Sleighing It in an RV: Celebrate the Season with Harvest Hosts

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Picture this: The holidays are fast approaching. If you’re wondering how to survive the holidays this year, we have a solution! Instead of being subjected to the aroma of Grandma’s burnt turkey and your cousin Steve's snoring keeping you up at night, bring your RV and bypass the hassle of staying with family this holiday season.

How to Survive the Holidays in Style

Surviving the holidays while being trapped with your family can be like navigating an obstacle course filled with fruitcake landmines and awkward conversations about Uncle Bob's prized collection of garden gnomes. To make it through with your sanity intact and some holiday cheer, consider it a hilarious adventure. 

First, put on your armor of patience because, trust me, you're going to need it. Set the bar low for family gatherings, like: "If no one starts a political debate, it's a win." And remember, every family has its unique brand of crazy, so embrace the chaos. When Uncle Bob starts sharing his gnome conspiracy theories, nod along as if it's the most riveting espionage thriller you've ever heard.

When the inevitable holiday skirmishes break out, take the comedy route. Offer to mediate like a referee at a championship wrestling match or whip out a scoreboard to keep track of who's winning the "who can tell the most embarrassing childhood stories" contest. And when you need a break from it all, sneak off for a "holiday spa day" in the bathroom, complete with scented candles and a "do not disturb" sign. Remember, it's all part of the holiday experience, and with a pinch of humor, you'll not only survive but maybe even thrive in the midst of your quirky, lovable family.

Why Staying in an RV Helps in Surviving the Holidays

Here are the undeniable reasons why staying in your RV at your family's house is a game-changer for surviving the holidays:

1. Your Very Own Bed

Say goodbye to the back-breaking “I think this used to be a bed maybe in the 1900s” makeshift guest rooms. With an RV, you have your comfy bed, your plush pillows, and zero chance of any surprises under the sheets (sorry, Aunt Gertrude, but your guest bed's mystery stains have become infamous).

2. Drama-Free Zone

We all love Uncle Bob, but hearing about his conspiracy theories for the millionth time can be, well, draining. Thankfully, your RV is just outside. A quick escape route and your personal drama-free oasis awaits!

3. Snore No More

No longer will you hear Cousin Steve, whose snores sound like a chainsaw convention. Enjoy the sound of silence (or at least, your own peaceful snoring) without interruption.

4. For the Love of Good Food

If your family's idea of a delightful holiday meal is overcooked spaghetti and questionably prepared fish, worry not. Your RV kitchen allows you to whip up gourmet meals, or at least something edible, without the risk of food poisoning.

5. Blanket Security

No more fighting over the one good blanket in the house. Your RV is stocked with enough cozy coverings to make you feel like you're sleeping in a cloud.

6. Temperature Control

No more enduring the "Is it a sauna or a freezer?" conditions of your family home. In your RV, you're the master of your climate destiny. Set it, forget it, and be comfy!

7. Peace and Quiet

As lovely as little Timmy's attempts at playing the violin are, sometimes you just want some serenity. The RV offers you a quiet space to sip your eggnog without the ambient sounds of family chaos.

And if the family festivities become just too festive, and you need a wee getaway? Here's where it gets even better:

The Escape Hatch – Breweries & Wineries

Thanks to the Harvest Hosts network, you can sneak away to any one of the thousands of Harvest Hosts locations and sleep in total peace. Enjoy a delightful evening at a brewery, winery, or farm sipping on your favorite brew or wine, and then, when you're ready to call it a night, guess what? Your bed is just a few steps away!

If you've ever doubted the brilliance of RV travel during the holidays, doubt no more. Not only does it offer comfort, convenience, and an escape, but it also ensures that your holidays remain jolly. Cheers to that!

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