Unlimited Mileage vs. Mileage Fees for RV Rentals

Hey there, adventure seeker! Whether you’re gearing up for a cross-country road trip or heading to a nearby spot, you may have some questions about RV mileage fees. You’ve come to the right place. Below, we’ll explain the unlimited mileage RV rental model and the mileage fees model so you can make an informed decision. 

So before you get on the road, get the facts (and figures) on RV rental mileage costs. Let’s begin! 

Do RV Rentals Charge for Mileage?

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Though fees vary depending on the company, it is an industry-standard for RV rental companies to charge mileage fees. This pricing model allows companies to account for depreciation on vehicles, and it has unique advantages for the renter. 

Cruise America offers the most competitive pricing in the industry designed to keep you moving at an affordable price point. Our pricing model is built to keep total costs down. It puts the control in your hands by allowing you to calculate your trip price based on how far you’ll be traveling. Since renters see the mileage fees beforehand, there are no surprises. Plus, you only pay for the miles you use, which is a benefit that unlimited mileage models don’t offer. 

Read on to learn more about mileage fees for an RV rental.  

Mileage Fees for an RV Rental 

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Now that we’ve reviewed a few benefits of the mileage fees model, let’s take a look at it in action.

At Cruise America, the mileage rate is 39 cents a mile, charged on a per night basis. The charge is based on 100 miles if you’re renting locally or 250 miles for a one-way RV rental. At the end of the rental, you will be refunded for any excess mileage charges or be charged at the rate of 38 cents for additional miles in excess of the estimated mileage. 

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With specials on mileage costs that regularly run, you can score discounts for lower total trip costs. With a pricing model that charges based on the miles you travel and nothing more, you can calculate your trip cost with certainty and plan your itinerary in the most cost-friendly manner.  

Savings tip: Understanding how to calculate your trip cost will help you form budget-friendly travel plans. For a step by step walkthrough, read our guide to calculating RV rental costs.  

Unlimited Mileage for an RV Rental 

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Next, let’s take a look at the unlimited mileage RV rental structure. The term unlimited mileage sounds like a great deal, but let’s look under the hood. When an RV rental comes with unlimited mileage, you are charged one flat rate for the day (or days) that you use the RV. Since the price is lumped together in one sum, you don’t get a clear breakdown of costs, and you don’t have the option to calculate different trip prices based on different routes. 

Unlike mileage fees that only charge you for the number of miles you drive, the unlimited mileage RV rental model requires you to pay the rate whether or not the miles you travel add up to the final cost. The typical time in an RV each day ranges from 150-300 miles, making the unlimited mileage option unnecessary for many travelers. 

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