RV Mattress Sizes: How Much Room Will I Have?


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One of the best parts of an RV vacation is getting much-needed sleep! Understandably, you’re going to want to make sure your RV’s bed is just as comfortable as your bed at home. 

As you pack for your RV adventure, you might find yourself wondering if you need sheets or even a pillow. 

You might even wonder about what RV mattress sizes you can expect in your new rental. 

Everyone deserves as much room as they need to feel comfortable! So, as you plan your trip with a Cruise America RV rental, you should also consider the mattress size. 

To help you pick the perfect RV for your vacation, we’ve put together what you should know about RV mattress sizes. 

RV Mattress Sizes: Common Questions and Answers

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Does every RV have the same bed? 

The simple answer to this question is no! 

Cruise America offers four different RV model rentals from which you can choose. 

While the overall layout of a Cruise RV will vary from vehicle to vehicle, there are standard features you can expect. 

Some of those features include a vehicle’s maximum capacity and certain amenities, like a gas cooktop and a shower! 

Should I pack sheets for my RV mattress if my trip is local? 

It's recommended that if you’re traveling locally, you should go ahead and pack sheets for your RV. 

Let’s say you live in Colorado and want to take a scenic drive around the state in your new RV. 

In this case, packing sheets for your RV is less of a hassle than if you weren’t traveling locally.  

If I’m not traveling locally, how can I get sheets for my RV mattress?

Packing an RV can be a challenge to start with, and that isn’t made easier when you have to worry about space for sheets.

No worries, though—even if you’re not traveling locally, there is an easy way for you to sleep in comfort in your Cruise RV. 

Some of the renter’s resources that Cruise offers include renter’s kits. 

There are two renter’s kits you can get: a kitchen kit and a personal kit. 

The personal kit has things like bath towels, a pillow, a pillowcase, and, most importantly, sheets! 

The kitchen kit, also called the vehicle provisioning kit, has a lot to offer campers when it comes to making RV life cozy. 

This kit includes coffee cups, cookware, a can opener, and even a broom. 

How much room will I have in my RV mattress?

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Before you can start packing sheets, you’re going to need to know the size of the bed. 

Plus, knowing how big a bed is when compared to your bed at home can give you a better idea of how cozy it’ll be! 

Below is a list of our RV models and facts to know about the RV’s mattresses:

  • T17 Truck Camper Rental

    • Mattress size: One 60 x 80-inch mattress. 

  • C19 Compact RV Rental

    • Master mattress: This bed is above the driver’s seat. The mattress is 60 x 84 inches or a large double bed.  

    • Convertible dinette: The dining area seat folds out into a second mattress! This dinette is 37 x 72 inches. 

  • C25 Standard RV Rental

    • Master mattress: Both master mattresses in this RV model are double beds. The cab-over mattress is 57 x 96 inches while the rear mattress is 54 x 80 inches. 

    • Convertible dinette: You have a third bed thanks to the fold-out dining area, which is 38 x 70 inches. 

  • C30 Large RV Rental

    • Separate bedroom mattress: This model has a separate bedroom in the rear. This mattress is 60 x 74 inches. 

    • Cab over mattress: The cab-over mattress is a double bed, or 57 x 96 inches. 

    • Sofa-bed mattress: This model has a convertible sofa bed that is 42 x 68 inches. 

    • Dinette size: The convertible dinette is 39 x 65 inches. 

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Are you looking for a way to enjoy nature without leaving the comfort of home behind?

With an RV rental from Cruise America, you can enjoy an unforgettable RV adventure in your home on the road!