RV Storage Hacks for the Pro Traveler


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One of the best things about RV travel is the chance to leave behind the clutter of everyday living for a few days or weeks. While we all have the best intentions of keeping it simple when we pack for our trips, sometimes it’s hard to resist the urge to bring everything and the kitchen sink. Here’s how to reign in the stuff, maximize your storage space and keep things organized in your RV rental.

Scope Out the Storage Space

One of the nice things about renting from Cruise America is that you can get a feel for the layout and space of your rental RV rental vehicle from Cruise America by taking a virtual tour ahead of time. This is nice when considering how much to bring and which RV storage hacks will be the most effective. 


Create a Packing List

Have you ever gone to the grocery store without a list and then purchased way more than you intended? It happens to the best of us. And it’s a lot like planning for a vacation – if you decide to wing it, chances are you are going to bring way more than you actually need. Start things off by creating an RV packing list of must-have items. Then, do an inventory of your stuff, narrowing down your options to the essentials.

Storage Bins

Storage bins are your RV adventure best friends. They are great for organizing clothes, dry foods, games and toys. You can put them in shelves, under cabinets, in drawers … anywhere they can fit. 

rv-rentals_rv-storage-hacks_3-copy.jpgStackable bowls 

Take along some stackable bowls for mixing, serving and eating. They will save you lots of space in the cabinets and around the sink. 


Cutting Board

Take a cutting board to cover the stove or sink when you’re not using it. This will give you additional working and serving space. Check out the size of the stove before you leave and grab a board big enough to cover the whole surface.

Door-mounted Trash Can

Not only does this helpful accessory save space, but it also saves you from having to constantly look at a trash can in your kitchen or living area. Keep an eye out for one with easily detachable bags for the most convenience.


Hanging Shoe Organizer 

Grab one of your shoe organizers – or pick one up for about $8 – and use it as a bath towel holder. Just hang it in a closet, roll up your towels when dry and stuff ‘em in!


Clothes Organizer

For a longer trip, get a closet organizer to take with you. It can greatly increase the amount of clothes storage space you will have, and you can separate your shirts, sweaters and other clothes instead of stuffing them around your bed.

Collapsible Ottoman

You can pick up a collapsible ottoman for as little at $20. They are great for storage, and they can be folded up when not in use. They also look nice in the RV and are a good place to put your feet up!


Seat Organizers

Organizers that hang over the backs of the seats are a must have, especially when you are traveling with the kids. They are perfect to hold books, small toys and electronics.


Share Your Ideas with Us

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