From Tide to Table: Top 7 Campfire Fish Recipes to Try


Properly cooked RV meals can make or break your camping adventure. While you can enjoy the solitude and sensation of deep-wooded forests, bad meals can spoil your experience and leave your mouth with a bad taste.

Fortunately, there are plenty of delicious dishes with simple recipes. This article will cover some of the best campfire fish recipes to try. 

Top 7 Camping Fish Recipes To Try

Whether you love to catch fish straight out of nearby streams or prefer processed options, there are plenty of camping fish recipes. Here’s a sample list:

Lemon Pepper Campfire Salmon

The Lemon Pepper Campfire Salmon will satisfy your friends’ cravings; you only need a few lemons and some pepper for added flavor. Preheat a campfire and rinse your salmon in cold water. Place your slices of lemon on a foil baking pan, then place your salmon side on top of the bed of lemons.

After sprinkling your salmon with salt and pepper, cover it with foil. Place your salmon on a crate over a fire for approximately 18 minutes before serving it with lemon wedges.

Campfire Walleye

Native to the northern United States, walleye fish can spice up your lunch. Essential ingredients include four thin slices of tomato, yellow onion, two tablespoons of unsalted butter, and two walleye fillets. Feel free to add four ounces of sharp cheddar to the mix. 

Start by cutting two 15-inch squares of aluminum foil. Place your walleye fillets in the center of your foil. Add salt or pepper for flavor. After sealing your foil packets, place them on top of a grill for 10 minutes. Make sure to rotate the packets every few minutes.

Campfire Trout

If you’re looking for high sources of protein and vitamin B12, trout fish is a good option. Best of all, this dish should take no more than 25 minutes to make. Gather one trout, virgin olive oil, one lemon, ground black pepper, and truffle salt. 

Heat a cast-iron pot on top of your campfire. Ensure your iron pot is held six inches above the heat. The next step involves coating the fish (inside and out) and placing lemon slices in the cavity. Cook both sides anywhere between four and eight minutes, then peel the skin back. After removing all the bones, add cracked pepper, truffle salt, and lemon. Serve up!

Blackened Grilled Catfish

Blackened Grilled Catfish is simple to make and requires a few ingredients. These include two to four catfish fillets, four tablespoons of blackened seasoning, one lime, and one tablespoon of olive oil. Place your catfish fillets on an iron skillet over your campfire. Add oil to the skillet.

Cook each side for five minutes, then place each fillet on individual plates. Add a lime wedge for an appetizing taste.

Steamed Fresh Mountain Trout

The ingredients for a fresh mountain trout are extensive but manageable. You will need three tablespoons of virgin olive oil, four tablespoons of butter, one whole lemon, and whole fish. If you want to get creative with your dish, add a tablespoon of sea salt and pepper, and two tablespoons of Italian seasoning. 

Place your fish on an iron skillet and add some salt, pepper, and seasoning. Add your butter and olive oil. Cooking time is approximately 30 to 40 minutes. Make sure to cover your skillet with a lid.

Baja-Style Fish Tacos

For seafood camping recipes, look no further than Baja-style fish tacos. Gather two eggs, one cup of panko bread crumbs, a half-pound of snapper fillets, a half-cup of flour, and one teaspoon of salt to start with. Additional ingredients include six corn tortillas, one lime, neutral-flavored oil, and an organic southwest salad kit. 

Mix your eggs in a small bowl while spreading your flour and panko on two plates. After cutting the fish into half strips, dip them into your eggs and coat them in panko. Fry your fish in hot oil and cook for 60 seconds on each side. Finally, warm your tortillas over a campfire and add your fried fish before topping them off with your ingredients.

Chili Barramundi

The Chili Barramundi is a simple dish that requires few ingredients and a mere 10 minutes to cook. You will need the following ingredients:

  • One barramundi filet
  • 50 milliliters of white wine
  • 25 milliliters of chili sauce
  • One knob of salted butter

Make a pouch out of foil, then add your fish and ingredients. Seal the pouch. Hover your foil over your heat source for approximately 10 minutes until it puffs up. 

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