Green Flags To Look for in RV Storage Facilities

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RV traveling is a wonderful way to go on vacation, but what do you do with your RV when you're not on the road? Obviously, you need to park it somewhere long-term, but where? Unfortunately, not everyone has a house with an RV garage or a backyard (and gate) large enough to accommodate their rig! So, what can you do about RV storage?

Well, luckily, as an RV owner, you actually have plenty of options for RV storage. Still, despite those options, you should never rush into making a decision about where to store your RV. It's time to take a look at what you should be looking out for when looking at RV storage facilities, so you can make an informed choice that's best for you and your RV.

What To Look for in RV Storage Facilities 

When you're shopping for RV storage facilities, there are some questions you need to ask both yourself and any facilities you're considering:

What kind of security does it have?

This is a big one, perhaps the most important question of all: How safe and secure will your rig be while it's in RV storage? Determining how secure an RV storage facility is will depend on several things you shouldn't be afraid to research or ask about. As an RV owner putting your vehicle in long-term storage, you have every right to expect the best in security.

Remember, your RV is a huge investment, and ensuring it's being kept in a secure facility is of the utmost importance.

Is there a secure, locking gate? Is the facility manned 24/7? Are there guards at night or at least round-the-clock CCTV? Also, who has access? Can anyone enter the storage facility, or only owners and their guests?

If there's a gate, security guards, and CCTV, that's a green flag — you can rest assured your RV is safe.

Is it indoors or outdoors? If outdoors, is there covered parking?

If you're an RV owner who is living in the southwest, you know how harsh the summer sun can be not only on your skin but your vehicles. Storing your RV long-term in those conditions can cause the paint to fade, seals to crack, and also result in your RV being covered in layers of dust… which you may be responsible for cleaning all by yourself. So, if you're in a hot or dry area, you may want to opt for RV storage that's indoors.

What about those who live in cooler environments? Or places that are wetter/more humid? Your considerations will be much the same as those who live in drier places. Storing your RV outside in places where the humidity is higher can cause mold to form. Places with rainy seasons that are also prone to flooding mean your RV may be at risk of flood damage, which is something everyone would rather avoid. Indoor wins, again!

Of course, you may not have the option of indoor RV storage where you live… or it may be considerably cheaper to store your RV outdoors rather than in a climate-controlled facility. At the very least, outdoor RV storage facilities that have an option for covered parking are a green flag. Even if it costs a bit extra, you'll have some peace of mind that your RV is being protected from the worst Mother Nature can throw at it.

What are the access hours for owners?

Earlier, access was touched on as a point of security. But, as an owner, you also should prefer RV storage facilities that offer convenient access to RV owners. For example, you may want to visit your RV to check on it every few months just to monitor its condition. Or, you may have a road trip coming up and want to start prepping it without pulling it out of the RV storage facility.

Either way, what would you prefer? Storage facilities for RVs that only offer daylight hours, or RV storage facilities that grant 24/7 access to owners? If you find an RV storage facility that has 24/7 access, that's a green flag you shouldn't overlook!

Do the facilities have any other perks?

In addition to 24/7 access, look out for RV storage facilities that have concierge services for owners, or that have 30/50 electric hookups, or the ability for owners to fill up their water tanks. Those are the kinds of RV storage facilities that know how to keep RV owners happy!

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In an ideal world, you could just park your RV outside your home, and your neighbors and HOA wouldn't bother you about it! In reality, though, you're probably going to have to put your rig in an RV storage facility when you're not out on the road. Now that you know what green flags to look out for in RV storage facilities, you'll be able to make a wise decision.

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