2024 RV Podcast Playlist to Inspire Your Next Trip

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Getting to your destination is half the fun in the RV lifestyle. The freedom of the open road is boundless, and the rolling pavement seems to promise the potential of adventure at every turn. But, sometimes, those drives can get long. You might find yourself staring at a wide gap between one plan and the next.

Instead of throwing on that same old playlist, RV podcasts can be a great way to pass the time on your way. Whether you’re an RV newbie or are a true road warrior, there are so many seasoned and passionate campers out there that can inspire your next journey.

Best RV Podcasts of 2024

Fill the downtime between destinations, learn more about where you’re traveling, and pick up some tips and tricks along the way. This list of the best RV podcasts will give you something to do on your drive and enrich your mind, too.

Happy Camper Radio

The chipper and bright radio voice of Skip Huber is a great way to keep your energy up on long drives. His Happy Camp Radio RV podcast is stacked with great information about all aspects of camping. But a lot of advice on the show easily applies to the RV lifestyle too. Check out episode 135: Meals and Favorite Camp Dishes to start.

The RV Podcast

Mike and Jennifer Wendland are two award-winning journalists who travel full-time. Their RV podcast goes in-depth on RV industry news, travel tips, their own adventures, and more. Newbies can start with the episode titled 10 Unwritten Rules of Camping to avoid the common mistakes on their first time out.

RV Atlas

This popular RV podcast is produced by husband and wife Jeremy and Stephanie Puglisi. They’ve traveled all over the US, with their children and furbaby in tow. But when they started, they didn’t know the first thing about RVing. Enjoy listening to their journey, experiences, and tips on traveling with a family. Check out the episode titled The Past, Present, and Future of the National Park Service.

Driving & Thriving

Are you searching for an RV podcast that’s about more than just camping? Look no further than Driving & Thriving. Chantelle Hobgood’s show is all about staying physically and mentally healthy from the lens of the RV lifestyle. Enjoy discussions about living with intention, practicing mindfulness, and staying in the present. These talks can better your life well after your trip is over. Check out the first episode titled Driving & Thriving Beginning.

RV Miles

Jason and Abby Epperson created this RV podcast that details their experiences at national parks all over the US. Along the way, you’ll hear plenty of tips about each park in a tone that feels like you’re talking to a close friend and getting welcomed to join them. Check out their episode on Congaree National Park, one of the nation’s smallest national parks.

RV Advisor

Tom Alexander is a veteran broadcaster who produces this informative RV podcast. You’ll often hear interviews with guests discussing one particular aspect of RV camping. There’s a huge variety of topics to choose from and exciting guests, too. To start, try episode 154: RV Adventure Planning.

Living the RV Dream

Robert “Traveling Robert” Morales is the creator of this entertaining RV podcast. Every week, he shares his experience of full-time RV travel. Expect to hear him wax poetic about life on the road, the gorgeous scenery, and even a tasty craft beer or two. He often answers listener emails. So if you have any questions for a seasoned road veteran, he’s your guy. Start with episode 189: From Georgia to Pelicamp.

Camp Kids Family Podcast

David and Garrett are camping and RVing gurus who love sharing their tips and tricks for making an RV camping trip fun for the whole family. Their podcast even has special guest appearances from the hosts' own kiddos. Tune into episode 14: Renting an RV and Taking The Family On an Educational Trip Out West. PART 1, which hits off their series on their Grand Canyon RV trip. 

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