What is an RV Resort & What to Look for

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RV traveling is an exciting way to spice up our adventures. Whether you’re exploring West Coast beaches or spending several days in the Rocky Mountains, there is so much you can explore while cruising in an RV. Equally as important is figuring out where you would stay throughout your trip. 

If you appreciate the convenience of resort-style amenities, then an RV resort is your best option. In this article, we will discuss how they differ from other locations. We’ll also discuss what to look for in RV resorts before selecting one as your next stopping point.

Types of RV Locations

There are three types of RV locations: campgrounds, parks, and resorts. While all three are designed to accommodate overnight travelers, they are not the same. Let’s go over them in greater detail.

RV Campgrounds

RV campgrounds are designed to be simple and peaceful. They are ideal selections for adventurers who desire to get up close with their natural surroundings. In case you are wondering, there are free options available. Most campgrounds provide access to basic amenities such as water, sewer hookups, and dump stations. Check-in with staff to see what amenities are available before reserving a spot.

If you appreciate solitude, hiking trails, and reasonable overnight rates, then an RV campground is ideal for your adventurous lifestyle.

RV Parks

Think of an RV park as an upgraded version of a campground. While they are not as elegant as a resort, most parks are set up for large motorhomes. The roads are paved, parking pads are level, and privacy is a bonus! Plus, some of them provide access to pools, showers, and laundry facilities. 

Even if you’re not traveling in a motorhome, some parks offer primitive campsites for campers looking for an off-grid experience. Make sure to stay up-to-date on any rules and regulations enforced. 

RV Resorts

An RV resort is the pinnacle of RV camping. Think of them as luxurious retreats for travelers who prefer entertainment-like settings. Visitors can access premium-style amenities, often including a clubhouse, basketball courts, free Wi-Fi, and organized social gatherings. In many ways, RV resorts offer a hotel-like experience, where the emphasis is on comfort and convenience. 

However, resorts are more expensive, which makes them unappealing for travelers on a tight budget. Be sure to assess your finances to avoid unnecessary expenditures.

Good Qualities of RV Resorts

Regardless of your destination, a high-quality resort should serve as the icing on the cake. Here are five critical things to consider before choosing an RV resort for your next vacation:

Exceptional customer service

There is no surprise here. The quality of a customer service team can mean the difference between a sensational trip and an agonizing vacation. Pay close attention to the response rate of staff members. Are they organized when it comes to scheduling? Do they address complaints diligently? Are they communicating effectively? The last thing you want is on-site staff members who are rude and inconsiderate. 

Abundance of amenities 

As stated earlier, RV resorts are luxurious retreats for travelers who desire entertainment and relaxation. A good high-class resort usually provides the following: a clubhouse, Wi-Fi connection, ball courts, bathroom facilities, and scheduled social gatherings. While you may not need all these luxurious offers, you will need access to critical RV necessities. These include running water, electric hookups, and waste disposal. 

High levels of security

While uncommon, criminal activity at RV locations does occur. A 2018 NPS report found that 19% of crimes within national parks were property-related. Before booking a reservation near these parks, inquire about safety protocols. Is the resort gated? Are there security cameras around the resort? Do they have security working around the clock? Give yourself peace of mind knowing that your selection is well-secure.

Good customer reviews 

There’s nothing like a Google search to put your doubts to rest. The best way to learn more about a resort’s reputation is by browsing through customer reviews. You can find reviews on search engines and their social media pages. Take a look at the number of complaints filed against them. Do you notice any patterns? Finally, a good resort should have one or more staff members responding to online complaints diligently.

Well-maintained facilities

Every RV resort should keep its facilities and amenities properly maintained. Do you notice any broken tiles in the bathroom? Are the washing machines operating at full capacity? Are the hookups in good shape? If anything appears worn down or broken, management should address it immediately at no extra cost to the client.

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When carefully selected, an RV resort can turn your trip into a luxurious adventure.

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