4 RV Clubs for Seniors That Provide Perks While You Travel


The RV life is certainly the good life, but is there any way to make it even better? For seniors, the answer is an emphatic "Yes!" Life out on the road can cut you off from family and friends for extended periods of time. This may cause you to worry about your social prospects, especially if you're far from those you know and love. One of the best things senior RVers can do before setting out is join an RV club that can make having a social life easier.

Honestly, being part of a 55+ community of RVers like you, wherever you happen to find yourself, can make all the difference in your RV experience. Why not take a look at the best RV clubs for seniors to see how joining one can enhance your RV lifestyle?

Why Join RV Clubs for Seniors?

You might be wondering if it's worth joining an RV club. After all, if you miss your loved ones, you can just drive to wherever they are, right? That's certainly an option, but one of the great draws of the RV life, especially for seniors, is living as self-sufficient life as possible. Rather than tether yourself to connections you have, it's time to forge new ones!

It isn't just the social aspect. RV clubs for seniors can get you great deals at campgrounds all across North America, which will come in handy if you're planning on extended stays at various locales throughout the U.S. or Canada. RV clubs for seniors are especially advantageous for snowbirds, providing discounts on supplies, mail forwarding, and more.

What if you're heading out alone? Well, you're in luck, as there are also RV clubs for single seniors, if those are your circumstances. A senior single's life on the road need not feel so solitary if you join one of the many RV travel clubs for seniors. You can help keep your expenses down and your mood up thanks to these social groups.

The Best RV Clubs for Seniors

Ready to meet some RV clubs for seniors? These offer the best value for money, so check 'em out!

Good Sam Club

For $29 a year, the Good Sam Club is one of the most affordable RV clubs for seniors. You can save 10% at over 2,000 affiliated campgrounds across North America, and get retail discounts at Camping World retail stores. You also save 5 cents a gallon on unleaded (or 8 cents a gallon on diesel) at Pilot Flying J stations, whose presence along interstates from coast to coast can't be missed. For your audio pleasure on your road trips, they also offer a 40% discount on HereHear memberships.

Passport America

Members of Passport America can save 50% on stays at participating campgrounds, and considering their network has over 1,200 campgrounds, this is no small deal. A bargain at $44 per year, you can also get rewards from their referral program, and they also offer to help with trip routing and discounted fuel-ups. Join up with one of their RV tours, rallies, and caravans to meet new people and make new friends!

KOA Rewards

KOA is one of the most recognizable camping brands in the country, and as the oldest and most experienced, it is one of the most fitting RV clubs for seniors. KOA campgrounds are known for their size, and are undeniably packed with amenities. The same can be said of their Rewards program, which at $33 per year is a steal. You can accumulate rewards points for future stays, and even get free weekends. They also offer a variety of discounts from their partners.

Thousand Trails

Thousand Trails has been in business since 1969, so they're no slouches when it comes to experience. They know what their members want and need, and are happy to provide. With over 80 locations across 23 states in the U.S., as well as British Columbia in Canada, Thousand Trails offers resort-style amenities for senior RV travelers who want to plant themselves for a spell or two. Their Camping Pass offers steep discounts on campground fees, expanding your stay options to more than 190 campgrounds!

Take Advantage of RV Clubs for Seniors With Cruise America

Whether you're in the U.S. or Canada, you can consider joining one of the many RV clubs for seniors as a necessity to enjoy everything the RV life has to offer. Think about it: You can get discounts on campgrounds, supplies, insurance, and mail forwarding that you can't get from anywhere else. The many different camping clubs for seniors are really worth looking into!

And, now that you're aware of the benefits of joining one of the many RV clubs for seniors out there, guess what? You just need an RV! Cruise America has just the vehicle for you. Cruise America's wide variety of RV rentals of varying lengths and floor plans can get you on the road in style and comfort. With a Cruise RV, membership in RV clubs for seniors is just the icing on the cake. Contact Cruise America today!