RV Rental Tips for Beginners


Never rented an RV before, or still new to the world of RV travel? We at Cruise America are here to help new RV renters get ready for their upcoming rental and make the RV right choice for taking on the open road.

Cruise America offers many styles and sizes of campers, motorhomes and other RVs from which to choose. Perhaps a compact RV rental or standard RV rental will be enough for your first time out on the road — or maybe a truck camper rental would be better suited to your needs. Not sure? Turn to the RV experts at Cruise America — your source for everything you need and need to know about for RV camping.

Here are just a few of the basics that first-time RV renters should know before they take a trip in an RV rental.

Renting an RV is not like renting a car

Our RVs come in different sizes and styles, and with a variety of amenities. So ask yourself: What exactly am I using it for and how many people will I need to accommodate? Check out our website or give us a call at 1-800-671-8042 and let us help you find the RV that fits your needs and your driving style.

Plan and prepare

You’ll need to decide where you’ll be going in your RV rental and how many people will be traveling with you. Larger RVs sleep larger parties, but you don’t want to pay to rent something bigger than you need or fail to rent something big enough. Also, do you plan to cook in, grill outside or go out somewhere to eat your meals? 

Make a budget and stick to it

While RV camping is less expensive than hopping from motel to hotel, there are still costs to consider. Camping fees vary greatly from place to place and even within campgrounds, especially if you want a full hookup. Then of course there is the good ol’ “dry camping” as we call it. No hook up and very little costs. Make a budget, and then talk to us at Cruise America. We'll do our best to find the RV rental that is right for you, and the best places to go in that RV to stay within your budget.

Not all campgrounds are alike

Not all RV campgrounds have the space you need or the amenities you may want or require.  Fortunately, we at Cruise America have all the information you will need at our fingertips, and we can help you find campgrounds near the places you want to see, and show you how to reserve the spots you want and need.

There's a Cruise America location near you

 Cruise America has over 120 rental centers all across the United States and Canada. If you need help finding one of our centers, check out our website or give us a call at 1-800-671-8042 and just ask, “Are there any Cruise America locations near me?” Our courteous staff will not only direct you to where you can rent an RV, but will also be happy to tell you about our special deals on RV rentals. Whether you're a first-time RV camper or a seasoned veteran of the road, we're here to help you with all of your RV needs.