Best 10 Texas Road Trip Ideas That are Also RV-Friendly


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The Lone Star State is the second-largest state in America and doesn’t disappoint with an abundance of recreational activities and sight-seeing opportunities.

Hit as many must-see locations with this list of Texas road trip ideas.

Best 10 Texas Road Trip Ideas

Big Bend National Park

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Nestled on Texas's western edge, Guadalupe Mountains National Park is a scenic location full of untapped history. This Texas road trip idea is fun for the entire family—the national park boasts 201 miles of hiking trails and monthly guided ranger programs. Even more, the Fossil Discovery Exhibit is a wonderful learning experience for visitors young and old—the exhibit chronicles more than 130 million years of plant and animal life.

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The Alamo Mission

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For history buffs, The Alamo is a must-see Texas road trip destination. Located in San Antonio, The Alamo was built in 1718 but is best known for the historic Battle of the Alamo in 1836, in which Texas fought for independence from Mexico. Whether you’re a history enthusiast or Texas local, The Alamo welcomes visitors to take a guided tour through this piece of history.

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You can’t talk about Houston, Texas, without mentioning NASA! The Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center is NASA’s center for human spaceflight, but Space Center Houston is the science museum that serves as NASA Houston’s official visitor center. Get a behind-the-scenes look at human space exploration on the NASA Tram Tour; travel through space at the Starship Gallery; learn about the astronauts that explored deep space. If you’re planning a Texas road trip, stop by NASA for entertainment for all ages!

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Dinosaur Valley State Park


Take a trip back in time at Dinosaur Valley State Park. Dinosaurs are long extinct, but their remnants can still be found here. Dinosaur tracks are preserved and can be found in the bed of the Paluxy River! If dinosaur tracks are not visible due to wet conditions or weather, you can still take a guided horseback ride, participate in a ranger program, go geocaching, and more.

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Guadalupe Mountains National Park

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Travel out to the western edge of Texas to explore the Guadalupe Mountains National Park. The Guadalupe Mountain Range was once part of an underwater reef in an ancient sea during the Permian period. Scientists have identified white salt basin dunes and brick red quartzose dunes as deposits left by an ancient sea. Likewise, archeologists have uncovered relics, including pottery and spear tips in the area. Enjoy a piece of Guadalupe on your Texas road trip—hike to Guadalupe Peak, visit the Frijole Ranch Cultural Museum or catch a glimpse of the Milky Way on a clear, starry night.

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Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch 

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When you think of Texas wildlife, you may think of goats, sheep, cattle and horses. But Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch pushes the boundaries of your imagination with over 700 animals. The wildlife conservation sits on 450-acres and is home to giraffes, red-ruffed lemurs, white rhinoceroses, zebras and more. Visitors are welcome to this drive-through safari year-round.

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Natural Bridge Caverns

After driving through the wildlife conservation, take a break from the Texas heat and travel underground to the Natural Bridge Caverns. The caverns are a maze of limestone formations reaching depths of 230 feet. The Natural Bridge Caverns are a natural wonder that must be visited if you are planning a road trip across Texas.

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USS Lexington Aircraft Carrier Museum

Take a day to learn about America’s military at USS Lexington in Corpus Christi, Texas. The USS Lexington is a Navy aircraft carrier built during World War II that set more records than any other carrier of its kind, participating in Pearl Harbor and other noteworthy battles. Today, the Essex class carrier chronicles its lengthy history through daily tours, overnight camping trips, battle simulations and more.

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Fort Worth Stockyards

Grab your Stetson and hike up your cowboy boots—your Texas road trip is not complete without a visit to the Fort Worth Stockyards. The Fort Worth Stockyards captures the epitome of western cowboy culture. The historic district is home to the Armour & Swift Plaza, Cowtown Coliseum, Livestock Exchange Building, and Stockyards Hotel. Plan your trip accordingly; the stockyards still hold rodeos and cattle drives year-round.

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Waco Mammoth National Monument

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Do you have a curiosity for what traversed the earth hundreds of years ago? The Waco Mammoth National Monument is the perfect stop on your Texas road trip. The monument is a paleontological site and museum in Waco, Texas. The site is the largest known concentration of Columbian mammoths dying from a reoccurring event. Guided tours of the dig shelter where mammoth fossils are still in their original position are available. You can also learn about the Ice Age, how the fossils were discovered, and why this site is one of the most important paleontological finds in North America.

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RV Camping Across The Lone Star State

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The best way to travel across this state and see all of these noteworthy sites is by RV.

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