How I Unlocked Adventure in the Uinta Mountains


Stretching for hundreds of miles across northeast Utah, the Uinta Mountains are the closest representation to nature’s paradise. They are defined by high-peak mountains, glacial lakes, lands about treeline, forested areas, and more!

If you’re looking to unlock your first adventure in this wondrous landscape, then continue reading this guide. We’ll cover everything you need to know to get started on your first Uinta Mountains Utah adventure, including best day hikes, camping locations, and recreational activities. 

Best Hiking Trails in the Uinta Mountains

The Uinta Mountains are a treat for those seeking an adventure into a vast region complete with unique natural sights. While there are several destinations you can hike, the following ones deserve special recognition.

Bald Mountain (5 miles)

At 11,943 feet, Bald Mountain is a great opportunity for a productive workout session in the vicinity of the High Uintas. While the trail isn’t too long, the hike to the top is a steep climb, so pace yourself. Hikers traverse across several switchbacks and false summits before reaching the actual summit, which overlooks several landmark lakes.

Lofty Lake Loop (4.5 miles)

Lofty Lake Loop is a great selection considering its access to alpine lakes, flower-filled meadows, pine trees, and stunning mountain views. The trail has signs to help you to stay on course. The loop starts in a counterclockwise direction, which takes you past the shores of Scout Lake. Remember that some parts of the trail are quite steep and rocky so wear protective shoes.

Ibantik Lake (8.4 miles)

With access to sparking teal water and towering cliffs, Ibantik Lake is worth a visit. For the most part, the trail is relatively flat and takes you through a sparse alpine forest. Along the way, you will encounter several small alpine lakes before reaching a junction. After five switchbacks near the trail’s end, you will arrive at Ibantik Lake.

Now that you know about some of the best hikes in the Uinta Mountains in Utah, it’s time to find a place to call home base!

Best RV Parks Near Uinta Mountains

Enjoy the best of what the Uinta Mountains in Utah have to offer by staying at one of these campgrounds.

Fossil Valley RV Park

Amenities: Located in Vernal, Utah, Fossil Valley RV Park is a quality choice for a simple camping experience complete with local conveniences and attractions. Their sites are well-dispersed across 5 acres of green grass and trees. Best of all, on top of being open year-round, they provide large restrooms, wireless internet, and 22 antenna television channels. 

Capacity: 56 RV sites

More Information: Fossil Valley RV Park

Mountain Valley RV Resort

Amenities: Known for operating as a family-resort setting, Mountain Valley RV Resort offers stunning views of the Rocky Mountains of the Heber Valley. On top of that, visitors can look forward to several events in the surrounding Heber Valley community. In addition to their newly-expanded RV sites, this resort offers deluxe cabins and four-person tent sites.

Capacity: 94 RV sites

More Information: Mountain Valley RV Resort

Lakeside RV Campground

Amenities: This campground offers a rural-feeling atmosphere, coupled with shaded sites and nearby lakes. For a quality afternoon, explore the nearby Provo River Trail. Better yet, bring your boat onto Utah Lake. Some of their on-site amenities include cable TV, a heated pool, a laundry facility, and picnic tables. There’s also a stocked store complete with RV and camping supplies. 

Capacity: 128 RV sites

More Information: Lakeside RV Campground

Activities in the Uinta Mountains

While hiking may be the best way to experience the Uinta Mountains, there are plenty of other activities you can pursue. 

  • Fishing: Here’s a fun fact: There are over 1,000 natural lakes in the Uinta Mountains and over 400 miles of stream, so it’s no surprise that fishing is on this list. You can cast a line at multiple lakes near hiking trails, including the West Fork Blacks Fork, the Four-Lakes Basin, and the Naturalist Basin. Suffice to say, fishing is a popular activity in the Uinta Mountains.
  • Backpacking: If you’re in the mood for exploring this territory for several days, then you will enjoy backpacking in the Uinta Mountains. There are several destinations for a backpacking adventure, including Kings Peak –– the highest peak in Utah (13,512 feet). If this is your first backpacking trip, aim for lighter destinations that require less gear, such as Ruth Lake or Bench Lake. 
  • Horseback Riding: If you’re up for something more relaxing, then you might enjoy some horseback riding. The secluded backcountry spots, lush forests, and wildflower-filled meadows provide the perfect environment for this activity. The Shingle Creek Trail is one of the best trails for horseback riding. 

RV Rental for Uinta Mountains Utah Camping

That does it for this Uinta Mountains Utah guide. You are now ready to immerse yourself in this vast western territory and make plenty of memories along the way. 

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