Space-Saving Food Storage Hacks for Your Next RV Trip


There's really no better way to travel around the country than in an RV. But, no matter how much you love RVs, there's a chance that you’ll make the same mistake so many others do: You only stock your RV with a few necessary items, food, and utensils - assuming you have little storage. So you always end up leaving valuable items behind that you want to bring with you.

What if you could bring more food, drinks, dishes, and utensils? Well, you can! Before your next road trip, organize your rig with these RV kitchen storage ideas to minimize waste and maximize space!

RV Kitchen Storage Ideas for Cabinets

Your RV kitchen cabinets are your natural first go-to for storage. If you get savvy in your approach, you can bring a whole lot more than you think.

Stackable/Nesting Pots, Pans, Containers, Bowls, Cups

You likely have lots of space in your kitchen at home, which means you can spread things around. You might even have space to spare when all is said and done. This is not the case in an RV; kitchen space is at a premium on the road, so you must make the most of it.

You can start saving space by investing in pots, pans, bowls, and even cooking utensils that can stack upon each other. These nesting items are a must-have if you're serious about hacking your RV kitchen space.

Cabinet Shelf Rack

You probably don't use your cabinet/pantry space most efficiently at home, but that's okay; you make it work. In your RV, however, you're more restricted. Inefficient use of cabinet space in an RV means much less room to store all of the food and dishes you're planning on bringing with you; you'll likely have to leave some things behind. 

With a cabinet shelf rack, that problem is solved! These racks double the space you can use on each shelf in your kitchen storage cabinets, leaving you more than enough room (from cabinet top to bottom) for practically everything you want to bring with you and store.

Cabinet Door Organizer

There's one more thing you need to make the most of your cabinet space, and that's a cabinet door organizer. It hangs on your cabinet door and provides you with a few more options for storage along with easy accessibility.

You can use the organizer for anything that will fit on the racks, but to make the most of the addition, you may want to pack it full with all of the spices or other non-refrigerated condiments you're planning on bringing with you to cook with.

RV Kitchen Organization Ideas for Walls

Chances are you're not using your RV walls to your full advantage, but with these RV kitchen storage ideas, that changes today!

Magnetic Strips/Bars

You'll want to have your chef's knives within easy reach when you're cooking in your RV, and magnetic strips/bars that attach to your walls are the perfect way to make them more accessible. If you don't have many drawers in your rig, you can also use these magnetic strips to store your forks, spoons, and butter knives.

Wall Hooks

Install wall hooks (they usually have 3M adhesive on the back) to store all sorts of things in your RV kitchen. These hooks are especially useful for hanging bags or nets that have fruits or vegetables or cooking utensils (spatulas, spoons, basters, etc.). If you have an especially strong wall hook installed, you may even feel confident using it to store frying pans!

Hack Your RV Drawers, Too!

The last thing you want in your RV kitchen is knives, forks, spoons, and other kitchen tools rumbling and tumbling around in your drawers as you drive. RV drawer divider trays to the rescue! These are usually made of wood or plastic and come in sets with several pieces of different sizes; you can get really creative with how you organize them. 

Use Your Stove or Sink for Counter Space

One chief complaint of RV road trippers is that counter space is decidedly lacking in most RVs, but you can instantly create counter space on your stove with a stove top cover.

They're usually made from some kind of wood (often bamboo) and fit right on top of your stove. This creates a flat space that you can use to lay out and prepare your ingredients; some even come with a built-in cutting board, making them doubly useful.

You could also accomplish something similar with an RV sink cover. Many RV sink covers are ingeniously designed as large cutting boards with a hole in one part you can use to wipe food scraps off into your sink.

Try Out RV Kitchen Storage Ideas in a Cruise RV

Thanks to all these RV kitchen storage ideas, your next RV road trip is going to be a whole lot of fun. To go on an RV road trip, though, you need an RV! Cruise America has a whole fleet of RVs for rent, and many for sale, too. They're perfect for traveling to wherever you want to go.

To try out these RV kitchen organization ideas for yourself, get in touch with Cruise America today!