RV Camping Near Skidaway Island State Park


There’s a quality to being in nature that seems to bring time screeching to a halt. The speed and noise of everyday life vanish. In its place are shoes gently crunching through fallen leaves, a running stream and the call of wildlife in plain sight. Georgia’s Skidaway Island State Park seems to have been cultivated for this sole purpose of calming time’s passage.

The expanse of perfectly flat salt marsh makes the horizon look larger and more open. The scene urges you to stop and take a breath at the marvel before you. Even the greenery of the Spanish moss along the trails calms the spirit with their lazy, easygoing hang.

The simple pleasure of this Georgian gem awaits! Read on for everything you need to know about a visit to Skidaway Island State Park.

Skidaway Island State Park Facts

Mastodon fossils, revolutionary and civil war battles and a trade deal that led to the park’s formation all color the rich history of the land. Learn everything you need to appreciate your visit with these Skidaway Island State Park Facts!

  • The fossils of massive prehistoric creatures like mastodons and mammoths have been found on the park grounds. For reasons still unknown, these animals disappeared about 7,000 years ago.
  • The Timucua tribe once used the land for ceremonial rituals. Rings of shells about 4,000 years old have been spotted marking the sites. Their purpose is yet unknown.
  • During the Revolutionary War, American soldiers attacked a patrol of British troops to control the area. Later, a fort and the Georgia Battery were built by southern forces to repel attacks. You can still see this battery today.
  • Around the 1940s, the Union Bag and Paper Corporation bought Skidaway Island for paper production. Eventually, they decided to set aside some land to develop residential areas.
  • The island had no bridge to give people access to the area. So, in 1967 Union Bag and Paper offered the state 500 acres in exchange for bridge construction. That 500 acres became what is now the Skidaway Island State Park.

Best Skidaway Island State Park RV Parks and Campgrounds 


Time to find your home base. Save time on researching the right RV park for your vacation with this list of the best Skidaway Island State Park RV parks and campgrounds.

Skidaway Island State Park 

Amenities: The Skidaway Island State Park RV sites are an ultra-convenient way to visit. Each site is relatively private, thanks to the local tree population. Showers are available if you’d rather have a bit more space than your RV. Only some sites have full hookups, and most don’t have sewage. Visitors report small RV sites, so back in carefully.

Capacity: 90 sites

More information: Skidaway Island State Park 

River’s End Campground

Amenities: This is a great choice for Skidaway Island State Park RV camping if you are hoping to see Tybee Island. The grounds are situated in the middle of Tybee and just a short walk from the beach. The park offers easy-to-level gravel sites, free WiFi in designated areas, a pool, dog run and a laundry room.

Capacity: 109 sites

More information: River’s End Campground

Creekfire RV Resort

Amenities: Need a Skidaway Island State Park campground with a view? Creekfire RV Resort has got you covered. Their grounds are located next to a private lake with plenty of lakeside sites. You can get as little or as much privacy as needed within their grounds which are all well maintained. Enjoy full hookups on all sites and a nice amenities list, too.

Capacity: 209 sites

More information: Creekfire RV Resort

Red Gate Campgrounds

Amenities: For a quaint, scenic countryside atmosphere on a farm, check out Red Gate Campgrounds. This small park is home to lakes, a pier and a farmhouse with plenty of animals for the kids to enjoy. In spite of the countryside feel, Red Gate has full hookups and all the modern amenities you’d expect from an RV resort. Light sleepers might want to steer clear. The park is near a highway and visitors report a lot of noise throughout the day. 

Capacity: 42 sites

More information: Red Gate Campgrounds

Savannah South KOA 

Amenities: Savannah South KOA is another example of the relaxing vibe you’ll find throughout RV campgrounds near Skidaway Island State Park. Hand-raised geese and other waterfowl roam the park and swim in the on-grounds lake. Watch the sun rise and set beyond the water’s edge as you take in the easy morning air. Don’t forget a fishing pole for license-free fishing!

Capacity: 125 sites

More information: Savannah South KOA

Best Time to Visit Skidaway Island State Park


It can be tough to figure out when the best time to visit Skidaway Island State Park is. Winter escape or summer suns? Spring’s warmth or autumn’s cool? Find your perfect date with this complete seasonal guide below.


Want to get away with just a t-shirt in December? Savannah, Georgia, is the place for you. Winter is a great time for RV camping in Skidaway Island State Park. The temperature hovers around 60 to 64 degrees Fahrenheit in the daytime and never dips below freezing at night. There are interesting winter events like ice skating in the Savannah Civic Center. 


Spring is another excellent choice for RV camping near Skidaway Island State Park. April’s weather is still a bit brisk but lacks any of winter’s sting at night. Expect the temperature to sit around 75 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Crowd sizes start to grow in this season, but you still might get to enjoy a quiet moment on the beach if you plan a late May visit. By then, the heat starts building enough to take a dip in the ocean for a refreshing treat.


Don’t let the Georgia heat scare you—summer RV camping in Skidaway Island State Park is full of options to enjoy the sun. You’ll be close to the sea during your stay, so a natural way to cool down is never far off! Butter Bean Beach is right across the street, or Tyree Island is about a 30-minute drive away. Hang out on the sand with a good book, jump in the water to cool down and repeat for a perfect beach day. For something more active, Skidaway is a great place to jet ski, kayak or canoe.


RV camping in Skidaway Island State Park is a popular pastime all year round. But if you’re looking for a mild temperature with a sparse crowd, fall is your best bet. Besides a handful of festivals here and there, it should be easy to find peace and quiet around mid-October and November. The beachgoers start to thin and the accommodations will be less populated, too.

Things to Do in Skidaway Island State Park 


You’ve got your home base chosen. You’ve picked the perfect time for your visit. Now it’s time to get into the adventure. Read on for just some of the fun things to do in Skidaway Island State Park!

Spot local wildlife. Skidaway is home to a diverse array of creatures to observe. Otters, raccoons, tortoises, fiddler crabs and even alligators all call Skidaway home. You’ll also have the opportunity to see the majority of all the bird species in Georgia in this one park—that’s over 300!

Hike the trails. Don’t miss out on the easygoing trails during your Skidaway Island State Park RV camping trip. Each of the four trails is perfect for beginner to intermediate hikers. The trails take about two hours each, showcasing scenic views of the salt marsh, hanging Spanish moss, oaks, pines, chances to view the wildlife and historical spots.

Learn about the park with geocaching. Geocaching has been around for a while now. But it’s a bit different at Skidaway. The park hosts its own investigation game using geocaching. They have a park passport full of destinations to visit. Just download the passport, and use it along with clues posted on their geocaching site to solve the puzzle. You can even turn it in for a collectible coin prize—if you can find all the clues, that is.

Tips on Visiting Skidaway Island State Park


You’re just about ready for your next venture into the marshes of Savannah, Georgia, with these final tips on visiting Skidaway Island State Park!

  • Some of the RV sites in Skidaway Island State Park are too narrow to park a big rig comfortably. Mention this when you book and ask for areas one or three if your RV is over 39 feet long.
  • Try backing into any RV sites in Skidaway State Park. Even though they are marked for pull-throughs, many visitors report difficulty entering or leveling frontend-first.
  • Practice eco-friendly camping. Make sure you don’t litter anywhere on the trails and clean up after yourself, leaving no trace of your presence. It’s not only the right thing to do but critical for maintaining the park’s ecosystem!
  • You’re likely to run into mosquitos during Georgia’s summers. Make sure to pack some bug repellents to keep them away and fully enjoy the trails.
  • Consider taking the 40-minute drive out to Tybee Island or boating to Wassaw National Wildlife Reserve during your stay. They’re two beautiful locations that are absolutely worth the time to see while you’re in Savannah.

RV Rental for Skidaway Island State Park 

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The journey is just as important as the destination. Make some memories on the road in a vehicle perfect for any size party or budget. The comfortable seating and atmosphere of an RV turns any trip into an adventure.

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