RV Must-Haves for the Summer


In a country like the U.S., where you can travel thousands of miles on the open road and experience endless unique landscapes, breathtaking vistas, and delicious local cuisines, RVs are a no-brainer for good, clean family fun.

Summer is a prime RV camping season because the kids are out of school, and many outdoor attractions open their campgrounds for summer fun and activities. However, because of the heat and beaming sun, you’re going to have to take extra precautions to make sure your RV trip is fun for everyone.

If you’re one of the millions of Americans thinking of renting an RV this year, follow along on this list of RV must-have accessories for the summer. 

Tools to Keep Cool Inside an RV 

Keeping cool on long RV trips isn’t too difficult these days. Modern RVs are equipped with industrial quality AC units that have no trouble keeping everyone cool. That being said, keeping an RV at a perfect 72 degrees on a hot day isn’t always easy with constant foot traffic in and out.

Thankfully, there are a number of accessories to keep you cool inside and outside your RV during those hot summer months. 

Window Covers & A Vent Insulator

Window covers and a vent insulator are, undoubtedly, RV must-haves for newbies. If you’re planning on going anywhere hot, you’ll need window covers and a quality vent insulator to help keep your roving home cool. 

The last thing you need is to run out of gas or blow the battery because you’ve been running the AC too much. Window covers and a quality vent insulator can keep you cool and save you thousands over time by keeping gas and electricity costs down. 

Portable Fans & Dehumidifiers

Another way to keep your RV cool in the summer is by using portable fans. With a couple of portable fans, you can help reduce energy costs when you are plugged into campground and still stay cool during your fun in the sun. 

In addition to a portable fan, dehumidifiers are the perfect travel companion for enclosed spaces like RVs. Dehumidifiers remove humidity from the air that can cause pesky allergens like mildew, dust mites, and mold—you don’t want these allergens present in close quarters.

Photo Credit: Instagram User @canseiviajei

Must-Haves for Outdoor RV Camping

Perhaps the best part of RVs is the connection with nature that comes from being just a step away from the great outdoors. When you’re parked in a beautiful national park or looking out on an incredible vista, you’re going to want to be outdoors. 

Ground Cover & Chairs

One RV must-have that newbies often forget is a quality ground cover. Abrasive campgrounds will wear your camping gear over time, no matter the durability. Ground cover will protect your camp gear from unnecessary damage. Additionally, a tarp can function as a makeshift awning to shield individuals from the summer sun. 

Camping chairs probably sound like an obvious necessity that every camper would know to bring, but you’d be surprised. Not everyone remembers to bring camping chairs, and when everyone else is out sitting under the stars, they’re left sitting criss-cross applesauce with the kids. 

So remember to pack quality ground cover and strong camping chair that can fold up easily for storage, they’re well worth the costs.

Grill or Solar Oven

Not every campsite you visit is going to have a grill ready, so it may be in your best interest to bring a grill. Grills are perfect for cooking outdoors in the summer months when running the stove isn’t exactly ideal for keeping your RV cool. 

Another environmentally-friendly option for RV travelers is a solar oven. Solar ovens trap light particles to generate heat, making it the perfect cooktop. Additionally, solar ovens don’t require gas or electricity to operate, which is favorable for camping trips.


Kick your feet up and relax in the great outdoors! This camping item isn’t a necessity; however, when you recline in a hammock, you’ll understand why this is an RV must-have.

Next time you make a stop, roll out the hammock, and read a book under the summer sun, take an afternoon snooze, or lounge under the summer night sky. 

RV Tech for Outback Adventures 

RV tech has come a long way! From solar chargers to call signal boosters, modern tech can make a big difference in the quality and comfort of your RV experience. 

Portable Solar Charger 

While many RVs have generators, a portable solar charger can be a life-changer for small electronic devices. Solar chargers are environmentally-friendly and compact and can be used outside the RV. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about putting unnecessary strain on the generator. 

Enjoy your phone, iPad, or Kindle under the summer sun for hours without worrying about battery power. 

Wi-Fi Booster

Let’s be honest—Wi-Fi is a necessity these days. And, although many RVs have built-in Wi-Fi hotspots, they often have a weak signal or fail to connect altogether. 

That’s where Wi-Fi boosters come in. Wi-Fi boosters can help you watch Netflix even from the depths of a forest, or the middle of a desert. 

Cell Signal Booster

Finally, cell signal boosters are amazing tools that can help expand the range of your cell phone by up to 23x. If you’re going on a long trip having a cell phone booster is a safety precaution, but it can also help you stay in touch with family and friends even when you’re miles away from the nearest cellphone tower. 

Cruise-America-RV-Must-Haves-canseiviajei.jpgPhoto Credit: Instagram User @canseiviajei

At the end of the day, going on an RV trip will be fun for the whole family, cell phone signal booster or no, but hopefully, these RV must-haves for the summer will help make your trip even more fun than you imagined (and safer too)!

Whether you’re looking to buy an RV or hire a Cruise America RV Rental, what matters is coming together with people you love and making memories experiencing all this great country has to offer.