Stargazing in an RV? Why It’s a Growing Trend


Given its simplicity, stargazing doesn’t get nearly the attention it should amongst outdoor enthusiasts. Maybe it’s because so many of us have stared up at the night sky from our backyards, and so the experience just doesn’t feel special enough to warrant going on an RV trip itinerary. 

Stargazing while camping is a completely different experience, though, and well worth carving out some time for on your next trip. Not only do the darker skies make for a more immersive experience, but you’re able to better focus on the twinkling stars in a way that’s simply impossible when the demands of daily life are clamoring for our attention.

Why You Should Go Stargazing on Your Next RV Trip

Getting out into nature usually requires a fair bit of physical exertion —hiking, kayaking, skiing, etc. That’s all well and good, but camping should also involve ample relaxation if possible. Stargazing is a great leisurely activity to enjoy after a long day on the trail or a gnarly ride on the slopes. These are just some of the reasons why stargazing in an RV is a growing trend. 

Finding a Dark Sky is Easy

The night sky is a rich tapestry, but if you’re living in a city or only camping in more developed campgrounds, you’re missing out on most of the experience. With an RV, you can venture away from urban light pollution and boondock amongst some truly dark skies. Some of the darkest skies are found at popular national parks like Glacier, Grand Canyon, and Big Bend. Not only are the parks far from population centers, but their facilities also follow strict guidelines to prevent ambient light from escaping skyward.

It’s a Fun Learning Experience

Interacting with the natural world is a great way to keep your body healthy and strong, but understanding how that world works will exercise your mind. Stargazing is a great way to learn about astronomy and physics while having a great time doing it. You don’t even need much equipment to get started. 

You don’t need a telescope to watch the stars, but bringing a pair of binoculars can help you see objects that would otherwise appear fuzzy. A star wheel provides a road map to your little of the sky at that specific time of year, including the position of major constellations and planets. 

Stargazing is a Great Winter Activity

Many RV travelers living in a colder climate believe that camping stops as soon as the snow starts to fall. While snowshoeing and cross-country skiing are popular, they’re not for everyone and can be dangerous if you are unfamiliar with the area or weather conditions. Stargazing, however, is a year-round activity, and it only gets better in the winter. 

Colder temperatures and lower humidity make for clearer skies and more visible stars. That being said, lying in a snowy field or even in a hammock gets chilly in a hurry, so be sure to pack some warm blankets or a sleeping bag. 

Less Daylight Doesn’t Need to Mean Less Fun

Even if you are traveling in a warmer climate, winter means fewer daylight hours for activities like kayaking, hiking, or mountain biking. That translates into more time around the campfire and getting a good night’s sleep. There are also many more hours to enjoy the night sky as the sun begins to set at 6 pm or earlier. 

It Costs Nothing

Besides the money spent on fuel to leave the city lights behind, looking up at the night sky costs you nothing. That’s not something you can say about most outdoor activities. Even hiking requires a sturdy pair of shoes and maybe some trekking poles. With rising campground fees and gas prices, take advantage of one of the few activities that won’t break your budget. 

Looking Up at the Stars Lowers Your Anxiety

For many stargazers, looking up at the night sky brings them peace and a feeling of connection with the universe. The stars may look small, but the distances between them is vast. Taking time out of the day to watch the cosmic interplay above can give us the perspective needed to see our place within the wider context of the world.

Nothing is More Romantic than the Stars

Cuddling beneath a warm blanket, sipping from your favorite bottle of wine, and watching a shooting star streak across an inky sky — what could be more romantic? Stargazing is the perfect couples activity, allowing you to spend time together away from the screens and distractions populating your everyday lives.

It’s Not Geography Dependent

To kayak, you need to live near water. Skiing requires mountains. Some of us just don’t allow near top-tier recreation. The night sky can be enjoyed from anywhere on Earth, though. Sure, a dark sky park and being hundreds of miles from the nearest city improve the experience, but even those living in the densest metropolises can glimpse a few stars each night. Driving your RV just a few miles outside the city can vastly improve their clarity too.

Go Stargazing With Cruise America

If you are ready to experience the beauty of the night sky in a whole new way, give the team at Cruise America a call to reserve an RV rental. We have over 100 convenient pickup locations for travelers to choose from and many comfortable RV models. So get ready to hit the road!