Turkey Hunting In South Carolina: Top Tips, Hot Spots, and Regulations

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When it comes to hunting in South Carolina, most minds flock to game such as deer and bears, and without a doubt, those animals are indeed popular prey. However, there’s more game for hunters to be on the lookout for in the Palmetto State, and chances are you’ll want to “gobble gobble” up any opportunity to take aim at South Carolina’s turkey population as well. Yes, indeed, turkey hunting in South Carolina is another way to enjoy the outdoors in the Southeast.

Why go turkey hunting in South Carolina? Well, you should know that turkey hunting has a long and deep history in the state, with approximately 100,000 turkeys to hunt for on the 630,000 acres of South Carolina Wildlife Management Area lands — and another million acres of U.S. Forest Service land to explore.

What To Know About Turkey Hunting in South Carolina

Ready to learn all about turkey hunting in South Carolina and why it should be your next hunting road trip? Time to get to it!

For those going turkey hunting in South Carolina, a rewarding experience awaits. However, it pays to be as prepared as possible before you arrive to have the most enjoyable time.

You Need a Hunting License

First things first: You need to be a licensed hunter in South Carolina to hunt turkeys, but luckily you can purchase a hunting permit online. The great thing about doing it this way is that once you’ve purchased your SC hunting permit, you can head out in search of your prey immediately.

Be aware, though, that since there’s a good chance you’re from out of state, you’re going to pay more for a South Carolina hunting permit than a Palmetto State resident would.

Stay Within the Limits

There’s something else you need to keep in mind, too: Having a hunting permit doesn’t mean you can go turkey hunting in South Carolina to your heart’s content.

There are limits to the number of turkeys hunters can tag in South Carolina; residents are limited to three turkeys, while non-residents are limited to two gobblers. And you can bag no more than one turkey per day.

When Is Turkey Hunting Season in South Carolina?

Unlike deer hunting season in South Carolina, which springs into action in the fall, turkey hunting season in South Carolina falls in the spring — but even the specific dates can depend on where in the Palmetto State you’ll be turkey hunting.

Where You're Going Turkey Hunting Matters

For example, if you want to go turkey hunting in South Carolina’s Piedmont area (roughly the northwestern inland third of the state) and other mountain areas, you’re good to go from April 1st to May 10th. However, if you’re going turkey hunting on SC’s coastal plains, plan your trip for any time between March 22nd and April 30th.

Where To Go Turkey Hunting in South Carolina?

According to the most recently available numbers, there were 14,065 turkeys bagged in South Carolina in 2021, with Fairfield County (798 turkeys), Williamsburg County (681), Spartanburg County (613), Florence County (535) and Horry County (477) being where the state’s 51,492 licensed hunters found the most success.

But These Counties Aren't the Top Spots

As for the counties to steer clear of when turkey hunting in South Carolina, hunters saw the least success in Barnwell County (124 turkeys), Dillon County (101), Darlington County (75), Beaufort County (72), and Lexington County (58).

How To Go RV Camping for a Turkey Hunt in South Carolina

If you’re going turkey hunting in South Carolina in an RV, make sure your rig has enough space — just in case you’re amongst the 38% of hunters (according to 2021 data) who have a successful gobbler hunt.

You may find the best hunting is found in regions where developed camping isn’t so, well, developed; so, if you’ve never gone boondocking, now is the time to prepare for it. Don’t count on any hookups, so make sure to fill up on propane and fresh water.

Make sure you pack enough proper clothing to get out in nature for hours at a time; temps are warming up in South Carolina by the time turkey hunting season rolls around, so make the most of the space you have in your RV for all of the proper clothes and gear you might need.

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