Take a Spontaneous Romantic Trip


Romantic RV Getaways are the perfect way to show your loved one that you adore being with them, and by renting one of our compact units, which are just right for a couple in love, you can roam the nation in style and comfort. You can keep all of the basic necessities in your RV, so weekend getaways are a breeze. When you are a grown up, nobody is the boss of you! You can sleep in, stay an extra day, week or month, and you can even take a detour just because you feel like it. Because you are in charge of your schedule, you can do whatever your heart desires.

Throughout our nation, there are all sorts of beautiful getaway destinations. Some are geared for hunting, some for hiking and biking, some for eating and entertainment, and some for their historical value. But for a romantic getaway, you must find the right setting for that extra touch of romance. Some of the most romantic destinations in the United States (that you can reach by RV) are:

San Francisco: Couples that visit the "City by the Bay" are in for a very special time. The cultural diversity found in this city makes for great fun. The recreation is limitless, and the shops and eateries seem almost infinite. Of course, lying back, watching the sunset never hurts in the romance department.

Miami: This city is full of fun in the sun. With beaches galore, there are all kinds of options of how to spend your day. There are just as many options for when the evening rolls around, including a myriad of clubs, which lead to laughing and dancing with your loved one. You can also enjoy the distinguishable flavors of Cuba and the Caribbean.

Las Vegas: This city is full of a little of everything. It offers couples the choice of relaxing by the pool, attending a world-class show, hitting the spa for massages and facials, or whatever activities you enjoy participating in. For a luxurious evening, there are a host of amazing restaurants that can be incredibly romantic. Why, you can even take your significant other on a gondola ride at the Venetian. How romantic is that?

New York City: This town is filled with romantic opportunities. Visit one of the quaint restaurants with romantic atmospheres. Take a carriage ride through the heart of the city, or walk through the beauty of Central Park. Attend a show on Broadway, or head to the ice skating rink at the Rockefeller Center.

Whether you head to the mountains to watch the seasons change, or maybe to the beach to watch the sunset while holding hands, or maybe just visiting that special, quiet spot that only you know about, the destination can always equal romance.