8 Reasons to Attend a Football Tailgate in an RV


Your favorite team’s taking on their arch-rivals, and that means an epic tailgate party is in the cards! So, what’s your game plan? Will you punt, throw a hail mary pass, or go on a blitz? Whatever you decide, one thing’s for sure — you should be tailgating at a football game in an RV!

Sure, you could just do it in a truck or SUV, but attending a football tailgate party with an RV just hits different.

No one will ever forget tailgating at a football game — whether it’s for homecoming, a championship, or even just the first game of the season — with an RV. It’s how you do pregaming right!

8 Reasons To Attend a Football Tailgate in an RV

Here are eight reasons why you should hold a pregame gridiron grill party with an RV!

1. You Can Arrive and Set Up for Your Tailgate Early

Ordinary tailgaters must wait until early on game day to set up, but many universities and stadium parking lots allow RVers to park their rig a day before a game. This gives you a distinct advantage for setup; you won’t have to deal with game day traffic, and you can find a perfect location before almost everyone else.

2. You Can Easily Keep Drinks Cold and Accessible

Normally, you’d have to lug a large cooler — and a whole lot of ice — to a tailgate to keep any drinks you’ve brought along cold. When tailgating at a football game in an RV, though, it’s a heck of a lot easier.

Simply stock your rig’s fridge with whatever beverages you’re planning on drinking (and serving), and pop inside for a fresh, new cold one whenever you’re thirsty!

3. You Have More Options for Food

As for the food for a football tailgate, you have one thing other tailgaters don’t: A kitchen! You can grill outside, bake or fry inside, and even reheat with your RV microwave.

Thanks to your RV kitchen, you can have a whole variety of different food offerings that other tailgate parties won’t be able to boast of.

4. You Can Create a Huge Shaded Space for Your Football Tailgate

When pregaming early on in the season, it’s usually still pretty warm out. However, a football tailgate with an RV is a whole new ballgame — as long as you have an awning for your RV!

With an RV awning, you can create a huge space for you and all attendees to catch some relief from the sun’s rays before, during, and after the game.

5. You Can Use Your Own Bathroom

Speaking of “relief”, if you’ve ever been to a huge tailgate party, you know how hard it can be to 1) find an open portable restroom and 2) hold your nose while simultaneously taking care of your business.

Well, when you attend a tailgate in an RV, you can just use your own clean bathroom. Problem solved!

6. You Can Pop Inside for a Quick Nap

Partying can take a lot out of even the most seasoned tailgaters. If you want a quick cat nap before the first snap, you can simply pop inside your rig to catch a few Zs and then pop back out, ready for the action to start.

7. You Can Watch the Game in Comfort and Style

When you tailgate football with an RV, you have the next best thing to attending the actual game: A perfect setup to watch the game! Mount a TV bracket on the outside of your RV, invite a few of your closest friends, turn up the volume, and cheer on!

Even better? Watching it under one of those aforementioned RV awnings!

8. You Get the Freedom To Explore After the Game

Finally, you know that not every tailgate will take place with home-field advantage. Sometimes, you have to go on the road with your favorite team. In a normal car, that can be a hassle.

When football tailgating in an RV, though, you’re able to travel with all the comforts of home and explore more of wherever you are after the game!

Tips for RV Tailgating at a Football Game

One thing to keep in mind when football tailgating in an RV is that there won’t likely be any hookups, so plan accordingly! Have a generator ready to go, or make sure you’ve got enough propane.

It’s not quite boondocking, but it is dry camping. Be just as prepared as you would be if RV camping out in the wilderness!

Go Football Tailgating in a Cruise America RV

Nothing quite matches the experience of tailgating in an RV. Before you can give it a try yourself, though, take a look around and ask if there’s anything you’re missing. If it’s an RV that you lack (it probably is!), you need to get in touch with Cruise America on the double to rent or buy one.

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