The Best of Cruise Christmas Music


Surely we all love those dear Christmas carols, but sometimes the words can be just a tad redundant. For a fun family traveling game, try to replace the words of your favorite songs to match the activities of the day. Here are a few examples of what we mean.

Cruise America Presents … The Best of Cruise Christmas Music!!!

To the tune of White Christmas

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas,
The kind you spend in an RV.

Where the wind is chilling,
And we’re all filling
Our guts with caviar and brie.

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas,
With every motorhome I rent.
May your tank have plenty of gas,
And may all your kiddos be content.

To the tune of The Christmas Song

It’s beginning to look a lot like camping
Everywhere I drive.
Take a look at my motorhome,
I roam where I want to roam,
And sometimes I don’t know when I’ll arrive.

It’s beginning to look a lot like camping
Soon the park will fill.
And the moment that I arrive
Assuming we are still alive
It will be a thrill!

To the tune of Oh Christmas Tree

Oh motorhome, oh motorhome, I saw your headlights shining.
Oh motorhome, oh motorhome, I heard the children whining.

But then we left, and hit the road,
The kids all loved this new abode.

Oh motorhome, the stove is on, and now it’s time for dining.

To the tune of Rockin’ Around the Christmas tree

Walking around the the new RV,
Gotta hook up all the lines.
We’ll have to have power so we can see
All the arrows and the signs.

Walking around the new RV,
Now it’s time to find the showers.
Everyone’s washing merrily
And they smell like fresh cut flowers.

You will get a sentimental journey from this trip.
Voices singing what’s for dinner?
Light the grill and you’re the winner.

Walking around the new RV,
I could swear I smell a skunk.
That’s when I felt the droplets on me,
Now I’m smelling like pure funk.

To the tune of Little Drummer Boy

Come, they told me, come rent an RV
We’re Cruise America, we’ll make it carefree.

Our finest size and style is cheap but not free,
And you’ll have fun with me, I’m sure you’ll agree, turning the key, feeling you’re free.

So, I rented one, I think that I’m hooked.
Next year I’m booked.

Now you can give it a try. It is fun, but not nearly as fun as traveling in an RV over the holidays with your loved ones, creating memories that last a lifetime.