RV Pet Safety: Everything You Need to Know

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What better way to explore the open road in your RV than with your favorite furry friend! After all, pets can make the best company, whether you’re at home or camping.

But if you’re RVing with dogs or cats, you’ll want to keep RV pet safety top of mind. Can I leave my pet in my RV? What should I bring with me to make sure my pet is comfortable on the road?

In this article, we outline things to consider before you and your furry companion hit the road. Keep reading to check out some important RV pet safety tips so you can enjoy a safe and relaxing vacation. 

Laws on Leaving Pets in RVs

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You may be wondering if there are laws against leaving pets in RVs. Laws regarding leaving pets in unattended parked vehicles vary by state. That’s why it is important to check any state laws on leaving a pet in an RV while planning your trip. 

Overall, laws on leaving pets in a vehicle focus on the wellbeing of the pet. A person has violated these laws when their pet’s wellbeing is endangered because they are left in a vehicle. Specifically, these laws define the pet as being in danger due to “heat, cold, lack of adequate ventilation, or lack of food and water.” 

Even if you think your pet can remain alone in an RV for a short stretch of time, you’ll want to be considerate of your RV and others around you. If you think your pet will bark or damage the RV if you leave your pet, don’t do it! Generally, it is not recommended to leave your pet unattended in your RV for their own safety. You run the risk of harming your furry friend and getting issued a fine.

Thankfully, there are safe alternatives to locking your pup in the RV. Certain national parks have kennels where you can kennel your dog while you explore. Additionally, you can look for doggie daycares or use Rover to hire a dog sitter who can entertain your pup for the time that you’re exploring your national park destination.

It’s a vacation for both pups and humans! 

RV Pet Safety: Everything You Need to Know

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Follow the Rules of the Road

Whether you’re traveling with a furry family member or not, it’s important to follow the rules of the road when driving your RV. If it’s unsafe for your passengers to walk around while driving your RV, the same rules should apply to your pets. 

How can you keep your pets safe and secure while you drive? The best method for this can depend on your pet. 

If you’re traveling with a dog, you can keep them safe in a seat with a dog seat belt or harness. This helps you make sure your pet isn’t wandering around while you’re driving. 

Other ways to keep your pets secure while on the road include traveling crates or carriers. This can be especially helpful if you bring a smaller dog or cat on your journey. When using a traveling carrier, make sure it won’t slide around as you drive. 

Pack and Prep Your Pet Essentials

Help your dog or cat feel right at home with all of their familiar favorites. When packing for your trip, include items like their bed or crate, a blanket, chewy toys, and water and food bowls. Pack enough food for the trip, and maybe throw in a few favorite treats to reward them for being a good traveling companion!

Other pet essentials to remember to pack include: 

  • A leash 
  • Any medication
  • Waste bags
  • Pet first-aid kit

You can also bring along travel-friendly collapsible food and water bowls for rest area pit stops. Other things to consider when packing involve grooming. If you think your pet will need to be groomed or bathed while you’re gone, pack dog-friendly soap and a brush. This way, you can keep your RV clean and your pet comfortable during your trip. 

Know Where Your Pet Is

Chances are, your pet already wears a collar with identification tags. Nevertheless, having the right identification on your pet is important if you’re RVing with dogs or cats. You never want your pet to go missing, but if they do while you’re away from home, having an identification tag can help you get reunited with your beloved family member!

Another way that RVing pet owners keep track of their pets is by microchipping their pets. This can be done by visiting your vet before your head off on your trip.

Don’t Forget to Stretch Those Paws! 

Just like people need opportunities to stretch their legs, your pet will need some playtime, too. Take time to get fresh air at rest areas along your route. Your pet will appreciate the chance to hydrate and go to the bathroom as much as you do! 

Once you’re settled in your campground, consider an outdoor playpen for your dog to be outside with you. This makes it easy to keep an eye on your pet as you’re settled around the campfire or eating lunch at your campsite picnic table. 

Have Tons of Fun With Your Furry Friend! 

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The key to the perfect pet-friendly RV vacation is a Cruise America RV rental! Our pet-friendly RV policy at Cruise America is simple: we ask renters to return their RV in its original condition and to pick up after their pets. 

With Cruise America, you can soak in the nation’s wonders alongside your furry best friend. Renters can pick from four RV rental models: a large, standard, compact, or truck camper RV rental. Each RV comes with a variety of amenities, from a gas cooktop to a microwave and fridge.  

By and large, renting an RV with Cruise America is the best way to spend some quality time with your pets on the road. Find your RV rental by visiting a Cruise America rental location near you