Avoid Crowds and Spend Some Time in Nature by RV


The average American spends most of their life—90%—inside! Your typical day likely looks like going to work and then heading home—with most of the day spent staying indoors.

Instead of staying cooped up indoors, though, you should give your body what it really needs: a breath of fresh air—literally!

Whether you’re looking for the perfect nature getaway or need an impromptu break from the hustle and bustle, we’re here to help you relax in style! 

Below, we look at some of the science behind the overwhelmingly positive impact that nature has on the mind and body. 

Then, we share some tips on how you can get in touch with nature—and beat those stressful crowds—in an RV rental at our country’s national parks!

How Does Being Outside Impact Us?

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You’ve probably heard some common phrases like “a breath of fresh air is the best therapy.”

Ever wondered if it was true?

In one study, it was shown that students who spent two nights camping in a forest were less stressed than students who spent that same time as a tourist in a city.

It makes sense that a stressed-out student could find some relaxation in nature, but is this effect the same for the rest of us?  

The Three-Day Effect: Letting Your Mind Rest in the Outdoors

After three days outdoors, David Strayer, a neuroscientist at the University of Utah, had noticed an interesting change in himself and others.

He experienced a unique feeling of relaxation and even increased creativity. Naturally, the scientist wanted to know more about nature’s role in these feelings—which he now referred to as the ‘three-day effect.’

With a group of backpackers and his colleagues Paul and Ruth Ann Atchley, Strayer set out to study the effect of time spent outdoors on the brain.  

Afterward, Strayer noticed that participants had a huge improvement in their creativity and critical thinking skills.

Plus? They felt less stressed. 

Strayer’s answer to why being outside was so beneficial was that our attention network in our brain got the break it needed. 

In other words, being in nature lets us get away from the constant stream of things that require our attention, like emails, notifications, and more. 

After letting our minds and bodies rest, we feel rejuvenated and more than motivated to do the things we love, much less the things we need to do! 

The takeaway: If you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or just need a break, spend it outdoors! Not only are there countless benefits to being outdoors, but there are many ways to experience the true beauty of nature. 

Avoiding Crowds While Enjoying Nature the Right Way

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Camping With Convenience: The Best of Both Worlds

Now that you know why nature is good for you, you’re probably looking for ways to get out there enjoy it yourself! 

RV camping is the way to go—where you can bask in the outdoors while enjoying a few necessary modern amenities.

Let loose and explore your surroundings hiking and biking, and take comfort knowing that there’s a cozy, clean bed waiting for you in your RV.  Plus, there’s nothing like a delicious homemade meal made right in your RV’s kitchen! 

When renting an RV from Cruise America, there are lots of options to choose from to customize your trip so you can focus on relaxing in style. 

Are you looking for the perfect RV for a family getaway? Or, are you and a group of friends in need of some much-needed rest and relaxation? Regardless of why you’re going on your trip, there’s an RV rental waiting for you.

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Beat the Crowds: When Should You Go?

After renting the perfect Cruise America RV and choosing your dream RV destination at one of the stunning national parks across the country, the only thing left to do is go!

Nevertheless, there is an important question you should consider: when is the best time to go.

Overall, there are some benefits to camping during both the in-season and off-season months.

In the off-season, you can get some unique perks from cold weather RV camping, from lower costs to smaller crowds.

So, when is the off-season? 

The short answer is: it depends on where you’re camping!

When it comes to the national parks, each has an understandably different in and off-season. Plus, not every park has the necessary campsites without hookups for your RV. 

To figure out when your destination’s off-season is, you can visit numerous resources, such as the park’s official website. 

Additionally, if you’re more of a visual learner, you can check out Jordan Vincent’s visualization of overnight stays at US National Parks! 

By and large, most parks see an off-season during the cooler months. However, certain types of parks can see different high and low seasons. 

For example, desert parks can have an influx of visitors in more than one season due to the different temperatures ranges when compared to mountain parks. 

Find Your Home Away From Home While RV Camping

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When camping in an RV, your trip is more than just a vacation—it’s a lifestyle. 

Breakaway from the daily structure and soak in the peaceful atmosphere of the outdoors without having to leave the perks of the indoors at home. 

After your trip, you’ll be looking for unique ways to embark on new RV adventures. Luckily, there are plenty of ways for you to explore the world, all from the best seat in the house—your RV!