The Impressive History of Cruise America



It was nearly five decades ago when we started to make the RV experience possible for those who didn’t have a motorhome in which to go traveling. It was Robert Smalley Sr., a former CEO of Hertz Rent-a-Car, who came up with the idea of his own rental business. He hired his two sons, Bob Jr. and Randall, and called the company American Land Cruiser (ALC), providing RV rentals for those who wanted to travel in comfort.

Their beginnings were humble, with just 12 motorhomes in their rental arsenal, they went to work. There were road bumps along the way, including the fuel crisis of 1974, as well as the crippling recession in the early 80s, but that didn’t stop them. With an unwavering tenacity and determination, they began to add to their fleet of top-notch motorhomes. They decided to change their name to Cruise America, and grew to be the largest RV rental company in the United States and Canada.It has been said that if a business lasts for two years, it’s considered to be successful. This begs the question of how Cruise America would rank after being in business for 47 years!

According to our Cruise America’s president, Bob Smalley Jr., “More and more people are discovering that vacationing in a motorhome provides travelers with an economical way to travel in comfort and convenience without giving up any luxury.”

There are currently more than 130 rental locations spread across the U.S. and Canada, including 17 sales centers. Oh, and we’ve slightly increased the number of motorhomes available to rent — to the tune of more than 4,000!

Once we purchase new units for the fleet, we need to sell some of our used RVs to make room for them. Because of the fact that we keep our used motorhomes in such pristine condition and working order, we are able to refurbish each one of them back to their next-to-new condition. Our specialists go to work restoring them back to their original condition, and then we sell them at a discounted rate to those who have decided that they want to have an RV of their own.

On our website we offer our inventory of fully equipped, self-contained class C RVs. You’ll also find a listing of each of our rental and sales locations throughout the nation and Canada. Having this information online enables the public to make their selection according to their needs. You also have access to fun and informative articles, blogs and videos featuring the many accommodations and convenient amenities that come with each model. Oh, and don’t forget to check out our “Rental Deals” section, where you’ll find great savings on rentals from certain locations.