RV Camping Near Three Island State Park


For those RV travelers who are history buffs, America has a lot to show off. In the West, the land is filled with the memories and legends of pioneers who set out on dangerous journeys to begin new lives. The RV travelers of today have it much easier than the pioneer travelers of old, and a visit to Three Island Crossing State Park can help illustrate how. 

Located in Glenns Ferry, Idaho, Three Island Crossing State Park celebrates the history of the Oregon Trail. The state park is at a point where those in the wagon trains faced one of their most difficult river crossings: the Snake River. 

Now it’s time to learn a variety of Three Island State Park facts, and see why with an RV rental, Three Island State Park is a great road trip destination!

Three Island State Park Facts

You may have played the Oregon Trail computer game when you were younger, but nothing beats history in person. Here are some Three Island State Park facts to introduce the story to you anew.

  • The Three Island Crossing of the Snake River was considered the most important Oregon Trail river crossing in Idaho, and also one of the most dangerous. 
  • Three Island Crossing was used as a river crossing until 1869 when Gus Glenn built a ferry to cross the river two miles upstream.
  • Three Island Crossing State Park opened to visitors as a state park in 1971. 
  • Popular activities at Three Island Crossing State Park include hiking, biking, picnicking, disc golfing, and camping.

Now that you know about the history of Three Island State Park, it’s time to get to the RV park options.

Best Three Island State Park RV Parks and Campgrounds

Whether you’re interested in RV campgrounds in Three Island State Park or just want to check out RV parks near Three Island State Park, you’re in luck. There are many different Three Island State Park RV sites to choose from, and here are a few places to get you started!

Three Island Crossing State Park 

Amenities: RV camping in Three Island State Park itself is your best option if you want to have all of the park available right outside your door. All sites have water and electric hookups, and you’re well situated to take advantage of all Three Island Crossing State Park has to offer. From hiking to disc golf and more, visitors are never bored. For RV camping in Three Island State Park, there really is no better option!

Capacity: 81 RV sites

More Information: Three Island Crossing State Park 

Trail Break RV Park

Amenities: A short drive from Three Island Crossing State Park, the Trail Break RV Park has full hookups, shaded pull-through sites, back-in sites for 30’ vehicles, laundry facilities, and free Wi-Fi. It even offers an electric vehicle charging station (a true rarity!). It offers daily, weekly, and monthly rates, giving you ultimate flexibility as you plan your trip. 

Perhaps best of all, it’s open all year, so you can visit in any season!

Capacity: 30 RV sites

More Information: Trail Break RV Park 

Rustic Edge RV Park & Cabins

Amenities: This newer option for Three Island State Park RV campgrounds is a work in progress. The owners have a vision of how they want their RV park to be, offering personal attention to each guest or group, and they do their best to ensure a comfortable stay. Unlike older, more run-down RV parks, the grass is really greener at Rustic Edge RV Park, and the full hookups only sweeten the deal.

Capacity: 19 RV sites

More Information: Rustic Edge RV Park & Cabins 

Gem State RV Park

Amenities: When you’re looking into Three Island State Park RV parks, you probably want a place to stay that can be a home away from home. At Gem State RV Park, that’s what you get. With full hookups, hot showers, a recreation room, laundry facilities, and satellite access, you might find you have more there than elsewhere. Their RV sites can fill up fast, so check ahead of time and book as far in advance as you can.

Capacity: 80 RV sites

More Information: Gem State RV Park

Hagerman RV Village

Amenities: Family-friendly and pet-friendly RV camping near Three Island State Park is what’s on offer at Hagerman RV Village. And if that’s not enough, they boast that the sunsets at their campground are some of the best in the West. All of the RV campsites have full hookups and if you need to fill your propane tank, they can help with that, too. Not to mention, there are laundry facilities and free Wi-Fi!

Capacity: 60 RV sites

More Information: Hagerman RV Village 

Best Time To Visit Three Island State Park for RV Camping

With milder winters and less humid summers than elsewhere, picking the best time to visit Three Island State Park can be a bit of a challenge. Here’s a primer on what you can expect during different seasons to help you decide when the best time to visit this Idaho state park might be for you!


One of the more unique winter activities to do at Three Island Crossing State Park in winter is bird watching. Yes, you read that right. The reason to bird watch at Three Island State Park during winter is that the Snake River usually flows too fast to freeze –– and such open, unfrozen water attracts winter birds like California quail, waterfowl, and even bald eagles. 

The high temperatures hover around the upper 30s Fahrenheit and overnight lows dip into the mid-20s. If you’d like to spend some time inside after birdwatching, the Oregon Trail History and Education Center is open year-round.


Over the course of spring, average highs rise about 20 degrees, from the low 50s of March to the low 70s of May. These conditions make spring one of the best times to go to Three Island State Park for disc golfing. The 18 holes are sure to keep you and your discs busy (if you need discs, you can buy some from the Oregon Trail History and Education Center). If you haven’t had enough of the Great Outdoors by the end of your game, you can go on a beautiful nature walk.


With highs in the low 80s in June and low 90s in July and August, summer is an incredible season to visit Three Island State Park. Summer is great for disc golfing, hiking, and learning the history of this important stop on the Oregon Trail. Even if all you want to do is have a nice picnic, this may be the best time to visit Three Island State Park for that. Evening lows range from the mid-60s in early summer, rising to a comfortable average of 65 degrees in July and August.


As the fall leaves start to change color at Three Island Crossing State Park, highs begin their drop from the low 80s in September to the high 40s by November. The Snake River Valley is a wonderful place to take in autumn colors in Idaho. You’d do well to also keep your eyes peeled for any of the river otters, muskrats, foxes, beavers, and deer that call Three Island Crossing State Park home. If this is when you’ll be going Three Island State Park RV camping, you’ll definitely want to enjoy evenings around a campfire.  

Things To Do in Three Island State Park

For visitors with an RV rental, Three Island State Park is calling you, and there are many outdoorsy and history-based things to do in Three Island State Park. 

Learn History. For travelers along the storied Oregon Trail, Three Island Crossing was the most important and most dangerous river crossing in Idaho. You can learn about Three Island Crossing’s place in American history at the Oregon Trail History and Education Center. 

Disc Golf. An 18-basket disc golf course awaits you and your golf discs, taking in the beautiful Idaho countryside as you progress along the course. Disc golfing is one of the most popular things to do in Three Island State Park. 

Go for a Nature Walk (or Bike). Hiking and biking are year-round activities at Three Island State Park. Though the trails only amount to about 2.5 miles in length, some hug the Snake River and allow you to see some of the wildlife of the area.

Fish Where Pioneers Fished. The Snake River was a dangerous river to cross for Oregon Trail travelers, but they still took the time to fish; they needed to eat! If you’re an angler, see if you have better luck than they did!

Tips for Visiting Three Island Crossing State Park

In order to ensure everyone visiting Three Island Crossing State Park has a good time, read up on the following tips so you’re well-informed by the time you visit.

  • The Oregon Trail History and Education Center is usually open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday, though hours can vary.
  • The entry fee for Idaho residents and non-residents is $7 per vehicle
  • Smoking is only allowed in enclosed spaces or within designated recreation sites cleared of flammable materials.
  • Campfires are only allowed at designated recreation areas and must be put out before leaving.
  • Fire regulations can change depending on environmental conditions, including but not limited to air quality.

RV Rental for Three Island State Park

You’re all ready to set out on your Three Island State Park RV camping adventure, and the last thing you need to arrange is your transportation. If you have an RV rental, Three Island State Park makes for a great destination. Cruise America and its great selection of RVs can help you get there. Get in touch with Cruise America today to get out on the road without delay!