Tips for Traveling With Your Pet

Pet Friendly


We love our pets. Heck, we see them as a part of the family. But let’s be honest – when it comes to traveling, it can be a little challenging to figure out what to do with this beloved family member. Lucky for you, pets are welcome in Cruise America RV rentals. With a little preparation and planning, your furry best friend is sure to have just as much fun as you. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you consider road tripping with a pet.

Before You Go

Before hitting the road with your furbaby, make sure that your pet does well on long drives and responds to commands as needed. If they have never been on a long trip, you do a little rehearsal with them by taking them on short drives and increasing the drive time over time. Just like many humans, you’ll find that some dogs are “homebodies” and won’t do well on a travel journey. Understanding these traits will save you, your pet and others unnecessary grief while traveling. 

CA_Dog_GrandCanyon.jpgThe writer’s dog, Gomer, at Grand Canyon National Park.

Prepare Your Pet's Travel Kit

If you think about it, pets’ general needs aren’t that different from humans, so be sure to pack the following:
‒    Water 
‒    Collapsible bowl to carry water
‒    Food
‒    Medications and pet first aid items
‒    Your pet’s favorite toy, blanket or pillow
‒    Treats
‒    Your veterinarian’s contact info
‒    Medical documentation like vaccination shots

Download our full pet-friendly camping checklist for a comprehensive list of items to put on your packing list.

CA_First_Aid_Dog.jpgImage Credit: Modern Dog Magazine

Plan for Frequent Stops 

Be prepared to stop the vehicle on a regular basis so that your pet can get out and explore. Pets should be able to relieve themselves as needed. They will also adjust to your pet-friendly RV campground a little easier if they have opportunities to exercise along the journey. 

Be Responsible

Make sure the sacred three – you, your furbaby AND your neighbors – are all happy during your vacation by following traveling pet etiquette:
‒    Always keep your dog on a leash and never leave your pet unattended
‒    Clean up after your pet and properly dispose of the waste
‒    Follow park regulations and standard pet etiquette

Find Pet-Friendly Places

Not only does Cruise America welcome pets but there are several national parks that are perfect for traveling with your furry friend. One even offers a Bark Ranger program for dogs – how fun is that? Consider one of these dog-friendly national parks across the country for your next RV adventure.

CA_DogAtNationalPark.jpgImage Credit: National Park Service

Worth the Work 

While keeping your pet comfortable and healthy during travel may require a bit of preparation, having them along for the ride will make the memories even sweeter.

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