list will explore the amenities of those along with two nearby alternatives. Read on for all you need to choose the best Tenkiller State Park RV Campground for you!

Shady Grove Campground

Amenities: Shady Grove is the smallest of the Tenkiller State Park RV sites, but it is loaded with charm in its quaint 11 sites. You’ll find shaded, comfy pull-thru sites with electric, water and sewer hookups and a shared bathhouse to boot.

Capacity: 11 sites

More Information: Shady Grove RV Campground

Fox and Flying Squirrel RV Campgrounds

Amenities: The twin Tenkiller State Park RV campgrounds Fox and Flying Squirrel are the park’s two largest located right beside each other in a central location, making them popular spots. Expect the same convenient amenities as Shady Grove but with a higher crowd density.

Capacity: 53 sites

More Information: Fox and Flying Squirrel RV Campground

Blue Jay Knob RV Campground

Amenities: Blue Jay Knob is the quietest of the Tenkiller State Park RV sites. This location is situated within walking distance of the lake and includes the same hookups, bathroom and other convenient amenities as Tenkiller’s others minus the crowd. This is your best choice for solace and solitude.

Capacity: 23 sites

More Information: Blue Jay Knob RV Campground

Marval Camping Resort

Amenities: For a family-friendly Tenkiller State Park RV campground loaded with things to do, Marval is your best bet. All sites have full hookups, along with free WiFi and a ton of kid-friendly play areas. This is an excellent alternative for families with young children!

Capacity: 148 sites

More Information: Marval Camping Resort

Best Time to Visit Tenkiller State Park for RV Camping 

Now that your new basecamp is set, it’s time to figure out when to go. Check out this handy seasonal guide for the best time to visit Tenkiller State Park for RV camping!


Winters in Tenkiller State Park are an extraordinary experience. The winters can be chilly, dipping a bit below freezing only on January and February nights. As in most state parks, you can expect plenty of peace and quiet during the low season. 

If solitude and snow-crusted scenes are your thing, a winter RV trip to Tenkiller State Park might be for you. However, chilly hikes and campfire pow wows may be the only activities you can enjoy. The freezing temperatures make enjoying water-based activities nearly impossible.


Spring may be the perfect season for Tenkiller State Park RV camping. The temperature hovers around an immaculate 60 to 80 degrees from March through May, and wildflowers are in bloom mid-April for scenic walks throughout the park. Enjoy lush fields of lavender, sunflowers, daisies and many more varieties of diverse plant life.

The catch? Tenkiller State Park is a fairly rainy area of Oklahoma. So expect about seven rainy days each month. Of course, a little rain never hurt anyone. Just be sure to add rain gear to your RV packing list so you can romp through the blooming fields, no matter the weather.


Summer might be the ideal time to do some Tenkiller State Park RV camping (with a few caveats). August and July approach a blazing 96 degrees in the sunshine, which is not ideal for strenuous hikes or pleasant photo-ops. 

Nonetheless, it makes the appeal of all the fun Tenkiller Lake offers that much more enjoyable. A nice dip in the refreshing waters seems like it was made for summer camping. If you’d prefer to avoid these extreme temperatures, book in early June or mid-September for more temperate weather. 


A fall road trip lets you take in the unique charm and beauty autumn offers. What’s better than a stroll through a colorful background of trees, a cool breeze and the promise of a gorgeous day ahead? All of these things are in store for you in an autumn Tenkiller State Park RV camping trip. 

It does begin to get too cold for water sports around the end of September. But there’s plenty to see and do in the form of admiring the park’s natural beauty. There’s a magic quality that fall brings to the park that must be seen to be believed. You may be missing out on some time in the lake, but the view from the shore is just as breathtaking.

Things to Do in Tenkiller State Park 

Now that all the essentials of your plan are in order, time to get to the best part. Get a headstart on your journey with this list of things to do in Tenkiller State Park.

Go scuba diving. The park is renowned for its crystal clear lake water. You’ll find excellent visibility at depths up to 28 feet down, making Tenkiller an amazing place for an underwater adventure. Under the surface, you’ll find unique settings like a sunken aircraft, a school bus and even remnants of homes that existed before the lake was formed.

Camp comfortably in the park. Where most public park’s campgrounds are a bit bare, Tenkiller State Park’s RV sites have everything needed to make your stay a comfortable one. Electric hookups everywhere, plenty of showers and bathrooms and on-site dump stations means you’ve got everything you’ll need right at your fingertips and within the park grounds. 

Enjoy fishing year-round. The cool waters of Lake Tenkiller are ideal for anglers. Year-long fishing licenses are easily obtained for a fee online. Many fish are present in the lake waters, too: small and largemouth bass, white and black crappie, catfish, walleye and sunfish. 

Walk relaxing hiking trails. Though the park covers a large area, most trails are easily accessible and not too tough for anyone to enjoy. The park even has a 1.5-mile handicap capable, paved trail. The trails are ripe to enjoy all year long except for winter and summer peaks — about two months each, respectively.

Tips on Visiting Tenkiller State Park 

Before you head out on your journey, remember that it’s best to be prepared. Take a look at these last-minute safety tips on visiting Tenkiller State Park!
  • Keep an eye on the weather. Oklahoma has weather that is a bit more volatile than similar state parks. So no matter how carefully laid your plans may be, make sure to take a look at the weather for the week of your trip.
  • Pack and apply extra sunscreen. You’re most likely going to be enjoying some aquatic activities in Lake Tenkiller. That means your sunscreen will be running and should be applied a bit more often than usual.
  • Lock up food. You may enjoy spotting wildlife from afar, but you don’t want animals getting too close. This is why keeping a clean campsite is crucial. During your visit, make sure to always clean up after mealtimes and properly dispose of all garbage. Lock food away to keep animals from coming around. 
  • Keep a close watch on young children in the water. Drowning is near the top of the list for the cause of accidental death among kids aged 1 to 14. If you’re bringing your family along, keep an eye out at all times they’re in the water without you.
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Tenkiller State Park RV Rental 

That wraps up our guide to this fascinating and beautiful Oklahoman destination. If you’re looking for a Tenkiller State Park RV rental to kick off this adventure, Cruise America’s got you covered!

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